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TR Coates
Days Of Our Lives
Portrayed by William Christian
Current status Former; Contract
Duration 2022
First appearance January 26, 2022
Last appearance June 23, 2022
Cause/reason Disappeared forever after Lani confessed to killing him
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Albert Alarr
Ken Corday
Fullname Terrell Raymond Coates
Nickname(s) Ray
Alias(es) TR
Gender Male
Cause of death Shot by Lani Price
Occupation Movie Producer
Residence Salem, Illinois
Romances Paulina Price
Children Lani Price (via Paulina)
Grandchildren David Grant †
Carver Grant
Jules Grant

Terrell Raymond "TR" Coates is a character on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by William Christian in from January 26, 2022 to June 23, 2022.


Terrell Raymond Coates was formerly known as Ray Coates He dated Paulina Price. He was an alcoholic and drug addict, who was abusive and controlling towards her. Paulina became pregnant with his daughter and went into hiding with the help of her mother, and gave birth to her without Ray knowing. Paulina then gave the baby to her sister raise.

Ray later went to prison and when he got out, he reinvented himself as TR Coates, and became a movie producer. TR became known as Hollywood Heavyweight, and continued using. He dated an actress named Beth Howard, who caught him using, and he tried to deny it. He was also very abusive toward Beth when high, and threatened to ruin Beth's acting career if she told anyone.

In 2021, TR Coates was the movie producer, who Johnny DiMera contracted to have the rights to his movie. “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story”, based on the real life possession of his grandmother.


TR Coates arrived in Salem and surprised Johnny by showing him up at then diners mansion. TR complimented the decor and Johnny complemented his nono on it, saying he was an interesting man. TR inspired as to who nono is, and Johnny says he is his late grandfather. TR says God rest his soul, and Johnny says he doesn't think his nono and God we're in good terms. TR says that while his nono may have an interesting story, he is more interested in the story he promised him.

TR says he was Down under for months, and was surprised when he got back to hear that Johnny had left a message for his assistant that Johnny was shelving the project out of respect for his grandmother. TR was confused as to why, and Johnny let it slip that his grandmother was possessed again. TR said that was even more reason why to do the movie cause they already had the material for a sequel, and they could even come up with a third. TR reminded Johnny that he said he has to be ruthless since Tue movie business was cut throat, and Johnny reminded TR that he said cutting throats wouldn’t be a problem.

Johnny conceded that TR may be right that be gave up to easily, and asked what he should tell his grandmother. TR said that he'll be the bad guy and tell Marlena that he is forcing Johnny to make this movie. He asked what's the worst that could happen, and Johnny laughs that he doesn't know Marlena Evans like he does, saying the woman's got fire. TR laughs that he had no doubt, saying she outsmarted the devil twice, but now she has to deal with him. TR says for Johnny to tell Marlena that if he doesn't get his movie, he'll ruin him. Johnny asks if TR will really do that, and TR says be won't since they are a team, and takes care of his own, but he'll tell Marlena that TR and Johnny shake on it, and Johnny jokes that he feels like he is making a deal with the devil. TR says he may seem tough, but he is a gentle soul unless he crosses him.

TR later saw Paulina, who was shocked to see him, and called him Ray. She thought he tracked her down, but TR said he didn't even know she would be in this backwater town. Paulina keeps calling him Ray, and TR said he goes by TR name and is now a movie producer. Paulina tells him he can call himself whatever he wants. TR said he has business with a young man named Johnny DiMera. Paulina yelled that Johnny was the man, who broke her daughter’s heart. TR was surprised that Paulina has a daughter, and Paulina snapped that her family was none of her business, but said her daughter’s name was Chanel and she was married.

TR assumed Paulina's husband was in Salem, but Paulina said he passed away. TR offered his condolences, but Paulina didn't want to hear it. TR understood why Paulina was hostile towards him and apologized for how he treated her, saying he is different.

Paulina sarcastically asked if he got sober and found God. TR said he did and wanted to take Paulina to dinner, but Paulina refused to believe he had changed Lani heard all the shouting and came over TR introduced himself and Paulina said Lani was her niece, and hurried her away from TR. TR considered researching Lani, but decided not to. Johnny encountered him and told him Marlena have him the go ahead with the movie, and he and TR shook hands.

TR later approached Allie Horton and Chanel Dupree, and threatened to sue them since they were under his production company. TR mentioned to Chanel that he knew her mother and met her cousin Lani. Chanel said he must have the wrong information since Lani is her sister. TR was stunned, and went to leave, telling the women dismissively that she is sure they can work something out.

TR went to visit Lani and told her what Chanel told him, and suspected he could be her father. Lani tells TR he must be mistaken since her biological father's name is Ray. TR says "Ray Coates", and Lani quickly realizes what the R in TR means, and TR says his full name.

Immediately, Lani starts ordering TR to leave and threatens to get her gun. TR says he has changed and just wants the chance to get to know his daughter. Lani snaps that she already has a a father, and he is the best man she knows. TR says he is happy to hear it, but he still wants to get to know her. Paulina shows up and orders that TR leave. TR does, but says nothing will stop him from getting to be a father.

TR sends Paulina some flowers that she brings over just to smash in front of his face. TR lies to Paulina about how he went to prison and became a changed man. This softened Paulina and she agreed to give TR the chance to slowly earn her back her trust. Lani also started to give TR a chance, and they went out for lunch where they discovered they both like mayonnaise on their fries.

TR later bought drugs from Frank, a local drug dealer and was confronted by Lani's husband Eli Grant. Eli had already been suspicious of TR, and now he got confirmation that TR hadn't changed at all. Eli went to arrest TR, but TR grabbed his gun and accidentally shot Eli in the struggle. Frank returned, and TR forced him at gunpoint to help him make it look like Eli's shooting was random. He then killed Frank by injecting him with an overdose.

Rattled by what he had done, TR went to his room and lectured himself on skipping into his old habits. He panicked over shooting Eli, and reminded himself that he had reinvented himself. After pulling himself together, TR showered and changed his bloodied clothes to get rid of them. He also gave his ex Beth a call, knowing she was the one who told Eli about his last. TR offered Beth the role of Celeste in his new movie in exchange for her keeping quiet, and Beth reluctantly agreed.

Eli slipped into a coma, so TR felt sure his secrets would be safe. TR bonded with Paulina by helping her looks after their grandkids Jules and Carver. TR also comforted Lani over Eli's condition. Abe was hostile towards TR, who thanked her for looking after his daughter, but said he is here now. Abe refused to back down as he considered Lani his daughter. Beth discovered that TR was looking to reconnect with Paulina, so he could finance the movie since he was broke.

TR ended up getting high and missing a meeting with Paulina to help her look after Jules and Carver. Beth came over and realized he was hight. She told TR that Johnny had left town, but TR assured her he could finance and direct the movie. TR got dressed and went to see Paulina. He apologized for being late and lied about why. TR kissed Paulina and attempted to charm her, but Paulina turned him down.

During one of TR's visits to Eli, he saw Beth there with Lani and Eli's grandmother Julie Olson Williams. Beth made herself scarce as Julie made it clear she was also weary of TR. After his visit, TR went to confront Beth about why she was there. Beth said she didn't say anything, but TR said she was going to. TR said he can't trust Beth, and Beth worried what he would do. TR said he'll do what he should have did to begin with. TR entered Beth's room and closed the door as she screamed as he assaulted her, giving her a black eye and bleeding lip.

TR showed up at the hospital for Lanie, but Abe and Paulina weee already there. Paulina left, and Abe and TR argued over Paulina. Lani told them both not to argue in Eli's room, and they apologized. TR left the room and saw Beth. He asked what she was doing there in that condition. Beth said she tried to remain in her room, but the pain was unbearable. She reminded TR he did this to her, who told her she better not say anything. Beth said she wouldn't and TR said that wasn't good enough.

TR demanded Beth leave Salem saying she can't act in his movie, looking like that. Beth protested and said she'll be healed up by the time they shoot the movie. TR told Beth he wants her gone and said if he ever saw her again, he'd kill her. Beth said she understood and left the hospital as Paulina came by. TR said Beth has dropped out of the movie and asked if Paulina could sweet talk Chanel into coming back since Johnny was gone now.

TR said he has Paulina an important question to ask her and invites her back to his place. Paulina says they'll go back to her place. TR says whatever she says, and Paulina says they'll keep it that way. Once at Paulina's place, TR tells Paulina that these last few months have been great reconnecting her, getting to know his daughter, and grandkids. TR then proposes to a stunned Paulina, who tells him she hasn't even thought or cared about him in years, and now he wants to marry her soon after reconnecting.

TR convinces Paulina to go away with him for a weekend and see if she changes her mind. Paulian agrees and goes to get ready while TR waits. As TR waits, Paulina gets a call and he answers it. It is from Tripp Johnson, who tells TR that Eli is awake. TR decides not to tell Paulina, and instead impatiently asks her to hurry up. Paulina tells him that she is packing clothes, and TR quips forget himself she won't need much clothes where they are going.

TR heard a knock on the door and goes to answer. It's Abe, who tells TR that he is here to get the woman he loves back. TR says he is too late and that he and Paulina are back together. TR proclaims he will have his family back together as Abe refuses to believe Paulina will want to be with TR again. Abe gets a call from Tripp that Eli is awake and tells TR, who says he'll give the message to Paulina.

Abe refuses to leave, and pushes his way in, so TR strikes him in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Abe falls to the floor as TR tells him he told him Paulina was busy. TR then drags Abe behind the couch as Paulina emerges. TR then tries to rush Paulina at the door, but Abe groans and Paulina sees him behind the he couch.

Paulina wants to call an ambulance, but TR refuses and wrestles the phone from her hands. Paulian realizes TR hasn't changed and he gets fed up. TR raises his hand to hit Paulina, who tells him she isn't afraid of him and calls him a coward. Lana arrives and sees Abe on the floor, and TR about to hit Paulina.

Lani raises her gun and points it at TR, calling him a son of a bitch. TR turns around and realizes what it looks like. TR tells Lani he can explain, but Lani fires her gun. TR drops Paulina's phone and falls to the ground with a bullet wound in his chest. TR lies still as Lani walks past him and drops her gun to check on Abe.

When Lani went to check on TR, his eyes opened and he grabbed Lani's arm. TR gasped that he loved Lani, but Lani asked how could he say that after all he had done while she tried to stop the bleeding. TR said that Lani was his child and that he forgave her before dying. Lani called out to TR, checked his pulse, and confirmed his death.

Paulina claimed she shot TR, and the guilt started bothering Lani to the point she started seeing TR, who would guilt her for murdering her own father. No matter how much Lani tried to justify it to herself, she couldn't since TR was unarmed when she shot him. TR was a manifestation of Lani's guilty conscious that finally disappeared forever when Lani accepted responsibility for killing him.