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Stephanie Johnson
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Amanda & Jessica Gunnarson (1990–92)
Shayna Rose (2006–07)
Shelley Hennig (2007–11, 2017)
Abigail Klein (2022–present)
Current status Present; Contract
Duration 1990–92, 2006–11, 2017, 2022–
First appearance February 11, 1990
Created by Richard J. Allen
Anne Schoettle
Introduced by Ken Corday and Al Rabin (1990)
Ken Corday and Stephen Wyman (2006)
Ken Corday, Albert Alarr and Greg Meng (2017)
Fullname Stephanie Kay Johnson
Nickname(s) Little Sweetness (by Steve)
Gender Female
Born February 11 1988 (Originally 1990)
Occupation Accountant
Race car Driver
Residence Seattle, Washington
Family Brady family
Johnson Family
Parents Steve Johnson
Kayla Brady
Siblings Joey Johnson (full)
Tripp Dalton (paternal half)
Romances Max Brady (dated)
Jeremy Horton (dated)
Philip Kiriakis (dated/engaged)
Nathan Horton (dated/engaged)
Grandparents Duke Johnson
Jo Johnson
Shawn Brady
Caroline Brady
Aunts and uncles Jack Deveraux
Adrienne Johnson
Roman Brady
Kimberly Brady
Bo Brady
Frankie Brady
Max Brady
Nieces and nephews Henry Horton (via Tripp) (paternal)
First cousins Abigail Deveraux
J.J. Deveraux
Joey Kiriakis
Victor Kiriakis II
Sonny Kiriakis
Carrie Brady
Eric Brady
Sami Brady
Cassie Brady
Rex Brady
Andrew Donovan IV
Theresa Donovan
Shawn Douglas Brady
Chelsea Brady
Zack Brady
Ciara Brady
Other relatives Will Horton
Johnny DiMera
Allie Horton
Sydney DiMera
Claire Brady
Arianna Horton
Earl Johnson
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Tate Black

Stephanie Kay Johnson is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed most recently by Shelley Hennig from 2007-11, and again in 2017. She is the daughter of legendary super couple Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady.


Stephanie Kay Johnson is the daughter of Steve and Kayla Johnson. In 1991 Stephanie was kidnapped by her nanny, Sheila Salsbury, but was later recovered in Australia. After Steve's death, Kayla and Stephanie moved to Los Angeles.

In 2006, Stephanie and Kayla returned to Salem. Stephanie was now an adult and a famous race car driver. She had brief relationship with Max Brady before she left town, Stephanie returned after her father had been revealed to be alive, and began experiencing problems. By then, Stephanie was romantically involved with Jeremy Horton

Stephanie talked Chelsea and Max into working with and investing in Jeremy's business, "Touch the Sky Airlines." But, the business turned out to be a counterfeit clothing smuggling operation, and Max lost all of his money. Stephanie and Max started to fall for each other, and the two began a flirtation. Max originally believed Touch the Sky Airlines was involved in prostitution, and he worked with Stephanie, Chelsea Jeremy, and Jett Carver, who was undercover, to save the girls.

Jeremy didn't show up, and Jett ended up getting shot. The girls were revealed to be working with Jeremy's business partner Kai Rawlings. He forced Max and Stephanie out of the plane, and Max and Stephanie made love in a cave.

Stephanie told Max that she was committed to Jeremy and couldn't be with Max, so began dating Morgan Hollingsworth, the president of a sorority that Stephanie and Chelsea would later join. Soon, Jeremy left town to avoid the police, and Stephanie was left to sort out her feelings for Max.

Stephanie was so jealous of Max and Morgan that she went out one night to a party and went home with Ford Decker. She thought that she would just get her mind off Max, but instead Ford drugged her drink and when she was subdued, he raped her. Stephanie didn't know how to deal with the rape, and kept it to herself even after Ford continued to drug and rape other women on campus,

Stephanie could not find it in herself to testify against him, and she conspired with her sorority sisters to lure Ford to their house and drug him to teach him a lesson. The girls successfully drugged Ford, but in his groggy, he tried to rape Chelsea. Ford chased Chelsea up the stairs, but then got too groggy, and fell down to the stairs to his death. Stephanie convinced the other girls that they should not call the police, but instead, they should hide the body themselves. Stephanie called Max to help move the body, and the sisters kept the secret for a few weeks until Chelsea finally told Ford's dad where Ford's body was. No charges were brought against Stephanie thanks to Victor's intervention.

The rape brought Max and Stephanie closer, and they became inseparable. Stephanie even helped Max find his biological sister, Melanie, in France. Stephanie and Melanie did not get along, and the rivalry began to take a toll on Max and Stephanie's relationship. Max told Stephanie that Melanie confessed to a crime, and Stephanie turned Melanie into the police. Furious that Stephanie would break his trust, Max broke up with Stephanie. Stephanie set out to pick up the pieces after her break up with Max. She took an internship at Titan and began working with Philip Kiriakis. Sparks flew between Philip and Stephanie, and Stephanie supported Philip through his mother's cancer and soon the two began dating. Unfortunately, Melanie would be a problem with this relationship too. Melanie became a consultant for Titan and set her sights on Philip as well.

But, Stephanie was the only woman that Philip wanted. He proposed to Stephanie and she accepted. But, before they could enjoy their engagement, Stephanie became the latest target in the DiMera/Kiriakis feud. EJ DiMera ordered Owen Kent to kidnap Stephanie, which he did. While he was waiting to turn Steph over to EJ, Owen became obsessed with Stephanie. He wanted to run away with her. Steph allowed Owen to kiss her in hopes that she could distract him enough to escape. But her plan didn't work. Luckily, Philip, Melanie, and Brady found where Stephanie was being kept and were able to rescue her.

Stephanie started suffering from nightmares and daydreams about her time being held captive. She went to see a doctor who prescribed her some pills to help her sleep and deal with the anxiety. She never fully recovered from the trauma and blamed her danger on Victor and Stefano's feud. She insisted that Philip break off all ties with his father. When he refused, she broke up with him. Philip tried to get her back and the two reconciled for a brief time. But, Stephanie broke up with Philip for good when she learned that he had slept with Melanie during one of the periods when he and Stephanie were on a break.

Stephanie started pursuing Nathan Horton, a young doctor who had been dating Melanie. They went on a few dates, but Stephanie saw that Nathan still had feelings for Melanie. When Melanie and Philip Kiriakis grew closer, Stephanie did everything she could to keep Nathan away from Melanie, including tearing up a love letter that Melanie had asked Stephanie to give to Nathan. Melanie and Philip eventually got married, and Nathan moved in with Stephanie. Stephanie still worried that if Melanie was ever single again, Nathan would go back to her.

When Stephanie learned that Philip had cheated on Melanie with Chloe Lane, Stephanie convinced her friend, Ian, to hack into the hospital's data base to see the results of Chloe's paternity test. Stephanie learned that Philip was the father of Chloe's baby, Nd was about to have Ian change the results when they saw that someone else had already changed the results of the test before Chloe saw them. Stephanie knew that Philip was the real father, but kept quiet so that Melanie wouldn't leave Philip. When the truth came out and Nathan found out that Stephanie had kept the secret, he broke up with her.

While Stephanie has not been seen on screen since April 2011, she is supposedly still living in Salem. Eventually, Stephanie was mentioned to have left town, but returned to Salem on February 15, 2017 for the wedding of her parents Steve Johnson and Kayla Brady. Not long after she left town again, it was discovered that she has a long lost half-brother named Tripp Dalton that she had yet to meet.