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Paulina Price
Paulina Price Jackee Harry.jpeg
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Jackee Harry
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 2021–present
First appearance March 1, 2021
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday and Albert Alarr
Alias(es) Auntie P (by Lani)
Gender Female
Occupation Real-estate mogul
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Price Family
Parents Olivia Price
Siblings Tamara Price
Spouses George Dupree †
Romances Ray Coates
Abe Carver
Children Lani Price (via Ray)
Chanel Dupree (via George)
Grandchildren David Grant
Jules Grant
Carver Grant

Paulina Price is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Jackee Harry. She first debuted on March 1, 2021.


Paulina and her sister Tamara Price were born to Olivia Price and an unnamed man. When Paulina was just starting out in real estate, she got involved with a much older and wealthier man named Ray. Ray was controlling and abusive and eventually Paulina became pregnant with his child. Olivia hid Paulina until the child was born, and she gave the child to Tamara to raise as her own.

Years later, Paulina met and fell in love with George Dupree, who eventually passed away, and they had a daughter together that they named Chanel. Paulina still wanted a relationship with her daughter Lani, so she organized a trip to France with her, but Olivia found out and made her cancel the plans, so Lani was left with devastated and confused.


Real-estate mogul Paulina Price arrived in Salem to visit her niece Lani Price, and meet her husband Eli Grant and father Abe Carver. Paulina was also introduced to her great nice and great nephew Carver and Jules Grant. Paulina also had a business opportunity for Abe, who was the mayor. Paulina proposed that she spruce up Salem with some new buildings, and Abe agreed to introduce her to the zoning community.

Paulina's feet started to ache in her heels, so Abe took her to Julie's Place. Abe introduced her to the owner Julie Olson Williams, who was also Jules' namesake. Paulina was confused as to why she was named after Julie until Abe revealed she was Eli's grandmother. Paulina apologized, and said she's been known to put her foot in her mouth. Julie said she has also been known to put her foot in her mouth.

Eli soon arrived with his mother Valerie Grant, and Lani arrived with her half-brother Theo Carver. There, Eli and Lani made the announcements of who Carver and Jules godparents would be. Abe and Valerie were announced as Carver's godparents, and Theo was announced as Jules' godfather. Paulina mistakenly believed that they were asking her to be Jules' godmother, and ran off before they could tell her who the godmother was.

Paulina stopped by Lani's place where Lani attempted to tell Paulina the truth, but Paulina rambled on about the twins and left again before Lani could tell her. At the twins Christening, Paulina finally learned that Julie was the chosen godmother, and was graceful about it, even complimenting Julie. After the Christening, Eli and Lani opened their gifts, and Paulina's gift was a blank check that she would later fill in to send the twins to college. Lani felt they couldn't accept it, but Eli felt it would be beneficial for the twins college tuition.

Soon after, Chanel arrived in Salem, and Paulina saw her after she conned Tripp Dalton and Claire Brady. Paulina paid for the drinks, and she and Chanel talked in private. Worried that Chanel had gotten too spoiled, Paulina had cut her off, and wanted her to get a job. Chanel was resistant to the idea, and didn't see the need since Paulina was rich. Paulina reminded her daughter that she didn't get too where she was without putting in the work and wanted Chanel to gave the dame success.

Chanel married Xander Kiriakis, which confused Paulina. She only became more worried when Abe informed Paulina that Xander had a criminal record and was dangerous in the past. Paulina was willing to pay Xander to divorce Chanel, but soon learned it was a deal he and Chanel had cooked up to get money from Paulina. Furious, Paulina ripped up the cheque she had wrote them.

Paulina left town to sort a few things out, so she could relocate to Salem. Before she left, Paulina told Jules and Carver a secret that would just be between them. When Paulina returned, she and Abe began to get closer and closer while Chanel reconnected with her old friend Allie Horton and shared a kiss with her. Paulina was taken a back that Chanel liked women as well as guy.

Chanel and Allie decided to go into business together and open up a bakery in Horton Town Square. Though, Paulina wanted to be excited for her daughters new business venture, she couldn't since she had plans to tear down Horton Town Square and replace it with her own project: Price Town. The selling point was that it would provide more business opportunities for minorities. Paulina needed the zoning rights to the square, which Abe had gotten for her.

When the destruction of Horton Town Square, Paulina soon found herself ostracized for her deception. Chanel was furious with Paulina for destroying the place she planned to start her business. Abe was mad at her cause the citizens of Salem were mad at him, and it made him look incompetent. Julie was mad at her because the Square was built to homor her grandparents Tom and Alice Horton, and Lani was mad at her for desecrating Eli's, Julia's, and Carver's legacy.

Realizing how much the square meant to everyone, Paulina stopped her plans for Price town and was forgiven. She supported Chanel in her business venture and picked up where she left off with her family. Paulina also ran into Tamara's old college roommate Marlena Evans. Unfortunately, Tamara was not supportive of Paulina's relationship with Abe and their mother came to Salem to demand she break up with Abe and leave Salem since he wasn't Lani's father, and they feared the truth would come out.