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Sydney DiMera Sr.

Sydney DiMera Sr.(Alive in Nicole dreams)

Days of our lives
Portrayed by Unknown Child Actress (one episode in 2008)
Current status Former; Mentioned but guest In one episode
Duration 2008
First appearance 2008
Last appearance November 24,2008
Fullname Sydney Anne DiMera Sr.
Alias(es) Grace DiMera (when her mother Nicole adopted Grace to pass off as her own)
Namesake(s) Sydney DiMera Jr. (the name was passed down when her mother Nicole stole her younger paternal half-sister Sydney Jr. and named her younger paternal half-sister after her own real name)
Gender Female
Born Never born
Died November 24,2008
Salem, Illinois
Cause of death Miscarriage at 7 months into the pregnancy.
Family DiMera family
Walker family
Parents EJ DiMera
Nicole Walker
Sami Brady(Stepmother)
Siblings Daniel DiMera+(full)
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera Jr.
(paternal half)
Holly Jonas
(maternal half)
Will Horton
Allie Horton
Grandparents Stefano DiMera+
Susan Banks
Paul Mendez+
Fay Walker+
Great-grandparents Santo DiMera+
Signora DiMera+
Aunts and uncles Lexie Carver+
Renee DuMonde+
Megan Hathaway+
Benjy Hawk+
Andre DiMera+
Stefan DiMera+
Jake DiMera
Chad DiMera
Tony DiMera(legal)
Peter Blake(adoptive)
Kristen DiMera(adoptive)
Taylor Walker
Brandon Walker
Nieces and nephews Arianna Horton
Henry Horton
First cousins Baby Boy Brady-Hathaway+
Baby Banning+
John Black Jr.+(adoptive)
Theo Carver
Steven Hawk
Grace DiMera+
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera
Baby Girl DiMera+
Baby DiMera+(legal)
Rachel Black(adoptive)
Godparents Brady Black
Chloe Lane
(intended godparents)
Other relatives Carrie Brady
Arianna Horton
Jessica Blake
Lucas Horton
Austin Reed
Billie Reed
Rex Brady
Cassie Brady
Philip Kiriakis
Brandon Walker
Lani Price(adoptive step)
(step cousins)

Sydney Anne DiMera Sr. was the late daughter of EJ DiMera and his ex-wife Nicole Walker.


Sydney DiMera Sr. Parents Nicole Walker and EJ DiMera

Sydney DiMera Sr. was the late of EJ DiMera and his ex-wife Nicole Walker due to a affair when her father was with Sami Brady at the time.

Sydney DiMera Sr. has a older paternal half-brother Johnny DiMera born in October of 2007 revised to 2000.

Nicole and EJ Conceived Their Daughter Sydney DiMera Sr.

Sydney DiMera Sr. was conceived in the elevator when her parents were trapped in 2008.

Sydney DiMera Sr. was conceived around the sametime as her paternal half-sister Sydney DiMera Jr. was.

Sydney DiMera Sr. was her mother Nicole miracle as she couldn't have any children prior to meeting her father EJ .

Sami and Nicole morning sickness.

Sydney DiMera Sr. was the seventh grandchild of Stefano DiMera and unfortunately the fifth deceased grandchild.

Nicole founds she pregnant with Sydney DiMera Sr.

Sydney DiMera Sr. was named after Sydney Australia when EJ recently was in that year.

Sydney mother Nicole had stomach pains and started bleeding in November of 2008.

Sydney DiMera Sr. died on November 24,2008 when her mother Nicole miscarried her 7 months into the pregnancy.

EJ and Sami founds out Nicole pregnant.

Sydney DiMera Sr. paternal half-sister Sydney DiMera Jr. survived and was born in January of 2009 when her mother rival Sami gave birth.

Nicole pregnant stomach with her daughter Sydney Sr.

Sydney DiMera Sr. paternal Half-sister Sydney DiMera Jr. was named after her as result of her mother Nicole stealing Sami baby's her half-sister Sydney DiMera Jr. at birth and switched Sami baby's with Mia baby's Grace DiMera who was Sydney DiMera Sr. paternal cousin and that how her and paternal half-sister got their named.

8 months after Sydney DiMera Sr. death her paternal cousin Grace DiMera died at six months old in June of 2009 .

Nicole miscarried her daughter Sydney DiMera Sr.

Sami learned her daughter Sydney DiMera Jr. Is alive and Mia learns she lost her baby Grace DiMera when the truth about the baby switch came out .

Nicole founds out she miscarried her daughter Sydney DiMera Sr.

Sydney DiMera Sr. mother Nicole was arrested for the crime but was freed a year later.

A grieving Nicole with Brady mourn her daughter.

Sydney DiMera Sr. Had a full sibling when her parents reunited and Nicole got pregnant in the second marriage of her's to EJ in 2013 but unfortunately EJ and Nicole broke up and Rafe helped Nicole throughout her pregnancy and faked being her brother father to protect her mother and brother but unfortunately on October 12 2014 Sydney DiMera Sr full brother Daniel DiMera was stillborn 8 months into the pregnancy as Nicole was told she lost her brother before she fall down the stairs when she was in a fight with Jennifer Horton later day.

EJole mourns their daughter Sydney DiMera Sr.

Sydney DiMera Sr. maternal half-sister , Holly Jonas was born in December of 2016 with her mother Nicole and the late Daniel Jonas.