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Megan Hathaway-DiMera
Megan Hathaway 2023
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Miranda Wilson
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 1984-85, 2022-23
First appearance June 20, 1984
Last appearance July 6, 2023
Cause/reason Escaped police custody with Wilhelm Rolf's help
Created by Margaret DePriest and Sheri Anderson
Introduced by Betty Corday and Al Rabin
Nickname(s) Megs (by Kristen)
Mommie Dearest (by Kristen & Dimitri)
Meggie (by Shawn)
Gender Female
Born 1963
Age 55
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family DiMera family
Parents Stefano DiMera
Unnamed Mother
Maxwell Hathaway † (adoptive)
Siblings Andre DiMera
Tony DiMera (legal)
Benjy Hawk
Peter Blake (adoptive)
EJ DiMera
Stefan DiMera
Jake Lambert
Chad DiMera
Renee DuMonde
Lexie Carver
Kristen DiMera (adoptive)
Romances Bo Brady
Oskar Von Lueshcner
Children Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway
(Via Bo)
Dimitri Von Leuschner
(Via Oskar)
Grandparents Santo DiMera
Aunts and uncles Ryan Brady
Nieces and nephews Steven Hawk (via Benjy)
Theo Carver (via Lexie)
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera (via EJ)
Grace DiMera
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera (via Chad)
Rachel Black (via Kristen)

Megan Hathaway DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Miranda Wilson from 1984 to February 8, 1985. She is the daughter of Stefano DiMera. Miranda has expressed her interest in reprising the role after more than 3 decades of her character being presumed dead, and finally did in the second season of the spin off series Beyond Salem in July of 2022. In February 2023, she returned to the series on a recurring basis, but left again on July 6, 2023.


Megan Hathaway DiMera comes to Salem in 1984 with her adopted father Maxwell Hathaway, though she is secretly the daughter of Stefano DiMera. Megan had been the high school love of Bo Brady. Bo loves Megan so deeply that shen she broke his heart, he was unable to allow himself to fully commit to Hope Brady. Megan thought Bo had left her, never answered her letters and broke her heart, as completely as he thought she had broken his. Bo thought Megan no longer loved him because she never answered any letter or spoke to her when he called.

When they discover it was her mother who interfered to keep them apart, she became obsessed with winning him back and would stop at nothing in order to have him. Megan tells Bo that she discovered she was pregnant with his child, after he left town. She tells him that she gave the child up for adoption after her letters and pleas went unanswered, and because her mother convinced her it was the best thing to do in the circumstances. Bo initially softens towards her when he realizes what she must've gone through. However, he begins to doubt her when it's revealed than Roman Brady had seen Megan in an abortion clinic.

Megan and Stefano

Megan with her father, Stefano

Throughout 1984 Megan becomes more and more involved with collecting 3 Prisms for her father Stefano. It's revealed that Stefano is suffering from an inoperable brain tumor and the Prisms are the only way to restore his health. Meanwhile, Bo is keen to help Megan & recover their adopted child, and the search leads them to New Orleans, where it turns out Megan has conspired to have Diane killed, steal her child, and set up dummy adoptive parents who then allow Megan and Bo to have 'their' child back. Bo saves Diane from the attempted murder and goes along with Megan's deception, in order to stay close to her and get to Stefano.

Megan and Andre

Megan and Andre

Megan's cousin André DiMera, shows up in town and kills Max Hathaway. When he calls Megan in to see him, she's initially dismissive, knowing that Stefano always preferred her when they were kids. She was Stefano's Golden Girl, and André was always jealous. However, once he reveals that Max is dead it puts a bit of fear into Megan's cocky attitude.

There are wonderful cat fight scenes between Megan and Hope as Megan has Bo close by her side because of 'their child', Zachary. After the plane crash on the deserted island, which brings Bo and Hope closer than ever to each other, Hope exposes, on a live news report, that her marriage to Larry was a shame, ruining Larry career and destroying a valuable lackie for the Cartel that Megan was running, for Stefano.

Megan’s death

Megan’s death

In 1985, Megan plots to kill Hope Brady by electrocuting her in a hot tub at Chris' health club, The Body Connection. Megan's plan backfires when she overhears Larry Welch talking to a Russian contact about the 3 prisms Larry's father had invented. When Megan comes out and confronts Larry they fight. Megan threatens to expose this plot that Larry's is entangled with, a plot to blow up all of Salem, killing Stefano DiMera, in the process. Larry explodes at Megan's tirade and ends up killing her, unintentionally.

Larry then discovers the electronic drawing and works out the fact the they are for rewiring the hot tub to electrocute. Larry, in a panic, picks up Megan's lifeless body and dumps her body in the hot tub, then returns to the closet and following the diagram, 'electrocutes' her. Megan is then found by Hope Brady, who becomes the prime suspect in her murder [1]. Stefano has a funeral for Megan, but secretly preserved her body waiting for the day where he could bring her back to life.

In 2022, it was revealed that Megan had been cryogenically frozen by Stefano, so her body could be preserved until medical science advanced to the point of bringing her back to life. After remaining away from the Salem scene for so long, Megan finally made her long awaited return when she had Harris Michaels's kidnap Steve Johnson and John Black. Megan then reveals herself to her captors, and Steve recognized Megan as Stefano's presumed deceased daughter.

Thomas Banks arrives with one of the prisms. Megan says that Stefano believed the prisms had the power to cure all manner of disease, and she wanted to use them to bring him back to life. Megan than revealed that she planned to brainwash John and Steve to steal the remaining prisms for her, knowing her father would approve.

Megan brainwashed John and Steve to go after the last prism while she focused on her plans for Hope through Harris. Megan planned for Harris to kill Hope after the wedding and steal the prison. However, Megan started to wonder if Harris was really falling in love with Hope, so she had Thomas stationed to kill Hope incase Harris couldn't do it. Megan then stood back and watched for Hope to be killed. Though Thomas initially succeeded, and Harris ended up killing Hope's daughter Ciara Brady, divine intervention saved them both, and had both Thomas and Harris apprehended.

Megan revealed herself to Hope and pulled out a gun, planning to kill Hope to avenge Stefano. However, a scuffle between Harris and Ben ensured, and Megan got away during the scuffle. She returned to her hideout with the prison where John brought her the final one, Paul Narita and Andrew Donovan IV perused John to Megan's hideout where they managed to free John, and Megan escaped after trying to kill the three by gassing them to death.

Megan is later seen using the prisons to cure Bo of his brain tumor, so she can revive him. In 2023, Marlena, Kate, and Kayla were poisoned by Orpheus. They were initially cured by an antidote from a rare orchid that Kristen DiMera had. Megan stole the orchid from Kristen, and the three women relapsed. They appeared to have died, but Megan faked their deaths, and stole their bodies. She kept them in a secret lab in her hideout, and waited for them to wake up.

After Megan explained to the three women what had happened, she put them back to sleep. Megan woke Kate up, and took her to be a test subject on an experimental drug she had been working on. She called it a cocktail and told Kate she heard that she and her dearly departed brother André liked them. Kaye quipped back she likes drinking them.

Megan informed Kate the drug could kill her, and she just needs to make sure it is safe for her to take. Kate askes for some final words and Megan tells her to make it quick. Kate stands up and breaks free of the ropes that bound her, saying they weren't tied tight enough. Kate punched Megan, knocking her out and tried to flee, but runs into Bo.

Bo tricks Kate into going back into the room and wakes Megan up. No holds a gun on Kate as Megan looks for the serum. Kate finds it and breaks it, so Megan orders Bo to kill Kate. Bo takes Kate outside and Megan heard a gunshot. No comes back, and says it is done, but storms off after saying he won't take orders anymore.

Megan calls her family's associate Wilhelm Rolf in and worries that Bo is beginning to fight back against the brainwashing. After Bo had awaken, he wanted Hope, so Megan had called Rolf to brainwash Bo into loving her. Megan managed to make Bo forget his love for Hope, but he wasn't falling back in love with her.

Megan whined that Rolf had promised he could make Bo fall back in love with her again, but Rolf said he didn't make a promise. He said he could alter a person's memories and emotions, but he can't change who they are at their core. Megan also demanded Rolf get to work on another serum. The serum was meant to make her and Bo young again, so they could relive their youth.

Megan finds Bo in the lab, reading his file. He declares that he is leaving. Megan tries to inject Bo with a sedative, but Bo fights back, and injects Megan with it. Megan falls unconscious, and when she awakens, she runs into Steve. Steve points a gun at Megan, and says she is going to pay for killing his wife.

Megan denies killing Kayla, but Steve says Orpheus told them she stole the orchid that could save them. Megan admits she took the orchid, but used it to save them. Megan declares that Kayla is alive, but Steve refused to believe her and demands she stop lying. Megan says she can prove it by taking Steve to Kayla.

Megan takes Steve to the lab where they see that John is reunited with Marlena, and she confirms to Steve that Kayla is alive. Steve demands to know where Kayla is, and Megan says she doesn't know. Steve tells John to watch Megan and then runs off to look for Kayla.

Megan is taken to an ISA holding facility where Steve questions her about Kayla's whereabouts. Megan taunts Steve until he bangs on the glass of her cell. Megan is about to tell him when Steve's phone rings. While Steve is gone, Megan considers using what she knows to her advantage.

When Steve returns, Megan says she wants to make a deal. She demands full immunity, but Steve says no deal. Megan decides she wants to go home to Salem, and severe out her time at Statesville. Megan warns Steve that he will never find Kayla if she is locked away off grid for life.

Hope goes to see Megan, who tells her Harris is no longer under hee control. Megan figured that was the case and realizes Hope has really fallen for Harris. She wishes Hope well, musing at the idea of Hope moving on while Bo was alive. Steve returns having gotten Andrew Donovan IV to sign off the deal. Megan would serve twenty five years at Statesville prison.

Megan signs the deal, saying that by the time she gets out, someone may have found a way to reverse aging, so people could stay young forever. Megan then tells Steve that Thomas Banks was the one who took Kayla. As Megan laments over Thomas's disloyalty, she shows viable sadness, which Hope notice and inquiries about. Megan lies and says it saddens her to be betrayed. Once alone, Megan says she couldn't give Hope the satisfaction of knowing Bo is alive.

Megan is taken to the Salem PD where she lays eyes on Bo's son Shawn Douglas Brady, and marvels at how much he resembles his father. Upon arriving at Statesville, Megan sees Kristen slamming the phone repeatedly against the wall, and tells her sister to take it easy. Kristen snaps that it is none of her business and that she isn't her sister. Megan says she is, and Kristen and Megan officially meet for the first time, though they knew each other by reputation,

Kristen begins grilling Megan on her latest schemes, but Megan is evasive. Kristen knows that Megan wanted to save someone she loves, and notes she has only ever cared about their father and Bo. Since Stefano was dead, that would only leave Bo. Kristen notices a reaction from Megan that makes her think Bo is alive. Megan tells Kristen she is going to go and get settled in.

Megan returns, and Kristen asks if she is all settled in. Megan said she fought her cellmate over the bunk she wanted, but she is confident her cellmate knows not to cross her. Megan then reveals that she knows Kristen called Brady Black to tell him what she suspected but didn't know for sure, Kristen admits she did, and says she is sorry, but won't apologize for wanting more time with her daughter Rachel Black.

Megan says she understands that, but then asks why settle for visits when she can be with her. Megan reveals she plans to escape from Statesville and suggests her and Kristen become allies, so she can escape with her. Megan reminds Kristen she never actually said that Bo was alive and no one would believe her anyways. Megan yawned, and said that being a criminal mastermind is tiring and made it seem like she was going to take nap, but she actually hid around the corner and listened with a smile as Kristen retracted what she said to Brady.

Andrew showed up at Statesville later to confront Megan about lying on who took Kayla. They knew it wasn't Thomas Banks because he was at an orgy in Greece. Megan said she couldn't imagine Thomas getting it on with just one person let alone many. Nevertheless, Thomas's alibi was verified, so Andrew knew Megan had lied and threatened to have her thrown into an ISA black site unless she told them the truth. Having no other options, Megan told Andrew about Bo being alive and the one who took Kayla.

Megan got a job in the mail room, and Kristen was called because she had a letter from Rachel. Kristen demanded it, and Megan asked what the magic word was. Kristen told Megan to give it to her, or she'll tear her arm off. Megan smirked and gave the letter to Kristen, but said she could at least tell her what her niece has to say. Kristen read the letter that said that Brady and Chloe were no longer together and she was currently living with Xander.

Megan went to leave but then Kristen got to the part where Rachel started talking about Bo. Megan demanded to know what Rachel's said, and Kristen asked what the magic word was. Megan said please, and Kristen read on out loud where Rachel revealed that Bo had been shot and was in a coma.

Megan was devastated and broke down in tears. Kristen tried to comfort Megan by telling her that the letters can take months to reach them, so it's possible Bo is all better now. Megan felt better and Kristen started pressing Megan about her plan to escape and demanded to know all the details.

Megan revealed she is working with Dimitri, and that she also knew about Kristen's encounter with him. Kristen wondered how she knew so much, and Megan laughed that Dimitri had told her. Kristen assumed Dimitri and Megan were romantically involved, and Megan laughed at Kristen being judgmental. She then asked Kristen if that was anyway to talk about her nephew.

Kristen was thrown by that comment, and an exasperated Megan revealed that Dimitri was her son. Kristen doubted the validity of the claim since she makes it her business to know about everyone in the family, and she didn't know about Dimitri. Megan reminded Kristen that she didn't know she was alive either and explained that after she had been brought back, Stefano suggested she lay low. Megan went to Europe where she met Dimitri's father. She didn't love him, but she wanted a child, and he gave her one.

Dimitri was currently in custody and ready to make a deal for his and Megan's freedom. Megan admitted that she was worried that adding Kristen to the deal could be too much, but Kristen threatened to be an enemy of Megan's if she didn't do what she promised, so when Dimitri called Megan with the good news, she requested he add Kristen to their immunity deal, and he managed to get them both released.

Upon her release, Megan headed to the DiMera mansion where she greeted Stefano's portrait. She was caught by EJ and revealed who she was much to his initial dismay, but Megan reminded her brother that as a DiMera she had shares in DiMera Enterprises. EJ smiled and welcomed his sister home. They were soon joined by Stefan DiMera and his fiancée Gabi Hernandez. Upon realizing who Megan was, Stefan and Gabi tried to suck up to her, and Megan knew what her brothers were up to.

Tony DiMera, his wife Anna DiMera, and Kristen soon arrived for a family reunion. Tony was delighted to see his sisters while Anna was weary about them. As the DiMera's toast to their family reunion, Megan announced that she was officially going to take the last name DiMera.

Alone, Megan and Kristen formed an alliance to take control of DiMera Enterprises for themselves. The next morning, Stefan and Gabi pitched a business proposal to Megan that she threw in the fireplace as she and Kristen continued to scheme. Megan revealed that she planned to conquer the world just as their father had once tried to do.

Megan wondered where Dimitri was since she was supposed to come to Salem after being released from custody. Dimitri soon showed up, and he and Kristen had a tense family reunion due to their last encounter. Kristen reminded Dimitri that he never bothered to mention that they were family.

Megan told them both to let bygones be bygones especially since they would be getting married. Megan and Kristen were both thrown and Megan revealed that she learned that Dimitri was set to inherited the Avon Leuschner fortune if he was married by his fortieth, which was coming up soon.

Kristen and Megan refused to marry because even though they weren't related, it still made Dimitri uncomfortable. Kristen was trying to win custody of her daughter and didn't think showing up with her nephew on her arm would be a good thing for her case. Dimitri assured Megan he would find someone else just as Gwen Rizczech entered to do an interview with Dimitri.


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