Stefan DiMera
Brandon Barash as Stefan DiMera
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Tyler Christopher (2017–19)
Brandon Barash (2019)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2017–19
First appearance December 29, 2017
Last appearance May 4, 2020
Cause/reason Appeared in Abigail's hallucination
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday, Albert Alarr and Greg Meng (2017)
Fullname Stefan Octavius DiMera
Nickname(s) Freak (by Gabi)
Alias(es) Sam Maitlin (birth name)
Namesake(s) Stefano DiMera
Gender Male
Born 1974[1]
Died October 11, 2019
Age 45
Cause of death Died by being taken off life-support after being shot in the neck during a shootout between Lani Price and Vivian Alamain
Occupation Former Corporate Raider
Former CEO of DiMera Enterprises
Residence Salem, Illinois (at time of death)
Family DiMera family
Alamain family
Parents Stefano DiMera
Vivian Alamain
Siblings Andre DiMera
Renee DuMonde
Megan Hathaway
Lexie Carver
Benjy Hawk
Quinn Hudson
EJ DiMera
Chad DiMera
Kristen DiMera (adoptive)
Peter Blake (adoptive)
Tony DiMera (adoptive)
Spouses Abigail Deveraux
(2018; divorced)
Gabi Hernandez
(2019; widowed)
Romances Chloe Lane
(lovers; 2019)
Gabi Hernandez
(lovers; 2019)
Grandparents Santo DiMera
Aunts and uncles Six uncles †
Ryan Brady
Leopold Alamain
Nieces and nephews Theo Carver
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera
Steven Hawk
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Grace DiMera
Rachel Black
First cousins Lawrence Alamain
John Black (adoptive)
Other relatives Nicholas Alamain
Brady Black (adoptive)
Belle Black (adoptive)
Paul Narita (adoptive)
Claire Brady (adoptive)

Stefan Octavius DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives portrayed by Tyler Christopher from December 29, 2017, to 2019.

On September 20, 2018 it was announced that Tyler Christopher would be taking time off the show and would be replaced by Brandon Barash who will first appeared in early 2019.[2] On October 23, Soap Opera News and Daytime Indulgence said that Christopher is not returning to DAYS and that Barash would be staying on the show.

Barash last aired as Stefan on October 11, 2019, when the character was killed off.

Stefan was the most unwanted DiMera, as not even his family considered him to be one of them, which is why he was hardly mourned after his death.


"My name is Stefan Octavius DiMera or quite simple Stefan O. DiMera. I'm Stefano's son."

On New Years Eve, Stefan arrived at his half-brother Chad and his wife Abigail's "Black Tie Affair" Party at Doug's Place with his mother Vivian Alamain. He revealed to everyone he is Stefano's son with Vivian. He is quite taken with Abigail and hands out letters to Kate, Chad and Andre from the board that confirms he is the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises effective immediately. The next day, at Club TBD, Stefan meets Chloe Lane, and causally flirts with her. He arrives at the mansion just in time to stop a fight between Vivian and Kate. Stefan proves to his newfound family he is Stefano's son through a new DNA test.

Stefan reveals he owns DiMera mansion

While doing so Stefan revealed to Chad and Abigail that he's the new owner of the mansion and he and his mother are moving in. He allowed Chad, Abigail, Thomas, Andre and Kate to stay at the mansion and to keep their jobs if they please. In the end, Chad and Abigail decided to stay. He expressed interest in Abigail to his mother, who reminded him that she was his brother's wife.

On January 16, Stefan bonded with his nephew Theo through a game of chess at the hospital. Chad and Abigail arrived and he decided to leave. When his mother informed him that Chad and John Black are close to finding out that Andre was the saboteur at DiMera, she wanted him eliminated. He was against it until she persuaded him with the possibility of a chance with Abigail.

Stefan comforts Abigail

Stefan comforting Abigail over Andre's death

After Andre was found murdered, he and his mother made sure their stories checked out and when he found Abigail depressed over losing Andre he comforted her. On February 2, Stefan attended Andre's funeral with the rest of the family. When Hattie Adams invaded the funeral, Stefan demanded to know who she was. He and Chad removed her from the premises and took her to the SPD. When he returned home, Stefan and Vivian argued over his feelings for Abigail, leading to Vivian slapping him. On February 12, after being questioned by Rafe and Eli about Andre's missing phone, it's revealed Stefan has Andre's phone and deleted the messages related to him and his mother.

Stefan Gabby first kiss

Gabby kisses Stefan for the first time

On Valentine's day, Stefan arrived at Doug’s Place, and congratulates Chad and Abigail with a bottle of champagne. Later when he returned home he found Abigail in his room; wearing a wig and clothes that made her look like Gabi. To his confusion, she claimed she is Gabby. He sees the urn lid and realizes she killed Andre and that she's trying to frame him. After arguing, Gabby reveals she saw Stefan and Vivian talking over Andre’s dead body. Gabby kisses Stefan before leaving. The next day, Stefan questioned Abigail about last night, and she doesn't know what he's talking about. Chad warns him to stay away from his wife. When Stefan returns to his room, Gabby enters while he's changing. They kiss, and when Chad knocks on Stefan's door, Stefan forces her to hide in the closet.


Stefan stops Gabby from killing his mother

Chad enters and the brothers argue. When Chad leaves, Gabby resurfaces. On her way out, she says she'll "come out" when she can. Stefan begins doing research on Dissociative Identity Disorder. He reads a book written by Kimberly Brady. On February 28, Stefan is forced to reveal the Gabby situation to his mother when Gabby attacks her with a fire poker. He convinces Gabby to let him help her, and takes her coat, telling her he’ll frame someone else for Andre’s murder. Stefan and Vivian arrange to have Gabi framed for the murder by putting the coat and the urn lid in Ari’s overnight bag. Later Stefan tries to get Gabby to see she is not the real Gabi Hernandez but Abigail’s alter. When she was not convinced, he pulls off her wig. As she begins to panic, Stefan calls a doctor, but another alter emerges.

Stefan meets “Dr. Laura”

Stefan meets Dr. Laura

After changing her look, the alter introduces herself as Dr. Laura, and tells Stefan she is the gatekeeper and that her job is to protect both Abby and Gabby as well as control who fronts in the system. Dr. Laura reveals that Abby killed Andre, not Gabby. She elaborates that Gabby was created because since Gabi had murdered Abby’s cousin Nick Fallon, Abby believed she could handle the burden of murdering Andre, and her psyche created a personality to reflect that. Dr. Laura also called Stefan out on his obsession with Abby, noting that he would settle for Gabby if he couldn’t have Abby. Dr. Laura makes it clear that Abby loves Chad, and tells Stefan to stay away from Abby.

Stefan blackmails Dr. Laura

Stefan blackmails Dr. Laura to speak with Gabby

Stefan was inspired by Vivian to go into the secret tunnel that she saw Gabby leave. When Stefan left the tunnel with Gabby’s wig, he encountered Dr. Laura, who refused to let Stefan speak to Gabby. Stefan threatens to call the police and tell them that Abby murdered Andre, so Dr. Laura let Gabby come out. Stefan suggested Gabby come with him on a business trip to Hong Kong, and Gabby was thrilled to get away. Soon after, Stefan was confronted by Chad and Lani about why he had Andre’s phone. Stefan said security gave him the phone, but Chad didn’t believe him. Stefan and Gabby (posing as Abby) convinced a reluctant Chad to let her go on the business trip.

When Stefan and Gabby arrived, they were spotted by Hope, who confronted Stefan about his companion. Stefan managed to get away from Hope, and went up to the room where Gabby told him Chad was there, and Stefan promised to handle Chad. Stefan planted drugs on Chad and told security, which resulted in Chad getting arrested. Gabby started to fall for Stefan, and wanted to sleep with him. Stefan was hesitant though because Abby wouldn’t know what was going on. Stefan left the room, and came back to find Abby was back. Abby was confused as to why she was wearing a wig, and GabiChic clothes. Stefan tried to explain to Abby that she wore them as part of a fashion experiment, but then Dr. Laura took over and left Stefan to find Chad.

Stefan returned to Salem and Dr. Laura told him her plan to have Gabi convicted of Andre’s murder. At Gabi’s trial, Stefan was questioned by Justin about having Andre’s phone in his possession, and the security camera’s being shut off. Stefan maintained his story that it was a coincidence and that security have him the phone. Dr. Laura was closed up, and at first made it seem like she was on Gabi’s side, but then after the recess, claimed that Gabi confessed to her that she murdered Andre.

Chad & Stefan play chess

Chad and Stefan play chess

Bound and determined to get some answers, Chad continued to pressure Stefan into what was going on. Stefan decided to play a game of chess with Chad, and for every piece Chad took, he would get to ask Stefan a question. The first question Chad asked was if Stefan planted drugs on him in Hong Kong. Stefan confessed that he did, and said he was kind of proud of it. Next, Chad asked about the woman in Hong Kong, and asked if she killed Andre. Stefan said she did, and then Chad asked for the woman’s name, and Stefan admitted the woman’s name was Gabby. Chad thought Stefan was talking about Gabi and still lying. Stefan said he was sincerely sorry that Chad didn’t get the answers he wanted and left the room.

When Dr. Laura was on the phone, Gabby tried to break out, and Stefan encouraged Gabby to break out. Gabby broke free, but then Marlena showed up. Feeling cornered, Gabby hit Marlena over the head and knocked her out. She and Stefan stored Marlena in Gabby’s hideout. Gabby and Stefan planned to run away together, but they had to lock Kate up as well when Kate discovered Gabby. Vivian refused to let them run away, so Stefano led her away with the other woman.


Chad attacks Stefan after finding him in bed with Abigail as Gabby

Gabby talked Stefan into making love to her before they ran away. As Stefan and Gabby cuddled and were ready to make love a second time. Chad burst in, and when he realized the mystery woman was Gabby, he went m berserk and mercilessly beat Stefan. As Gabby cuddled Stefan, he weakly told Gabby to run. Gabby escaped and Chad continued to beat on Stefan until Rafe and Hope arrived.

Stefan was taken to the hospital where he eventually regained consciousness. Jennifer lashed out at Stefan and accused him of raping Abby since she couldn’t consent to Gabby’s decisions. Gabby set up a call with Stefan where she announced she got him immunity and promised not to leave him, but then Abby broke free and hung up on Stefan, who weakly begged Gabi to come back to him. Vivian visited Stefan in the hospital, and was devastated to see him badly beaten, but also said he deserved it for betraying her. Steve also visited Stefan and lashed out at him for what he did to Abigail. Steve demanded Stefan stay away from Abigail.

Stefan was released from the hospital and went to the Salem PD where Marlena advised Stefan to stay away from Abigail for both of their own sake. Stefan was hopeful that Gabby could fight her way back to him and stay in control, but Marlena said it doesn’t work that way since she is the altar, and Abigail is the host. After talking with Marlena, Stefan snuck into the interrogation room and took Gabby’s wig. Stefan approached Chad and Dr. Laura in the park and offered the wig to her as he professed his love for Gabby. Gabby broke free, and Stefan believed she had overpowered Abigail, but she told Stefan she was here to say goodbye. Gabby did her best to comfort Stefan and thanked him for making her feel real. Stefan kissed Gabby, and Chad pulled them apart as the wig fell off and Abigail collapsed. When Abigail awoke, Gabby was gone, and Stefan realized it was over and walked away.

Stefan returned to the mansion where he heard a gunshot and rushed into the main room where he saw Vivian unconscious on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound while Kate stood, holding the gun. Stefan urged Kate to call 911, and Vivian was taken to the hospital where she later died. Stefan visited Vivian in the morgue where he apologized for locking Vivian in the room against her will, and vowed revenge.

Stefan’s deal with Kayla

Stefan makes a deal with Kayla

Stefan started his revenge by firing Kate and kicking her out of the mansion. He was angrily confronted by Abigail, who was well aware of what went on between him and Gabby, and lashed out at Stefan for taking advantage of her and not getting her help. Stefan emotionally blackmailed Steve’s wife, Kayla, who was determined to help Steve see again. Stefan had acquired a new company that was developing bionic eyes. Kayla went behind Steve’s back, and asked Stefan for access to the technology. Stefan agreed if Kayla got him dirt on Kate. Kayla took photos of Kate with Leo Stark, and Stefan used this information to blackmail Kate into giving him information on Chad, who had started working for TITAN.

When Gabi got out of prison, Stefan offered for her to come back and work for DiMera. Gabi agreed since it was the only way she could get he company back. Gabi plotted against Stefan and Abigail by changing the paternity of Abigail’s baby to say Stefan was the father. She then “accidentally” showed Stefan the altered paternity test and told him that Abigail was getting abortion. Stefan convinced Abigail not to go through with the abortion.

Stefan wanted to get close to his child, but Abigail kept him at arms length and wanted to Chad to be the child’s father even after she admitted the truth to Chad. When it was believed that Gabby had returned, Chad made a deal with Stefan to give him custody of their daughter, Charlotte, if he got Abigail admitted and Stefan agreed. Eventually, it was revealed that Stefan wasn’t Charlotte’s father; Chad was. Stefan hides Ben Weston, fresh out of prison, and had him kidnap Gabi where he had her tied up and threatened her with a fire poker. Stefan eventually let Gabi go. He and Ben also started to become friends due to both being outcasts.

Stefan was arrested by Rafe, who knew he had kidnapped Gabi, but Stefan had also been accused of treason since the articulated eye he gave Steve stole confidential secrets. Stefan denied any involvements and managed to weasel his way out of trouble before Chad could take control of the company. Chad and Abigail decided to leave town with their children and Stefan had to face the fact that he had officially lost Gabby for good.

Stefan rehired Gabi to work at DiMera and the tension between them two strayed to turn into a mutual attraction, though they vehemently denied. At the same time, Stefan had also grown attracted to Chloe Lane when he protected her from the Mexican cartel that was after her. Stefan and Chloe got closer emotionally whole Stefan and Gabi got closer physically, resulting in a few kisses before they had sex. Tragically, Stefan’s efforts to protect Chloe and Holly Jonas were invain when Holly was kidnapped by the cartel and presumably killed in an explosion.

Stefan comforter Chloe and stuck up for her against Holly’s mother Nicole Walker, but lost Chloe when she caught him and Gabi in bed together. Gabi admitted her feelings for Stefan, but Stefan was accused by Xander Cook of kidnapping Kate and Ted Laurent. Stefan was fired as DiMera’s CEO and Gabi takes him into marrying her, so she could take control until the charges were dropped.

Stefan and Gabi got married, but then Wei Shin arrived at Nicole’s request, who also has her eye on DiMera, Nicole showed up married to Tony DiMera. Shin still gave Gabi control of DiMera, and Stefan backed her up. Gabi then revealed that the marriage was a ruse to take control of DiMera and get revenge on Stefan. She kicked an angry and heartbroken Stefan out of the mansion, but he was convinced that she still had feelings for him.

Stefan returned to the mansion and saved Gabi from being killed by Kristen, but then Kristen knocked him out and licked them both in the tunnels. While locked in the tunnels, Gabi finally admitted to Stefan that she loved him, despite how much she tried to resist him. Just as they were in the process of making love, Will and Sonny found them and unlocked the door.

Stefan and Gabi were shocked to learn that Kate had become CEO of DiMera and schemes to get her out, especially once Kate moved into the mansion. Stefan soon received a call from Vivian, who was alive. He and Gabi decided they could use Vivian as a way to force Kate out, so he sent Ben to get Vivian in secret. Stefan then went to visit Vivian and asked her to lay low so she could help them later force Kate.

Stefan and Gabi ended up in a predicament when Vivian shot Kate and tried to bury her. Stefan begged and pleaded Gabi to help boom cover for Vivian, and she reluctantly agreed though she was racked with guilt since Kate has helped her in the past and she was Will’s grandmother.

Vivian was all set to leave town when Lani cornered her. Stefan went to meet with Vivian and saw Lani about to shoot Vivian, he dove in front of the bullet and was accidentally shot in the neck. He fell to the ground clutching his neck and started coughing up blood. Vivian knelt by Stefan’s side and our pressure on the wound. She why he did that, and Stefan spluttered he did to save her. Stefan begged Vivian to run and she reluctantly did after Lani started putting pressure on the wound.

Stefan was taken to the hospital where Kayla fought to keep him alive, but he was pronounced brain dead. Unwilling to give up, Gabi asked Dr. Wilhelm Rolf to bring Stefan back to life, but after assessing Stefan’s condition, Rolf said he can only bring people back from the brink of death and if there is brain activity. Since Stefan had no brain activity, he couldn’t do do anything.

At the same time, Gabi's enemy Julie Olson Williams was in the hospital. Julie needed a new heart and her family begged Gabi to give her Stefan's heart. Gabi was upset with them, but after making Lani get down in her knees and beg Gabi: she relented and said goodbye to Stefan. Stefan was taken off life support and died. His heart went to Julie and he was buried in the Salem Cemetery as "Stefan O. DiMera".

Gabi set in motion a year long plan of revenge that eventually backfired and left her with nothing. Gabi was fired from DiMera and lost GabiChic. As Gabi lamented her current situation, she thought of Stefan and then saw him in the reflection of the window. Gabi later visited Stefan's grave.


  • Tyler Christopher as Stefan DiMera
  • Stefan with his mother Vivian
  • Stefan with his brother Chad and his wife Abigail
  • Vivian shows Stefan his father’s portait
  • Stefan playing chess with nephew Theo
  • Stefan comforts Abigail after learning of Andre's death
  • Stefan discovers Gabby
  • "Gabby" kisses Stefan for the first time
  • Stefan and Gabby kiss again
  • Stefan strategising with chess
  • Stefan talks to his father's portrait
  • Stefan's damaged face at the SPD
  • Chad attacks Stefan after finding him in bed with Abigail as Gabby
  • Stefan confronted by half-brother Andre
  • Stefan confronted by half-brother Chad
  • Stefan loses Gabby forever
  • Stefan loses Gabby forever
  • Stefan weds Gabi
  • Stefan is brain dead
  • Gabi imagines seeing Stefan
  • Stefan in Hattie's nightmare
  • Stefan attacks Chad in Abigail's hallucination
  • Abigail imagines Stefan and Kayla working
  • Together


  1. Stefan's gravestone as shown on April 27, 2020 shows he was born in 1974.
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