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Richard Baker
Richard Baker.jpg
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by John Callahan
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2008-10
First appearance November 24, 2008
Last appearance August 2010
Cause/reason Sent to prison
Gender Male
Occupation Prison Inmate
Former OBGYN
Residence Statesville Penitentiary
Spouses Three unnamed ex-wives
Romances Hope Brady (flirtation while she was under the influence of sleeping pills)
Children five unnamed

Richard Baker is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by John Callahan from off and on from 2008-10.


Dr. Richard Baker appeared in October 2009 when Nicole Walker had a miscarriage. Nicole then convinced Baker not to say anything to her boyfriend EJ DiMera about losing her baby. She offered to help Baker with his gambling debts and alimony payments to his three ex-wives. In return, Baker would keep her secret. Nicole also found out Baker was a baby broker and used that as leverage against him.

Nicole found a pregnant teen named Mia McCormick, and took her to see Baker, who made sure Mia delivered a healthy baby boy. Tired of Nicole's blackmail and manipulations, Baker tried to talk Mia into keeping her baby, but it didn't work. Baker visited Nicole in February 2010 and told her he was leaving town.

Baker was seen by Nicole in March 2009 working at Salem University hospital. He started blackmailing Nicole for more money since he had already gambled away what she gave him. In April 2010, Baker was almost killed by the thugs he owed money to. He was saved by Nicole's friend Brady Black, who talked Baker into leaving town again.

In July 2010, Baker phoned Nicole and started blackmailing her for money. Nicole's father-in-law Stefano DiMera agreed to pay Baker off once, but when Baker kept up his threats, Stefano ordered a hit on Baker where his men attempted to strangle him tk death. Rafe Hernandez found Baker's dead body, but after Rafe left, Baker's fingers twitched, hinting he was alive.