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Mia McCormick
Mia McCormick TS.png
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Taylor Spreitler
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2009-10
First appearance January 6, 2009
Last appearance June 23, 2010
Cause/reason Left Town
Gender Female
Occupation Student at the School of Performing Arts in New York
Former waitress at the Java Café
High school student
Former dancer
Residence New York City, New York
Formerly 1313 Mocking Bird Lane, Salem, Illinois (with Maggie Horton)
Formerly in Japan
Formerly an apartment in Salem (Apt #4)
Romances Will Horton
Chad DiMera
Children Grace DiMera
(via Chad)
First cousins Jamie

Mia McCormick is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Taylor Spreitler from 2009-10.


Mia was a pregnant high school drop out, who had been kicked out of her parents home for getting pregnant by Chad Petersen-Woods. In January 2009, Nicole Walker found her and persuaded Mia to give her her daughter. After Mia gave birth, she left town to attend dance school.

Mia returned in March 2009 where she ran into Tony DiMera and inadvertently revealed that her daughter wasn't his brother EJ DiMera's. Nicole was upset to see Mia in town, and tried to get her to leave, but Mia stuck around and became got a job working at the Java Cafe.

Mia became friends with Will Horton, who she eventually started dating. Mia helped him babysit his sister Grace Brady, and felt a strange pull to Grace that she couldn't explain. Grace died of bacterial meningitis, which crushed Mia. In June 2009, Chad returned to town. He found out about his daughter and wanted her back. He also wanted Mia back, but Mia rejected him.

In October 2009, Mia found out why she felt this connection with Grace. Grace was her and Chad's daughter. Nicole had switched Mia and Chad's daughter with EJ and Sami Brady's, so she could have EJ's child. Mia and Chad were devastated over the loss of their daughter, and Mia lashed out at Nicole, who was in jail. She also testified against Nicole at her trial.

Mia and Chad bonded over the loss of their daughter. As a result, Mia became torn between Will and Chad, and started manipulating them both especially when Will got close with Gabi Hernandez. Chad and Will found out about her manipulations and severed ties with her. In June 2010, Mia decided to leave town for good, and start a new life. Before she left, she made amends with Chad and Will.