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Tate Black
Tate Black.jpg
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Peter and Thomas (2015-2016)
Matthew and Nathan Scott (2016)
Jacob and Wyatt Walker (2016-2017)
Colin and Kyle Shroeder (2018)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2015-18
First appearance April 14, 2015
Last appearance July 19, 2018
Cause/reason Left Town With Theresa Donovan to be with his grandparents in California.
Created by Gary Tomlin
Christopher Whitesell
Introduced by Ken Corday, Lisa de Cazotte and Greg Meng
Fullname Tate Donovan Black
Nickname(s) Tater Tot
Alias(es) Christopher DiMera
Gender Male
Born 2014 or early 2015
Age 9 years old (time jump)
Residence California, U.S.
13201 Glen Oaks Drive, Salem, Illinois, U.S.A. 06649 (formerly)
Family Black family
Donovan family
Brady family
Kiriakis family
Alamain family
Robicheaux family
Parents Brady Black
Theresa Donovan
Siblings Rachel Black (paternal half)
Grandparents John Black
Isabella Toscano
Marlena Evans (step)
Shane Donovan
Kimberly Brady
Great-grandparents Tim Robicheaux
Maude Robicheaux
Leopold Alamain

Philomena Alamain †
Victor Kiriakis
Loreta Toscano †
Andrew Donovan II †
Margaret Donovan †
Shawn Brady
Caroline Brady

Aunts and uncles Belle Black
Paul Narita
Eve Donovan
Andrew Donovan IV
Bo Brady
Philip Kiriakis
Marina Toscano †
Lawrence Alamain
Andrew Donovan III
Roman Brady
Kayla Brady
Frankie Brady
Max Brady
Hope Brady
Great-aunts and uncles Drew Donovan
Bo Brady
Roman Brady
Kayla Brady
Philip Kiriakis
Marina Toscano
First cousins Claire Brady
Paige Larson
Shawn Douglas Brady
Chelsea Brady
Zack Brady
Ciara Brady
Tyler Wilkens
Nicholas Alamain
Carrie Brady
Sami Brady
Eric Brady
Rex Brady
Cassie Brady
Stephanie Johnson
Joey Johnson
Mackenzie Horton † (step)

Tate Donovan Black is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He is the son of Brady Black and Theresa Donovan. He is the first child for both Brady and Theresa, and the first grandchild of Shane Donovan and Kimberly Brady. He is the second grandchild of John Black and Isabella Toscano. He is the older half-brother of Rachel Black. He was portrayed by twins Thomas and Peter, as mentioned by Jen Lilley in an interview. In 2018, he was recast by twins Colin & Kyle Schroeder until July 2018.


Theresa discovered she was pregnant with Brady's child on November 3, 2014. Theresa was overjoyed about the news because she and Brady were currently estranged due to what she did to Brady's father, John Black. Theresa sees their child as a fresh start and a chance to reconcile things with Brady. Theresa shares the news of her pregnancy with best friend, Anne Milbauer. Unbeknownst to them, Brady's ex-fiancee, Kristen DiMera overheard Theresa sharing her news and she flew into a jealous rage trashing the park in her distress.

While Theresa and Anne tried to come up with ways to tell Brady the news about the baby, Kristen begins plotting against Theresa. Despite previously struggling with addiction, Theresa was shown to care for her baby and take her pregnancy seriously by refusing alcohol and other dangerous drugs for the sake of the child. Theresa calls Brady and tries to tell him about the baby, but he hangs up in her face.

Kristen hires two goons to knock Theresa unconscious while she is walking home in the park. The goons take Theresa to a warehouse outfitted with gurneys and other medical supplies. When Theresa awakens in the warehouse, she is dressed in a hospital gown and a doctor approaches her with a needle. Before the doctor pokes her with the needle, Theresa expresses concern because she's pregnant and the doctor confirms that he is well aware of her pregnancy and sticks her anyways, rendering her unconscious again.

Later, Kristen arrives at the warehouse and is wheeled into the room on a gurney also wearing a hospital gown. The doctor asks Kristen if she is ready for the procedure, to which Kristen readily agrees. Kristen vows to get what is rightfully hers. The procedure begins and Brady and Theresa's embryo is transferred into Kristen's womb to be carried by Kristen, as she always wanted to have Brady's child. Kristen calls Brady to tell him that she will be leaving town with a piece of him.

After the procedure, Kristen leaves town and evidence of Theresa's pregnancy is erased. Brady does not even believe Theresa when she eventually gets the chance to tell him she's pregnant. Theresa is sure she is pregnant, and reminds Brady that they did not use protection the last two times they had sex. Theresa and Brady go to the hospital and her aunt Kayla Brady Johnson runs a pregnancy test.

Theresa is shocked when the pregnancy test comes back negative and Brady blasts her for lying before telling her to stay out of his life. Theresa is confused because she was so sure she was pregnant. She was pregnant before but the test came back negative because Kristen has already taken the embryo.

The baby appeared on-screen for the first time on April 14, 2015. It is revealed that Kristen has named Brady and Theresa's baby boy, Christopher, presumably after herself and they have been living in Italy. Melanie Jonas find out what happened and told Brady and Brady went to Italy and find Kristen with Christopher along with Theresa who had been kidnapped by Kristen and Melanie, Brady and Theresa are reunited with Christopher, Kristen is presumed deceased after Marlena shoved her through a window and she fell down to the bay.

Christopher is returned to his parents thanks to Melanie and taken home to Salem. He is renamed Tate Donovan Black.

Tate is now been raised by his father Brady as his mother Theresa left town with her old boyfriend. Tate is very close to Nicole Walker who is raising her own daughter Holly Jonas with Brady Black.

When his mother Theresa returns from Mexico, she wanted her relationship with Brady and Tate back, but after Brady found out that Theresa left Chloe Lane behind in Mexico, he kicked her out and Theresa sued him for full custody of Tate, unaware that his aunt Eve Donovan had planted drugs in J.J. Deveraux's place in order to declare her unfit, but in the end Theresa won sole custody and she learns that her mother Kimberly's cancer is back and she and Tate moved to California in order to be with her parents.

Tate is mentioned in 2020, when his mother Theresa called Brady to informed him about she and Tate took the bone marrow test for Mackenzie Horton, unaware that she is really his baby sister Rachel Black. His dad Brady gave him a Valentine's Day present.