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Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by George DelHoyo
Current status Present; Recurring
Duration 1986-87, 2016, 2020-present
First appearance October 20, 1986
Alias(es) Milo Harp
Gender Male
Occupation Criminal
Bank Robber
(formerly; convicted)
ISA Agent (formerly)
Residence Prison
Salem, Illinois
Family Orpheus family
Spouses Rebecca †
(dissolved by her death)
Children Christian Maddox
Zoey Burge
Grandchildren David Ridgeway
Shawn Christian Spears-Frears,
(via Evan/Christian)
Unnamed boy
(via Zoey)

Orpheus also known as Milo Harp is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed George DelHoyo from October 20, 1986, to April 23, 1987. DelHoyo returned to the role nearly thirty years later in September 2016 in a prison break storyline in which he was the main villain till November 1, 2016. Nearly four years later, DelHoyo returned to the role on March 13, 2020 until June 4 on a recurring basis. Not long after, he returned on October 20, for a new prison break storyline.

DelHoyo returned to the series again in February 2021, and has been currently appearing since March 8, 2022.

Despite his short amount of appearances in the soap, he is considered by many fans to be among the most evil and most dangerous villains to have ever appeared in the soap, third only to Stefano DiMera and his son, André.


Orpheus was a former ISA agent and marksmen. He was trained and disciplined by the ISA along side Roman Brady. He was Roman Brady's former ISA partner. Despite the life he was in he was still able to find true love and get married to a woman named Rebecca and have two children with her, a boy named Christian and a girl named Zoey. In 1979, he and Roman were out on an ISA Mission against the KGB when things went wrong. Orpheus's wife, Rebecca came to where Roman and Orpheus were to try and warn them about a KGB ambush. Gunfire was all around. Roman heard footsteps. He called out for the person to identify themselves and when nothing came, he fired in the direction of the footsteps, thinking it was an approaching KGB agent. To Roman's horror, he had accidentally shot and killed Orpheus's wife, Rebecca and left his children without a mother. Orpheus then resigned from the ISA and started planning his revenge on Roman Brady for what he felt was the deliberate, cold-blooded killing by Roman of his wife.

Decades later, Orpheus became a grandfather through his daughter Zoey to a little boy. However, his children didn't want anything to do with him because of his crimes so he couldn't be near his grandchild. In 2018, Orpheus once again became a grandfather when his grandson David was born, through his son Christian and his ex-lover, Jordan Ridgeway (the step-daughter of Clyde Weston, a former prison associate). Orpheus isn't a homophobic as he has no issues with his son being bisexual.

Orpheus has made sporadic appearances since 2016. He became closely associated with Clyde where they escaped prison and he was ultimately presumed dead. In 2020, Orpheus returned alongside his son Christian and daughter Zoey. Orpheus and Christian were essentially partners in crime, but he and Zoey had a strained relationship as Zoey resented her father for Christian turning out like him. It got even worse when Zoey failed to defend Christian and he was sent to prison. Zoey ultimately betrayed Orpheus, leading him to physical attack and threaten her.

Orpheus was sent back to prison and later escaped where he forced Marlena to release Christian from the mental institution he was in after he attempted suicide in prison. Christian betrayed Orpheus and escaped, allowing him to be captured again. Orpheus and Christian later took over Ciara’s captivity from the deceased [[[Vincent Belman]]. He planned for both of them to be free and start a new life elsewhere, but Christian betrayed Orpheus wanting revenge on Ciara instead.


Orpheus vows to make "Roman" suffer

In 1986, Orpheus began his revenge on "Roman". Orpheus and "Roman" had battles in Stockholm, Sweden. He was hunted down by the ISA, he kidnapped Marlena from the ISA, after they kidnapped her to force "Roman" into following their orders, and held her hostage. He planned his moves carefully against "Roman".

Orpheus "kills" Marlena in front of "Roman"

He wanted him to suffer the same way he had suffered. So when he was supposed to exchange Marlena, he shot her in the back when she ran to him, "Roman" thought she was dead but in reality she was shot with a tranquilizer, Orpheus explained that he wanted him to understand the same pain he felt when he saw his wife die in front of him.

Orpheus holds Steve and Kayla at gun point

The war between them eventually lead back to Salem where he faced off against the Brady's, the Salem P.D. and the ISA. He eventually kidnapped Kayla Brady and held her hostage until she was saved by Steve Johnson and his associates. Later, Orpheus blew up "Roman's house with Marlena in it to make it look like Marlena was dead, when in fact, Orpheus had kidnapped and taken her to his secret hideaway in Europe.

Orpheus and his children

Orpheus made Marlena play mother to his children and in exchange he promised her that he would not harm "Roman", Carrie or the twins; Eric and Sami. Nothing made Orpheus happier than to see "Roman" suffer the same way he had suffered. His planning was ingenious, the conception of his plans with cold, calculated precision that is unmatched in any of Days' villains except perhaps only by The Phoenix (Stefano DiMera)'s Brilliance. Every move, every step, played out in great detail without any mistake. He foiled Roman time and time again. To Orpheus, the greatest game was the mental game.

"Roman" "kills" Orpheus

He video taped Marlena on the island and gave the tape to Roman, then challenged him if his wife was dead or alive? The mental doubt, struggle, that was Orpheus's method of operation and no one was better at it. Eventually Roman found the island hideaway, shot and killed Orpheus in a gun battle but was too late to save Marlena who apparently died in a plane crash on the island right in front of Roman's eyes. So even in death, Orpheus won.

However Orpheus survived through sheer force of will and after surviving he tried to reconnect with his children, but they wanted nothing to do with him and blamed him for how there lives turned out, they saw him as nothing more than irredeemable monster because of the hypocritical ISA and his enemies in Salem. At some point, under his alias Milo Harp he got involved in a bank robbery where he killed two guards and was arrested and sent to prison.

Orpheus meets Clyde Weston

In 2016, Orpheus saw a glimpse of Marlena in prison, and soon he meets Clyde Weston, getting to know one another they learn they have a mutual hate for Salem. Clyde uses what little pull he has to get him transferred into Orpheus' cell, so they can continue to plot their revenge on the people of Salem. While he was reading some books, Clyde introduces Orpheus to Xander Cook, who hates Salem as much as they do and happens to be Victor Kiriakis' nephew.

Clyde, Orpheus and Xander make their escape

The trio were being transported with a few other prisoners when Eduardo Hernandez (disguised as a guard) suddenly attacked one of the other prisoners. During the chaos, Orpheus caused the transport van to crash and the three made their escape. Orpheus showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and held Eve Donovan hostage at gunpoint. Reacquainting with John, Marlena, and Victor, he revealed on how he survived and how he tried to move on over the years and he learned that John has a son with a woman other than Marlena named Paul Narita. Soon he made his escape after shooting John in the shoulder.

Orpheus holding Eve Donovan hostage

Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander regrouped in a shack on the Salem Pier. Orpheus waited with Xander while Clyde got in touch with some of his contacts and provided them with disguises and weapons. The villains went after Steve Johnson first, and held his wife, Kayla Brady, and son, Joey Johnson hostage. Steve and Orpheus got into a scuffle where the trio managed to escape again with Joey as their hostage.

Orpheus, Clyde and Xander hold the Johnsons hostage

Orpheus and Clyde cornered Marlena, Claire, and Kate on the pier. John showed up and Orpheus and was shot in the ensuing fight. The trio decided they needed to collect a ransom and hide out somewhere after they take their revenge. Xander suggests the Kiriakis Compound since the entire family will be dead.

Orpheus orders Clyde to wait

Clyde planned to shoot Aiden Jennings, someone he had a grudge against, and Orpheus told him to wait until he makes his demands. On live television, Orpheus interrupted Mayor Carver's speech to Salem and demanded that twenty million dollars be wired to an offshore account. Soon after, Clyde accidentally shot Abe Carver instead, which left him wracked with guilt, and confiding in Orpheus while half drunk.

Orpheus telling Joey about his children

Orpheus noticed Joey had a black eye and bleeding lip and sort of apologized for Xander being too rough on him. Joey said he could take it, and Orpheus noted he was like his father. Joey was shivering, so Orpheus have Joey his jacket, saying he was tired of watching him shiver. Joey shrugged the jacket off and some photos fell out. Orpheus collected them and Joey asked if those were his kids. Orpheus confirmed they were, and said they hated him. Joey suggested they could forgive him because he also hated Steve for awhile. Orpheus said it was too late for forgiveness, and showed him a photo of his daughter and grandson, saying this is the closest he will ever get to him.

NO MORE GAMES, time to burn Salem to the ground

Orpheus sought out John for the transfer of twenty million dollars into an untraceable account in exchange for Joey's life. But he secretly planned to kill him when the transaction is finished. Clyde and Xander were watching Joey and kill anyone that would try to rescue him. During Orpheus and John's confrontation, Orpheus was forced to retreat and found out that Joey had been rescued. Despite the heavy loss of assets, Orpheus still did not lose his confidence and he declared that it was time to kill everyone and watch the town burn to the ground.

Orpheus mocking Clyde over his deluded vision for his son

Orpheus began planning his next move while Clyde went off moronically on his own to kidnap Thomas Deveraux and kill Chad DiMera for his "deranged serial killer of a son", Ben Weston who was sent to a maximum security prison for 4 accounts of murder among other things. Even though Orpheus mocked Clyde's deluded vision of a better life for his son, he still went on and got captured by the police. Later on Orpheus tried to contact Xander but he was ignored. Xander went off his own and made a deal with his uncle Deimos Kiriakis to let him go if he didn't hurt Nicole and Theresa; Xander agreed to his terms. Deimos helped Xander fake his death and escape the country to Greece through his safe passage.

Orpheus' Bombs go off across Salem

All alone, Orpheus was confident that he's still in control and so he arranged to have bombs set up all over Salem. The bombs went off, injuring several people, and when Orpheus threatened to blow up the Brady Pub, John surrendered himself to Orpheus, little did they know that Orpheus had one of his men place a bomb vest on Jennifer Horton. Orpheus took John to the penthouse where John transferred twenty million dollars in his untraceable account. He revealed to John that he blamed him and the rest of Salem and the ISA for alienating him from his children because they made him out to be a monster.

Orpheus nearly kills John

As Orpheus was ready to shoot John, Steve entered and held a gun to Orpheus head. Orpheus was so distracted that John was able to attack him, As John and Orpheus struggled, Steve fired a shot and hit Orpheus in the shoulder. Wounded, Orpheus could no longer fight back, and he was finally apprehended.

Orpheus taking Marlena hostage in the SPD

At the Salem PD, Marlena cared for Orpheus's wounded shoulder, and he stole the guard's gun. Orpheus held Marlena hostage, and then supposedly committed suicide by drinking a medication that could kill him. As Orpheus started dying, he tried to shoot Marlena as his final revenge against John, but died before he could pull the trigger. His death was in fact nothing more than a charade, once again.

Orpheus watches Marlena and Kayla burn

Orpheus escaped death and custody through his masterful thinking and planning with his henchman, Lazlo. Orpheus is found out to be alive after dressing up as a fake magician for Halloween, and kidnapping Marlena and Kayla. He had them held in a warehouse next to the pier where he assured them that he made sure that John and Patch wouldn't find them. Orpheus placed them both in coffins and started burning them alive. However Steve and John found his location through Andre DiMera who's brilliance and connections outmatched Orpheus'. They arrived just in time to save Marlena and Kayla.

Orpheus "dies" laughing

They were arresting Orpheus, but Lazlo, Orpheus henchmen, got the drop on them. Orpheus picked up Steve's gun, and he and Steve struggled. Orpheus was shot during the struggle, he laughed maniacally as he stared at the burning coffins before dying. He appeared to be truly dead when the paramedics declared him dead, after being unable to find a pulse for thirty minutes. Unknown to everyone, Orpheus once again cheated death and went into hiding. Turns out the paramedic that pronounced Orpheus dead was an ISA agent, and he was allowed to go into hiding by it's boss, Pamela Van Damme, after he divulged his secrets.

Orpheus then went to see Clyde to ask him for money, offering to break him out if prison once he is reestablished. Clyde said he won't hand it all over, and Orpheus suggested half. Clyde said twenty percent and warns Orpheus he will make him pay if he crosses him. Clyde says the key is in the jewelry box of hair deceased wife that belongs to his stepdaughter, Jordan Ridgeway. Clyde said Jordan is in California, and Orpheus says that his son is also in California.

On mother's day, Orpheus and his son Christian kidnapped Maggie Horton Kiriakis, hoping to get a ransom from Victor Kiriakis. They got into a car accident and fled the scene after making it look like Maggie had been driving. The accident had killed Adrienne Kiriakis and caused Maggie's daughter Sarah Horton to have a miscarriage.

On March 13, Orpheus is seen with a bag, he bumps into Lani and Eli, and drops a toy train that he bought for David Ridgeway. Orpheus returns to his place where Christian shows up and demands to know where his son is. He tells Orpheus how he evaded the police and Orpheus tells him he learned from the best; he learned from Orpheus. Christian said if it is all the same to Orpheus, he'd like to call him dad.

Orpheus pours himself a drinks, and Christian thanks him for his help. Orpheus says he certainly needed it. Christian knows Orpheus is about to criticize him, and Orpheus says to his son that he was always a clear thinker, but he outdid himself this time. Orpheus talks about how Christian killed his son's mother, so he could have his son back. He then moves in with the police detective looking after his son, and makes a break for it with him when the truth comes out, but not before stopping to propose to his latest paramour.

Christian asks Orpheus to give him a break as Orpheus goes on to say that he let some slip of a girl take the gun from him and march him to prison. Christian snaps that maybe he should have just put them all on a yacht and blown it up. Orpheus tells him to be careful Joe he speaks to him since his life and his son's life are in his hands. He forces Christian to apologize and laments how their generations are crammed into a seedy motel, saying family is everything.

Christian wonders how Orpheus got David to sleep without his train, and then wonders what happened to it. Orpheus said he dropped it while grocery shopping. Christian accuses Orpheus of taking David out in public, but Orpheus said he didn't and Evan thought Orpheus left him alone. Orpheus said he didn't leave home alone and had 'Mary Poppins' watching him, telling him not to question his methods.

Christian said he was grateful for his help, but Orpheus wondered why he never calls him sooner because he could have tracked Jordan down and got the information out of her without killing her. He gathered that Jordan's death wasn't premeditated and Christian said it wasn't.

Christian told Orpheus when he was at the prison he saw Marlena and recognized her, but she didn't recognize him. Orpheus wasn't surprise since he was young when she cared for him and his sister and it was only for a few months. Christian said he heard Marlena was kidnapped by Steve Johnson, who thinks he is Stefano DiMera. Orpheus was briefly taken aback by the revelation, but said he hopes it ends badly for all of them, especially Steve Johnson since he hates people who tried to kill him.

Orpheus reveals how he survived, but said he had a harder time accessing resources. Christian said he tried to get money from Sonny, and Orpheus asked not to hear that name again. Christian told his dad to get over the fact that he was in love with another man. Orpheus said it wasn't the gender that bothered him, but the name. Christian sadly told him he doesn't have to worry about that since Sonny is back with Will.

The next morning, Orpheus returned from getting breakfast and a new train that he hoped his grandson would like. Christian was troubled because even though David was glad to see him he asked for Rafe. Orpheus asked Christian why he hasn't told David he is his father yet. Orpheus explains how hard it was to reach out to him and his sister when they were fully grown. He goes on to say how much he means to have a child know who his father is and what it meant to for him and his sister to call him dad.

Orpheus said he felt like a superhero, and Christian replied that he was wrong. Orpheus admits it was true, but Christian said he is no superhero either. Orpheus tells Christian he won't bore him with a long winded apology, but says he is glad that they have finally reconnected after all these years. Christian thanks his dad for saying that and asks about their next move. Orpheus says they should go on the run for now, but Christian wants to stay and feels confident he can beat the charges. Orpheus promises to help him.

Orpheus and Christian are later apprehended after Christian leads the cops back to their hideout. Orpheus has his daughter, Zoey Burge, take care of her brother. He takes full responsibility for David's kidnapping to help Evan get released, and then hands over the information he had previously given to Pamela Van Damme to the current head of the ISA, gaining full immunity for all his crimes past and present.

Orpheus then shows up at Rafe's place where Rafe holds a gun on him and attempts to arrest him. Orpheus calmly says he was released and all charges were dropped. Rafe phones to verify, and learns it is true. Ciara comes home with David and Orpheus wants to tell David he is his grandfather. Rafe stops and says neither him or Evan will come near David again. Orpheus retorts that blood is everything before leaving.

Orpheus later meets up with Zoey and Christian where he learns Christian was attacked by Ben. Orpheus asks his son if he is alright, and they talk about his visit to Rafe. Orpheus tells Zoey she knows what to do, and Zoey smirks that she is on it. After Zoey leaves, Orpheus tells Christian that no one, including Zoey, can know what they did

Orpheus shows up at John and Marlena's penthouse to make amends. He hopes they could be potential allies and they shakily accept his apology and agree to move forward. Orpheus is summoned by Zoey much to his irritation. Zoey says she only included him as a courtesy. Orpheus tells Zoey to watch her mouth, and says she will keep him apprised of of all details involving his grandson.

Zoey reports that she served Rafe the custody papers, and said she doesn't know what angered Rafe: That she was David's aunt or Orpheus's daughter. Zoey talks about the trial while Orpheus wants to take David and run. Zoey thinks that's a terrible idea, and Christian agrees with her, so Orpheus says he'll let then go to trial.

At the courthouse, Orpheus wants to talk strategy, but Zoey says she has a plan. She shocks Orpheus by not putting Christian on the stand. Zoey makes a cryptic remark, and Orpheus becomes suspicious. Zoey backtracks and says how Christian can get nervous under pressure.

Rafe arrives to taunt them about Christian going to prison, and Zoey turns it around by saying she'll prove Rafe killed Jordan. She lays out her reasoning, and Rafe says she's crazy. Orpheus sneers that it makes sense to him. After Rafe leaves, Orpheus compliments Zoey, who thanks him, and makes another cryptic remark. Orpheus takes notes, and Zoey avoids any further questions since court is about to start.

Unfortunately, Zoey was unable to save Christian, and he was convicted of Jordan's murder. Orpheus gave his son encouragement, and Zoey said she would appeal. Christian didn't blame Zoey, but Orpheus did. After Rafe took Christian away, Orpheus confronted his daughter and demanded they do things way.

Zoey then called Orpheus out on his secret: that he and Christian had caused the accident that had killed Adrienne and Sarah's unborn baby, and had let Maggie and Will Horton take the fall. Orpheus told Zoey she can't say anything do to attorney client privilege. Zoey said she would never betray Christian like that. Orpheus went to see Marlena at her office where he threatened her, and blamed her for Christian's predicament since she wouldn't mother his children. Marlena said Christian was responsible for his own choices.

Orpheus kidnapped John for a ransom and took him to a warehouse where he did hid out. He then went to kidnap David from Rafe, but Zoey was there. Orpheus ordered Zoey to pack David's things, but she refused. Zoey brought up the accident again, and Orpheus wondered if Zoey had told anyone. When Zoey didn't answer, Orpheus grabbed Zoey's arm and pulled her close. He told her she was a smart girl, but if she said something she'd wish she' d never been born.

Zoey pulled away and defiantly told her father that he's right and she is smart. Suddenly, Zoey and Orpheus got an alter that an APB had been put out on him for the death of Adrienne and the framing of Maggie. Furious, Orpheus grabbed Zoey by the neck and slammed her against the wall, calling her a duplicitous little bitch. Orpheus then tied Zoey up and took David.

Orpheus brought David to the warehouse where he taunted John about his revenge and plans. When Orpheus phoned Marlena, and learned the had told Hope and Steve, who was no longer under Stefano's influence. Rafe and Zoey were there as well, and Zoey pleaded with Orpheus to turn himself in, promising to help him.

Orpheus refused and warned Marlena not to advise anyone. He then kidnapped Zoey's son from her ex-husband and used him as leverage to get Zoey to help him. When Orpheus went to meet Steve, Hope, and Marlena for the exchange. Steve have Orpheus a cell phone and showed him how to transfer funds. The phone was rigged so it knocked Orpheus out with an electric shock.

Orpheus was taken to the Salem PD where he was cuffed to a chair. During which time, Justin confronted him over Adrienne's death and pulled a gun on Orpheus. Orpheus mocked Justin for being weak. Kayla and Steve entered the room, and Steve talked Justin into handing him the gun, saying he'd shoot Orpheus and avenge Adrienne for them both. Justin handed Steve the gun and he instead used it to knock Orpheus out.

Orpheus was taken to prison where he intercepted a visit between Zoey and Christian, so he could confront her for betraying him and failing Christian. Zoey mocked Orpheus for being in prison, saying she used to fear him, but now realizes he is an idiot. Orpheus tells Zoey to get custody of David and revels in Steve's suffering because his ex-wife Kayla was now with Justin. In the end, Orpheus got his wish and his grandson is now being raised by his aunt.

By July, Orpheus had been transferred to a maximum security prison out of state. However, in October, Orpheus was transferred back to Statesville, where he reunited with Clyde and offered him the chance to escape prison with him once more. He agreed and the two of them made their escape a long with Dr. Wilhelm Rolf and made their way back to Salem, after Orpheus's associates caused a wide city blackout.

Orpheus went straight over to Marlena and kidnapped her from her home. In addition, he had Clyde kidnap Marlena's great-grandson, Henry Horton. Orpheus wanted Marlena to get his son Christian out of Bayview where he was held after he tried to commit suicide in prison. Marlena got Evan out of Bayview, but he betrayed Orpheus by knocking him out before fleeing.

In February 2021, Orpheus learned from Vincent Belman that Ciara Brady was alive and being held captive. Vincent died after allegedly committing suicide, and Orpheus coerced his partner Allan Rhodes into working for him. Orpheus called Evan and told him about Ciara being alive, and he killed Rhodes, and replaced him as Ciara's guard. Orpheus planned to use Ciara to extort money from Victor, so he and Evan could leave Salem.

Evan was furious and felt Orpheus was just using him, and expecting him to fall in line. He told Orpheus that he wanted payback on Ciara, and cut all ties with him. Clyde overheard Orpheus talking to Evan, and quickly realized he was talking to his son, and they both knew where Ciara was. Orpheus got a hold of a cell phone and tried to contact Evan again. Clyde stabbed Orpheus with a shiv and left him for dead after taking the cell phone.

Orpheus survived and resumed his regular prison life. While cleaning the floors, Orpheus met Jan Spears, and was friendly to her at first. When Jan said she was pregnant with the child of the man she loves, Orpheus said he was a lucky guy, and Jan figured Orpheus was being sarcastic. Orpheus made it clear to Jan that he knew she was planning on passing her baby off as someone else's. Jan demanded that Orpheus get out, saying she didn't have to take this from him.

Orpheus said she does, and asked if she knows who he is. Jan responded that he is a loser who mopped the floor, and Orpheus told Jan who he was. Jan turned in shock and horror. Orpheus guessed she had heard of him, and said that he knows everything that goes on in the prison.

Jan wondered if Orpheus was going to say something, but Orpheus said he wasn't, and that he was going to help Jan instead. Orpheus arranged for a paternity test to say that Shawn Douglas Brady was the baby's father. What Orpheus didn't let on that was that he knew Jan had slept with Evan, making him the baby's grandfather.

In March 2022, Orpheus stopped by Clyde's cell and the two decided to let bygones be bygones as Clyde was up for parole, and Orpheus figured it would be useful to have someone on the outside. Orpheus also met Clyde's new cellmate EJ DiMera, who had almost died thanks to Clyde, but the drug that had saved his life also caused him to forget that night.

EJ did eventually remember, but Clyde still made parole. Orpheus was worried EJ would try to cause trouble and tried to threaten him into keeping quiet. EJ assured Orpheus he had no intention of saying anything or seeking revenge on Clyde after he got out. Orpheus phoned Clyde and asked him if he had his permission to take care of EJ if he felt it was necessary. Clyde told Orpheus he did, but EJ got out of prison before Orpheus could follow through.

In June, Orpheus was approached by Evan, who had just gotten out of solitary confinement after his latest prison break. Orpheus mocked his son's recent punishment, and made it clear he was annoyed that Evan didn't include in his escape. Evan told his father it was a spur of the moment and explains that Marlena's granddaughter Allie Horton has offered to break him out, but he didn't realize he had made a deal with the devil.

Orpheus was stunned that the rumours were true, and Evan confirmed they were. He said he should have just grabbed David from Zoey's, and ran instead of going after Ben and Ciara for revenge. Orpheus said his sister wouldn't have gone for that, and Evan and David wouldn't have lasted on the run anyways, Evan agreed, but Orpheus hesitated as he told Evan he needed to tell him something else.

Orpheus regretted to tell his son that Zoey got back together with her ex, and they moved to New Zealand with their son and David. Evans was furious and asked why Zoey didn't tell him. Orpheus figured it was because she knew he would react the way he did. He told Evan that he wasn't defending his sister, but she has full custody, so she doesn't have to tell him anything.

Evan said he'd call Zoey and get her to bring David back. Orpheus said he wouldn't hold his breath, and suggested that Evan focus on family matters closer to home. Evan wondered what Orpheus met, and Orpheus said he was talking about the son he had with Jan Spears. Evan was shocked to learn that his fling with Jan resulted in a son.

Orpheus clarified it did and that he was already born, and that Orpheus had agreed to let Jan think Shawn Douglas Brady was the baby's father without letting Jan know that he was the baby's grandfather. Evan was furious that Orpheus kept all this from him, and Orpheus said that well it may look like he doesn't trust Evan, he is playing a high stakes game, so he needs to keep his cards close for now.


  • Orpheus, one of the most powerful villains to ever appear in Salem.

    Genius-level intellect: Orpheus is considered to be one of the most brilliant and most dangerous villain to ever appear on "Days" next to Stefano DiMera and Andre DiMera. His intellect was his greatest weapon, he was always one step ahead of his enemies. He spent several years planning his revenge on the Brady family for the death of his wife. Blaming them for her death, Orpheus left his job as an ISA agent and dedicated his entire life in getting revenge on Roman Brady and his family. When he began his quest for revenge he was always ready for anything that might happen. He made sure Roman Brady would suffer deeply, both emotionally and physically. He successfully faked the death of his wife, Marlena and had made sure no one would find out the truth for a number of months. Through his action, he was deemed a dangerous terrorist and an enemy of his former allies, the ISA. In addition, he successfully faked his death without drawing any suspicions from his enemies. Decades later, in his old age, he was still as keen and dangerous as ever. He spent years learning of the people of Salem making sure he knew about the daily lives of his enemies during his time in prison. When he escaped and began his second quest for revenge on his enemies, he proved to be as smart as he was back in the day. He and his allies made the entire population in Salem go in widespread panic, through a televised terrorist threat video and just by shooting the Mayor. Also he had set up number of bombs all over Salem in which it injured a huge number of people. Orpheus always left a back up plan for when after he was caught and he was arrested in the Salem P.D., he successfully faked his death to escape incarceration. In his final effort of his revenge he tried to burn both Marlena Evans and Kayla Brady alive in coffins, a plot which he would have succeeded had Andre DiMera not told Steve Johnson and the rest of the Salem P.D. his location.
  • Master tactician/ Manipulator: Orpheus is an extraordinary strategist and tactician due to his many years of experience in the ISA and through his decades of criminal activities. He had learned patience for revenge through several years of planning. When he began his quest for revenge he was always ready for anything that might happen. In addition, he successfully faked his death without drawing any suspicions from his enemies. Decades later, in his old age, he was still as keen and dangerous as ever. He spent years learning of the people of Salem making sure he knew about the daily lives of his enemies during his time in prison. When he escaped and began his second quest for revenge on his enemies, he proved to be as smart as he was back in the day. Orpheus always left a back up plan for when after he was caught and he was arrested in the Salem P.D., he successfully faked his death to escape incarceration. In 2020, despite having been defeated and arrested by Salem's heroes, his manipulations successfully ensured that his grandson David would be raised under his daughter's care.
  • High tolerance for pain/Master survivor: In 1987, he was able to survive death, despite being shot in point blank. Decades later, he has proven that he is still tolerant towards gun shot wounds as he survived through the gun shot done by John Black as well as survived a near fatal shot by Steve Johnson.


  • Love for his children and grandchildren: Perhaps Orpheus' only known weakness was his love for his children, as it made him predictable. For Marlena was able to understand how his mind worked through her past with Orpheus and of how he wanted her to become his children's mother. Though he loves his children, he also won't tolerate them disrespecting him.


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