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Robert Anderson Jr.
Days of our lives
Current status Former; Mentioned
Cause/reason Stillborn
Fullname Robert Anderson Jr.
Gender Male
Born Late 1975
Died Late 1975
Cause of death Stillbirth due to Julie Olson Williams falling down the stairs and went Into premature labor.
Family Anderson family
Williams family
Parents Bob Anderson
Julie Olson Williams

Robert Anderson Jr. is the stillborn son of Bob Anderson and his ex wife Julie Olson Williams.


Robert Anderson Jr. Parents Julie Olson and Bob Anderson.

Julie's marriage to Bob Anderson wasn't up to par with the exciting life she was living, and by 1975 Julie decided to leave Bob Anderson. Julie was pregnant with Bob's child when she decided to divorce him. Julie thought she might have a chance with Doug, but Doug knew she was with child and told her he didn't love her and to return to Bob.

Julie moved into Doug's guest room, and eventually began to rebuild her relationship with her son David. However David's girlfriend Brooke grew jealous of their relationships and began spreading lies that Julie was pregnant with Doug's child and not Bob's. Brooke's lies worked, and David became disgusted with his mother. After having a huge argument with Julie, David took Doug's car and speed off, eventually driving off of a bridge. When no body was found David was pronounced dead, and a memorial service was held for him.

Near the end of 1975 Julie would receive news from Paul Grant that David was alive and staying with his family. Julie was in such a rush to see David she tripped down some stairs and gave birth to a stillborn son (the baby was thought of as Robert Anderson, Jr).