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Sloan Petersen
Days Of Our Lives
Portrayed by Jessica Serfaty
Natasha Hall (temp March 2024)
Current status Former; Contract
Duration 2022-24
First appearance August 17, 2022
Last appearance June 3, 2024
Cause/reason Fled town to avoid being arrested for kidnapping Nicole Walker's son.
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday and Albert Alarr
Nickname(s) Ambulance Chaser
Alias(es) Sloan Bedford
Sloan Petersen-Bedford
Gender Female
Occupation Lawyer
Residence Salem, Illinois
Family Bedford, Petersen
Parents Martha Petersen-Bedford †
Nathan Bedford †
Siblings Colin Bedford
Spouses Eric Brady (2023-24;Divorced)
Romances Alexander Kiriakis
Eric Brady
Children Eric Brady III † (son with Eric; miscarried 2024)

Sloan Mia Sara Petersen (formerly Brady) is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Jessica Serfaty from August 17, 2022 to June 3, 2024.

Natasha Hall temporarily played the role in March of 2024.


Sloan Bedford was born to college professors Nathan and Martha Bedford. She was raised alongside her little brother Colin, who took the car out once as a teenager, and cracked the tail light. He let Sloan take the blame, and she was grounded for a month. Growing up, Sloan looked up to her mother as a strong woman, and was inspired to become a lawyer. Sloan was in law school, when she heard her mother had committed suicide, but it never made sense to her. Nathan drank himself to death, and before dying, told Sloan the truth before his death.

After doing some investigation, Sloan learned about how Chanel Dupree had pushed her mother off the top of a roof, and her mother Paulina Price had covered it up. Sloan tracked them to Salem, and set up a practice under her mother's maiden name, waiting until Paulina announced her run for Governor before she sought revenge.

In July of 2024, Sloan was pregnant with her first child and the baby father is Eric Brady but unfortunately in August of 2024 , Sloan lost her baby a son name Eric Brady III with Eric as result of a miscarriage.

Sloan and Eric got married in September of 2023 and he find out she kidnapped his ex-wife Nicole Walker son Jude Roman Brady (unknowingly to him his son as well) and kept it a secret for six months and until Jude was given back to Nicole and Eric divorced Sloan as of June 17,2024 Eric and Sloan are officially divorced.


Sloan is a one night stand of Alexander Kiriakis, and Leo Stark's lawyer. Leo can't afford Sloan, so he is promising a commission on all future book sales he writes. Sloan has clashed with Rafe Hernandez, and the two have a mutual dislike of each other. Alex and Sloan have an ongoing fling, but Alex puts an end to it when he finds out Sloan is representing Leo, who has tormented his younger brother Sonny Kiriakis. Sloan accepts it, but makes sure to tease Alex by strutting away in her bra and panties.

When the police investigate where Leo was hiding out, they find a knife with Leo's fingerprints on it. Desperate, Leo points the finger at Gwen Rizczech, but is still held in custody. Leo tells Sloan everything that happened that night, including the fact that he left the knife that was used to kill Abigail DiMera in her room. Sloan advises Leo not to tell the cops about the knife. Sloan tried to get the district attorney Melinda Trask to let Leo go since they have Gwen in custody. Melinda says she needs Leo to give her something against Gwen.

When Sloan goes to talk to Leo, she finds out that he and Gwen have made up, and now he would like Sloan to represent Gwen. Instead, Sloan tells Leo that he could go to prison unless he gives up Gwen, so Leo lies and says Gwen confessed to him that she killed Abigail Deveraux. Leo ends up in trouble again when Sonny Kiriakis ends up stabbed in the back, and Leo's revenge list is found on Sonny's desk. Rafe forces Sloan to take him to Leo, threatening to lock her up as an accessory if she doesn't. Sloan calls Leo and convinces him to tell her where he is, but he is gone when they get there.

Sloan is out of a job when it is determined that Clyde Weston was Abigail's killer, but she got a new job working for a mysterious client to blackmail Paulina Price for money. Sloan's client knew something that Paulina's daughter Chanel Dupree had done and it was bad enough to ruin Paulina's chances at being governor.

Stephanie Johnson and Chad DiMera were assigned to deal with Sloan, who had resumed her relationship with Alex, but during one of their romps, Sloan got called by Chad to meet with her. Sloan handcuffed Alex to the bed and went to meet with Chad. Chad had a briefcase full of money and wanted Sloan to hand him the file first.

They were interrupted by Leo, who Sloan had been hounding and threatening to pay her for representing him. Leo showed he had another job, and Sloan took what little Leo had. Leo protested since he needed to eat, and Sloan gave him a bit from what Chad was going to give, but Leo saw it was counterfeit money, and a furious Sloan realized she had been tricked.

Sloan returned to the apartment, but Alex had to leave, which disappointed Sloan. On Halloween, a stressed out Sloan called Alex back to the apartment, he arrived and was dressed as police officer with handcuffs. Sloan liked what Alex was going for, and let him handcuff her to the bed, and blindfold her. They got interrupted by Alex's aunt Maggie Horton Kiriakis, and her granddaughter Holly Jonas. Alex gave them candy, and left. He then took Sloan's blindfold off and unruffled her, saying he had to go to work.

Sloan soon realized that Alex had stolen the file from her and given it to Maggie when she and Holly had shown up at her apartment. Furious, Sloan went to confront Alex, and dumped him. She then went to Paulina's office where she saw Leo, and found out he worked for Paulina. Sloan demanded the rest of the money he owed her. When Leo couldn't pay her, Sloan went to call the police, so a panicked Leo found the combination to Paulina's safe where money was stored, but the file was also there, so Sloan stole it back.

Now that Sloan had the upper hand again, she called the police and had Chanel arrested for murder. Sloan enjoyed a victory martini where Chad ran into her and Sloan told her that she has the file back and was having Chanel arrested as they spoke. Chad wondered how, and Sloan hinted that Leo had helped her. Sloan had also taken Alex's betrayal personally as she had grown to care about him beyond just sex, and blamed Chad and Stephanie for turning him against her.

Sloan then paid Paulina a visit to taunt her about Chanel's arrest. Paulina wanted to know the name of Sloan's client, so Sloan confessed there was no client and this was all about her wanting payback. She reveals to Paulina that the person that Chanel killed was her mother, Martha Bedford. Paulina then realized how much Sloan looked like her mother, and Sloan said people always said she had her mother's eyes. Growing up, Sloan had idolized her mother, who she saw as a strong woman, and had been inspired by her to become a lawyer

Sloan's mother found out the her husband, a college professor, and Chanel had an affair and she confronted the girl on a rooftop. After a fight broke out, Chanel pushed her off a ledge in self-defense and Martha died. Sloan was in law school when she got the call that her mother had committed suicide, which never made sense to her. Her father resigned from his job and began drinking and, on his deathbed, he confessed to Sloan about the affair and how Martha's death was covered up by Paulina and made to look like suicide. Revenge was her endgame not money. She used her mother's maiden name, "Peterson", to set up her law practice in Salem, and waited for the right moment to make her move against the Price family.

Chanel was ultimately released from custody, but Sloan has Paulina arrested. While Belle Black managed to get London to drop the charges and Chanel and Paulina were free to go, Sloan wasn't having it and sued the two foe wrongful death in civil court. At the same, she begins having a sexual relationship with Belle's brother Eric Brady after she helped get him out of jail.

Sloan had a meltdown when Belle got the lawsuit thrown out, and swore revenge on Paulina, implying she would go outside of the law. Paulina started receiving threats, and Sloan became the number one suspect even though she swore she didn't do it. Things only got worse when someone drugged the dough Chanel used to make biscuits with a hallucinogenic.

Eric brought breakfast for Sloan from Sweet Bits, and she was furious that Eric gave them their business. Sloan felt like Eric didn't understand why she hates Chanel and Paulina, and they got into a fight, which resulted in her kicking him out of the apartment.

Sloan went to the police station to turn over her phone to prove she hadn't sent the text, and walked in on Rafe kissing Jada. Rafe wasn't acting like himself and hallucinated Sloan as someone named Duke. Sloan suggested to Jada that she press charges against Race for sexual harassment, but then Rafe passed out indicating something was wrong.

Sloan later went to see Eric to apologize, but found him in bed with Nicole. When Eric and Nicole started talking about clothes that weren't in the room, Sloan realized they were drugged with a powerful hallucinogenic, and forgave Eric. Sloan wanted to take things even further and become Eric's official girlfriend.

Sloan faced harassment from Chanel and Paulina, who were convinced, despite the lack of evidence, that she had drugged those biscuits. After being called to the station by Rafe for interrogation, Sloan realized she forgot her phone, and overheard Rafe and Jada talking about a British guy with the first name Colin staying at the White Dove motel.

Sloan immediately went there to confront her brother Colin about what he had done and how the backlash was affecting her. Sloan didn't like that Colin was breaking the law and told him that she had a good thing going in Salem, and she wanted them both to forget about revenge and move on with their lives. She told Colin to leave town or the next time she is accused, she will rat him out. She kissed Colin on the cheek and left.

When Colin didn't leave town, Sloan was eventually forced to come clean about Colin. She apologized to Eric for lying and was arrested by Rafe and Jada, who threatened to charge her as an accessory. While in custody, Sloan learned from a curious Jada that her sister Talia Hunter was mixed up with Colin.

After telling Rafe and Jada everything she knew, Sloan was released from custody. Sloan met up with Eric in the square when they heard a crash. Sloan saw Colin lying unconscious with Talia, and rushed to his side while Jada rushed to Talia's. The two were taken to the hospital where Sloan confronted Colin over his actions, and lying to her about leaving town.

Colin openly expressed regret on not killing Chanel an Paulian, and Sloan warned him not to talk out loud like that. Jada came in and arrested Colin, and Sloan agreed to represent Colin in court, but Colin escaped custody, and Sloan was accused of helping him escape, but Eric defended her.

Sloan learned Nicole was pregnant when she saw her prenatal vitamins and knew the baby could be Eric's. Nicole said she wasn't sure and told Sloan to keep quiet as eventually she planned to have a paternity test. When Nicole failed to get EJ's DNA, Sloan offered to get Eric's for her, but swabbed her own cheek, so the DNA wouldn't match Eric.

Colin was eventually recaptured, and was accused of kidnapping Abe, who was missing. Colin delighted in making them think he had Abe held captive somewhere, but Sloan pushed him to come clean. During a visit with Colin, Sloan admitted what she had done, and Colin advised Sloan not to worry about it, saying she deserves some happy.

Sloan had always taken a morning pill, so she surprised Eric when she pitched the idea to him of having a baby. Eric was taken aback, and thought Sloan was doing it just for him, but Sloan said she needed to make her own family since her parents were gone, and Colin could go to prison for a very long time.

While coming home, Sloan was on the phone with Colin, and said Eric had no idea that she was hiding something from him. As she said this, she opened her door to find Eric standing there. Eric wondered what Sloan meant, and Sloan said she noticed her period was late, and she could be pregnant.

In July of 2024, Sloan find out she was pregnant with her first and Eric fourth child but unfortunately in August of 2024, Sloan collapsed in Eric arms to the hospital ground she wasn’t breathing and was given CPR and was saved but unfortunately Eric’s aunt Kayla told her and Eric their baby didn’t have a heartbeat and didn’t make it as result of a miscarriage leaving them both heartbroken.



  • Sloan's whole name is a reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She is named after Ferris' love interest and her two middle names is the name of the actress that played said character.