Samantha Evans
Deidre Hall As Samantha Evans
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Andrea Hall (1977–82)
Deidre Hall (1992–2008)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1977–80, 1982, 1992, 2008
First appearance July 15, 1977
Last appearance August 20, 2008
Cause/reason Died
Created by Ann Marcus
Introduced by Betty Corday and H. Wesley Kenney (1977)
Betty Corday and Al Rabin (1982)
Ken Corday and Tom Langan (1992)
Ken Corday and Edward J. Scott (2008)
Nickname(s) Sam
Alias(es) Marlena Evans
Namesake(s) Samantha Sami Brady
Gender Female
Born October 7,1951 (originally October 7,1956)
Died 1982
Age 31
Cause of death Murdered by the Salem Strangler
Occupation Actress
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Samantha Evans (Deceased)
Andrea Hall As Samantha Evans
Family Brady family
Parents Frank Evans †
Martha Evans †
Siblings Marlena Evans (twin)
Spouses was o
Aunts and uncles Robert Evans
Nieces and nephews D.J. Craig †
Eric Brady
Sami Brady
Belle Black
First cousins Trista Evans
Other relatives Will Horton
Johnny DiMera
Claire Brady
Allie Horton
Sydney DiMera
Grace DiMera†(legal)
Mackenzie Horton
Arianna Horton

Samantha Evans is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Andrea Hall, the twin sister of fellow Days actress Deidre Hall, who plays Samantha's twin sister Marlena Evans, from 1977 to 1980 with a brief reprisal when the character was killed by the Salem Strangler in 1982. Deidre briefly played Samantha in 1992 and 2008. Marlena named her first daughter, Samantha Gene Brady, after her sister.


Samantha Evans was an aspiring actress with a serious drug problem, and an even more serious case of jealousy where her older sister was concerned. She came to Salem, and started out stealing drugs and jewelry from Marlena Evans, but soon had her sister committed to a mental institution. Samantha then took over her sister's life, using her skills as an actress to pull off the perfect impersonation of her sister. She even managed to convince Marlena's fiancé, Don Craig, that she was her sister. Marlena did manage to escape once, and phone Don, but Samantha was able to convince Don that the call was a fake. She also made certain that Marlena wouldn't be able to escape again, by arranging for daily electroshock therapies. Don finally got suspicious, and began comparing handwriting samples, at the same time that Samantha got an offer for an acting job out of town. Don and Laura were able to get hold of Dr. Powell, the doctor keeping Marlena medicated, and explained what happened. Marlena was released, and Samantha took her place. Samantha was released on bail and went to Colorado to stay with their parents, but a total breakdown had her returning to the mental hospital.

It took some time, but Marlena was eventually able to forgive her sister for what she did to her after many visits to the sanitarium. Samantha was eventually released, and went back to her acting career. A medical emergency necessitated a kidney transplant only a few months after her release. The twins were trying to put their relationship back together when Samantha came to Salem to visit Marlena a few years after the kidnapping incident. She had gotten in late, and was resting on the couch, when Jake Kositchek broke into Marlena's place, intent on killing Marlena. Originally he thought he had accomplished the job, until he found a letter from Marlena to Samantha, advising her that she was sorry she missed her. Marlena took Samantha's death hard, and years later, named her daughter after her sister. Samantha appeared to Marlena in September 2008, and helped her come out of the catatonic state that Stefano DiMera had her put in.

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