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Shawn Christian Spears-Frears
Days of our lives
Portrayed by Unknown Child Actor (June 2022-)
Current status mentioned;Recurring
Duration 2022 (2023 due to the time jump)
First appearance June 2022 (June 2023)
Fullname Shawn Christian Spears-Frears
Namesake(s) Shawn Douglas Brady
(Shawn after his godfather)
Christian Maddox
(Christian after his father Evan Frears birth name)
Gender Male
Born June 2033 (due to the time jump)
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Orpheus family
Spears family
Parents Evan Frears
Jan Spears
Siblings David Ridgeway
(paternal half)
Baby Mendez-Spears
(maternal half)
Grandparents Orpheus
Unknown Man
Gertrude Spears
Aunts and uncles Zoey Burge
First cousins Unknown Boy
(via, Zoey)
Godparents Shawn Douglas Brady

Shawn Christian Spears-Frears is a fictional character from soap opera Days of Our Lives. Baby Spears is the son of Evan Frears and Jan Spears.


Shawn Christian Spears-Frears is the child of Jan Spears.

Shawn Christian Spears-Frears had a late maternal half-sibling Baby Mendez-Spears who was stillborn in 2002 through his mother Jan and her late rapist Paul Mendez but lost the baby due to his mother fall down the stairs and lost the baby.

Shawn Christian Spears-Frears has a paternal-half brother , David Ridgeway Who was born in 2018 to his father Evan and his late ex-lover Jordan Ridgeway.

Shawn Christian Spears -Frears is possible the child of Shawn Douglas Brady due to a ONS when Marlena Evans Was possessed by the devil and turn Jan into Belle and Shawn mistake Jan for Belle when they slept together and Belle witnessed the thing and was angry at Jan and Shawn for months.

Shawn Christian Spears-Frears mother Jan was revealed pregnant in April of 2023 (due to time jump) and Belle was shocked and heartbroken as she seen Jan pregnant and thinks it Shawn baby and Belle went home to tell Shawn Jan is pregnant and he felt so shocked and guilty when Belle was sad and yelling at him.

Shawn Christian Spears-Frears mother Jan was released from prison by Shawn due to her pregnancy being high risk and she is staying with him and Belle and Belle hates the idea of Jan staying with them and finds comfort with brother in-law EJ DiMera as friend to talk to with the whole Jan pregnancy.

Jan had labor pains because she was fight with Belle and Shawn rushes Jan to the hospital and where she and the child are alright. Belle Apologized to Jan when she got home from the hospital and made up and Belle left.

In June of 2023,Jan goes into labor when she is confronted by Marlena and is rushed to the hospital where Shawn helps her out where it is discovered to be a boy.

It revealed in later June 29, 2023, That Shawn wasn't the biological father of Jan's newborn son but Evan Frears Is indeed the biological father.

Jan was being checked out and Evan walked into the room where Jan was at then she proceeded to make out with him and they had sex which led to their son was conception in prison.


On June of 2023, Jan Spears gave birth to her and Evan Frears son she named Shawn Christian Spears-Frears after his godfather Shawn Douglas Brady and Biological father birth name Christian while Shawn helped her with the delivery and birth.

After Shawn Christian Spear-Frears s was born he was premature and had to stay in the NICU to be looking on and check out everyday while Shawn Christian Spears-Frears was in the NICU then his godfather Shawn wanted a DNA test done to make sure that baby Shawn Christian Spears-Frears was his son and shocking Orpheus messed with the DNA test results and it revealed that Evan is the the biological father of Shawn Christian Spears-Frears and not Shawn Douglas Brady it was all part of Jan and Evan plan.