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Pamela Van Damme
Martha Hackett as Pamela Van Damme.jpeg
Martha Hackett as Pamela Van Damme
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Martha Hackett
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2016, 2018
First appearance April 5, 2016
Last appearance February 21, 2018
Cause/reason Died
Created by Dena Higley and Ryan Quan
Introduced by Ken Corday, Lisa de Cazotte, and Greg Meng
Gender Female
Cause of death Injected with poison in self-defense by Tripp Dalton.
Occupation Head of the ISA

Pamela Van Damme is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Martha Hackett on April 5-6 in 2016 and on February 20-21 2018.


Pamela was the head of the ISA, who had helped her agent Steve Johnson cover up the fact that his son, Joey Johnson, murdered Ava Vitali. Pamela broke a lot of laws helping with the cover up, and even coerced witnesses into keeping quiet about what they saw. Joey later confessed to killing Ava, which made Pamela afraid that her role in the cover up would be exposed. She ordered John to kill the entire Johnson family, but John convinced her to just let him kill Steve.

On February 20, Pamela arrived in Salem, and encountered agent Billie Reed, who had a body bag with her. Pamela questioned Billie’s presence in Salem, and Billie said that her mother’s husband, Andre DiMera, had been murdered. Pamela knew that Andre wasn't the body in the bag, and demanded to see it. Billie pulled a gun on Pamela, and admitted that she and John had plotted to save Steve after Billie managed to get evidence that Pamela was corrupt. Pamela shot Billie and made her escape.

Pamela showed up at the apartment of Steve’s son Tripp Dalton, and kidnapped him and Ciara Brady. Pamela phoned John and ordered him to finish Steve, but John, Hope Brady, and Rafe Hernandez cornered Pamela in the square. Pamela threatened to inject Tripp with a fatal dose of poison, but Ciara bit Pamela, and Tripp jabbed the needle into her. Pamela died soon after before an ambulance could be called.