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Rachel Black
Days Of Our Lives
Portrayed by Jospehine and Rosalind May (2019–20)
Emma, Kate and Miller Kamienski (2020)
Finley Rose Slater (2021-present)
Current status Present; Recurring
Duration 2019–present
First appearance November 11, 2019
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday
Albert Alarr
Greg Meng
Fullname Rachel Isabella DiMera Black
Alias(es) Mackenzie Horton
Namesake(s) Rachel Blake
Isabella Toscano
Gender Female
Born May 10, 2020
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Kiriakis, Black, Alamain, Robicheaux, DiMera
Parents Brady Black
Kristen DiMera
Siblings Tate Black (paternal half)
John Black Jr. (maternal half)
Grandparents John Black
Isabella Toscano
Marlena Evans (step)
Rachel Blake
Stefano DiMera (adoptive)
Great-grandparents Victor Kiriakis
Loretta Toscano
Tim Robicheaux
Maude Robicheaux
Santo DiMera (adoptive)
Aunts and uncles Belle Black
Paul Narita
Eric Brady (step)
Sami Brady (step)
Donald Craig Jr. † (step)
Peter Blake
EJ DiMera (adoptive)
Lexie Carver (adoptive)
Chad DiMera (adoptive)
Tony DiMera (adoptive/legal)
Stefan DiMera (adoptive)
Benjy Hawk (adoptive)
Andre DiMera
Megan Hathaway (adoptive)
Renee DuMonde (adoptive)
Great-aunts and uncles Bo Brady
Philip Kiriakis
Marina Toscano
Ryan Brady (adoptive)
First cousins Claire Brady
Baby Black-Brady†(via Belle)
Steven Hawk (via Benjy)
Theo Carver(via Lexie)
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera Jr.
Sydney DiMera Sr.
Daniel DiMera†(via EJ)
Grace DiMera
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Baby Girl DiMera†(via Chad)
Baby Banning†(via Renee)
Baby DiMera†(via Tony)
Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway†(via Megan)
Other relatives Arianna Horton (step second cousin)

Rachel Isabella DiMera Black is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. She is the daughter of Brady Black and Kristen DiMera. She is also the younger half-sister of Tate Black. She is the youngest granddaughter of John Black, Isabella Toscano, Rachel Blake and Stefano DiMera. She is the great-granddaughter of Victor Kiriakis. She was named after her grandmothers: Rachel Blake and Isabella Toscano. Brady had mentioned that Rachel has Kristen's eyes and has a birthmark on her neck. Kristen remembers that Rachel has a heart shaped birthmark on her neck.

After her birth at the hospital with the help of Dr. Amanda Raynor and nurse Haley Chen, Rachel was switched at birth by Xander Kiriakis under orders from Victor Kiriakis, she was being raised as Mackenzie Horton, after her parents discovered that Rachel is alive, she was kidnapped by Sarah Horton and they are headed for her cousin Abigail and Chad DiMera's apartment in Paris. Later, her mother Kristen figured out where she and Sarah are with the help of her cousin Theo Carver by tracking Rex Brady's phone in Paris. After reuniting with her parents, Brady and Kristen decided to let Kristen take Rachel on the run, since her mother is warranted for stabbing Victor for his role in the baby switch. While Brady returns to Salem to get revenge on Victor and Xander for robbing Brady and Kristen a life with their daughter.


In November 11, 2019, the twins Jospehine and Rosalind May was cast as Rachel Black/Mackenzie Horton, during the time jump.

During the flashback episode in January 2020, the triplets Emma, Kate and Miller Kamienski taken over the role as Rachel Black/Mackenzie Horton as a newborn.

In May 2020, the twins Jospehine and Rosalind May will be temporally leaving Days during the week of May 11th with her character's mother Kristen. They returned to the series September 3, 2020.

In October 2021, Rachel was recast and aged with child actress Finley Rose Slater.


While in Nashville with Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, Kristen had ordered him to perform several fertility treatments on her with minimum chance for success. In 2019, Kristen plotted to steal Sarah Horton‘s baby since she was planning to abort it anyways. She convinced Xander Kiriakis to help her, who knocked the doctor out and when Sarah was out, Kristen planned for the baby to be removed from Sarah and put in her. Rolf then stunned Kristen with the news she as already pregnant.

Elated, Kristen shared the news with Brady and took a paternity test. Victor wasn't too pleased, especially when Brady moved Kristen into the mansion to better keep an eye on her. After a brief scare, Kristen would ultimately give birth to a healthy baby girl, and she and Brady would break up, because of the actions of both Victor and Xander caused by switching the babies with Sarah's deceased baby daughter and lead them to believe that their daughter died. Brady would attend AA meeting while Kristen would leave Salem and join a convent with Lani Price.

Lately, Rachel has developed cancer and will need a bone marrow transplant from Gabi Hernandez.

In order to remember her daughter, a technique taught to Brady by his step-mother Marlena Evans, Kristen remembers that Rachel has a heart shaped birthmark on her neck.

Later, Brady's ex-girlfriend Nicole Walker discovered the truth about the baby switch by overhearing the conversation between Dr. Amanda Raynor and Xander, later between Xander and Victor, then sets up a fight between herself and Kristen to get a DNA sample, which is tampered by Xander by paying the lab technician, because Nicole is on to him. Later, after her talk with Abe Carver, Nicole is planning to find Dr. Raynor to get the truth about the baby switch between Rachel and Mackenzie in order to tell Eric Brady and Sarah the truth about their baby and to reunite Rachel with her parents. While in the hospital with Rachel, Brady noticed that the baby has a heart-shaped birthmark on her neck and confide with his father John about his suspicions about Rachel and Mackenzie. Later, Nicole got confirmation from Raynor, she is prepare to tell Eric the truth about Rachel and Mackenzie. After Brady and Kristen discovers that Rachel is alive, she was kidnapped by Sarah and aboard the Kiriakis plane to head for her cousin Abigail and Chad DiMera's apartment in Paris. Later, her mother Kristen threatened Xander and sought revenge on Victor by stabbing him after she learns that Victor was the mastermind of the baby switch, her father Brady took the blame and went to jail. Kristen later tells Lani truth about Victor's stabbing. Then after receiving a phone call from Rex Brady in her hotel room with Lani and with the help of her nephew and Lani's brother Theo Carver, she learns that Rachel and Sarah are in Paris. After finding Sarah and Rachel at the train station, she confronts Sarah over taking Rachel, then after her heartbreaking plea, she convinces Sarah to give her baby back, she is then reunited with Rachel after Sarah hands her over. Kristen and Rachel is later reunited with Brady, but Kristen tells Brady that she can't go back to Salem, because of her warrant for stabbing Victor. Then, Brady tells her to take Rachel and go on the run, she leaves the train station with Rachel after a heartfelt goodbye with Brady, who plans to get revenge on Victor and Xander robbing him his life with Kristen and Rachel by bringing down Titan Industries.