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Santo DiMera
Santo DiMera.jpg
Days Of Our Lives
Portrayed by James Scott (2007-08)
Fabrizio Brienza (2012)
First appearance June 2007 (flashbacks)
Last appearance May 2012 (flashbacks)
Cause/reason Died
Parents Gino DiMera †
Spouses Unnamed woman
Romances Colleen Brady
Yvette †
Children Stefano DiMera
six unnamed sons (with his wife)
Ryan Brady † (via Colleen)
André DiMera
Tony DiMera (legal)
Renee DuMonde
Megan Hathaway
Benjy Hawk
Lexie Carver
EJ DiMera
Chad DiMera
Andre DiMera
Stefan DiMera
Jake Lambert
Kristen DiMera (adoptive)
Peter Blake (adoptive) (via Stefano)
Great-grandchildren Steven Hawk (via Benjy)
Theo Carver (via Lexie)
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera (via EJ)
Grace Brady
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera (via Chad)
Rachel Black (via Kristen)
Grandparents Sophia DiMera †

Santo DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by James Scott in flashbacks.

He was the father of Stefano DiMera. He had an affair with Colleen Brady and died broken hearted after Colleen appeared to commit suicide. Santo and Colleen had a baby that was originally believed to be John Black, but this was later proven to be false.

Santo bears a strong resemblance to his grandson EJ DiMera. In addition to the children he already had, Santo also spent some time with a woman named Yvette, and Yvette's son, Ian McAllister, looked up to Santo like a father.


Santo showed up at a church injured and wounded. He was cared for by the kind nun there Colleen Brady, and met her younger brother Shawn. Santo introduced Shawn to his son, Stefano, and encouraged them to be friends. Santo started to fall in love with Colleen, despite already being married, so he lied to Colleen about his wife dying, which allowed them to get closer.

Santo eventually slept with Colleen and they fell deeply in love. So much so that Colleen was going to leave the church and go with Santo until Stefano told Shawn the truth about his mother being alive. Santo stopped by with Stefano as Colleen was about to become an official nun. Colleen ran off and her habit was found by the edge of a river. Santo grew to hate the Brady family and on his death bed, made Stefano promise to get revenge on the Brady’s for Colleen’s death.

Years later, Stefano arrived in Salem as a drug kingpin and would clash with Colleen’s descendants with his enemies not knowing the real reason until the story of Santo and Colleen was revealed in 2007. 2008 revealed that Colleen was alive and Stefano’s was planning to kill her. It was also revealed that Colleen and Santo has a son and the reason why she faked her death was because she was pregnant. She named the child Ryan, and believed that John Black was that son. In 2008, John saw Santo and a had brief conversation with him. In 2012, John found out he wasn’t Ryan and the real Ryan had passed away years ago.