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The Devil
Mardevil Halloween 2021.webp
The Devil (possessing Marlena)
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Deidre Hall (1995, 2021)
Bill Hayes (2021)
Stacy Haiduk (2021)
Carson Boatman (2021-22)
Martha Madison (2022)
Lindsay Arnold (2022)
Lucas Adams (2022)
Eileen Davidson (1995, 2021; as "Kristen")
Drake Hogestyn (2021; as "John")
Stephen Nichols (2021; as "Steve")
Daniel Feuerriegel (2022; as "EJ")
Brandon Barash (2022; as "Jake")
Raven Bowens (2022; as "Chanel")
Current status Former; Contract
Duration 1995, 2021-2022
  • Satan, Lucifer, Beezlebub, Prince of Darkness, Old Scratch
  • Marlena Evans, MarDevil, Demon Marlena, John Black, Evil John, Steve Johnson, Evil Steve (as Marlena)
  • Doug Williams, Demon Doug (as Doug)
  • Susan Banks, SuDevil, Demon Susan, Evil Kristen (as Susan)
  • Johnny DiMera, Demon Johnny, JohnnyDevil
  • JoDevil, EJ DiMera, Evil Ej, Jake DiMera, Evil Jake (as Johnny)
  • Belle Black, BelleDevil, Demon Belle (as Belle)
  • Allie Horton, Demon Allie, AllDevil (as Allie)
  • Gender Agender
    Doug is possessed.jpeg
    The Devil (possessing Doug)
    Susan is posessed.webp
    The Devil (possessing Susan)
    Romances Nick Fallon (kissed; as Marlena)
    Paulina Price (groped; as Doug)
    Kayla (kissed; as Steve)
    Chanel, Gabi (kissed/ONS; as Johnny)
    Abby (kissed; as EJ)
    Shawn Douglas Brady
    (ONS as Jan Spears was turned into Belle Black)
    Children Baby Spears (currently expecting with Jan)

    The Devil is a character on Days of Our Lives, portrayed by multiple actors including Bill Hayes, Stacy Haiduk, Carson Boatman, Lindsay Arnold and more notably, Deidre Hall.


    John and Marlena leave town together, but Stefano DiMera follows them and builds an armoire that gives him access to her room while she sleeps. Unbeknownst to Marlena, Stefano starts drugging her with powerful drugs that cause her mind to snap, and makes her susceptible to Stefano's advances.

    Marlena starts wearing a hoodie and goes around vandalizing the church. Kristen figures out what is going on with Marlena, who turns into a panther and has Shawn attacked by a swarm of bees. Marlena inexplicably starts feeling weak and rests. While resting, her bed starts shaking and she levitates off of it. When Marlena awakens, she feels really cold and hears strange noises. When she goes back to bed, her bed shakes again, and she levitates off the bed again. When Marlena awakens again, she wanders around and is blocked by a dresser that moved by itself as she screams in terror. Marlena passed out on the bed, and becomes pale and is rushed to the hospital where Mike Horton looks at her. She says someone is in her apartment, but becomes frightened when John asks who was in her apartment.

    Marlena struggles to say who was in her apartment, and then starts freaking out and screams he's here and begs John and Mike not to let him get her. She eventually passes out, and then requests to go home when she wakes up. John takes Marlena home and after she leaves, the devil speaks through her, proclaiming that John won't win. When John comes back, the devil makes Marlena grab a pair of scissors intending to have her stab John with them, but John sees her with them and the devil lets Marlena return to herself and go back to bed before resuming control.

    One of the first major things the devil did while possessing Marlena was drop a chandelier during Bo and Billie's wedding. He then had Marlena chloroform Kristen, strip her naked, paint pentagrams all over body, and cuff her to an altar. The devil was targeting John since he was a priest and even disguised Marlena as Kristen wearing sexy lingerie in an effort to seduce him. John tried to resist, but he almost broke his vows until Tony intervened.

    During one of Stefano's nightly visits, he went to kiss Marlena only for the devil to open her eyes, and start strangling Stefano. Stefano was only saved by his henchwoman Celeste Perrault inadvertently invoking God, which caused Marlena to pass out. On the night John was at St. Luke's church, the devil stopped Stefano from entering Marlena's room and went to the church where it blocked the doors and then set the church on fire with John, Tony, and Kristen trapped inside.

    The devil could sense Tony's jealousy towards John in regards to Kristen and tried to tempt Tony to shoot John. Tony tried to resist the devil's manipulations, but almost succumbed and shot John. Celeste saw Tony, and stopped him from shooting John.

    Marlena sought solace in a church where the devil couldn't possess her, but she was lured out by a vision of Sami being attacked by the ghost of Curtis. Curtis had been summoned by the devil from Hell to aid him in dragging Marlena's soul to hell. Now that Marlena was out of the church, the devil was easily able to take control of her again. As the devil continued his reign of terror, he was eventually exposed and an exorcism was performed to get him out of Marlena's body.

    The devil manipulated Stefano into letting Marlena go by pretending the exorcism worked before morphing into a humanoid creature and terrifying Stefano. As Stefano attempted to challenge the devil, he morphed back into Marlena and attacked Stefano, throwing him off the terrace.

    While continuing to remain captive, the devil continued his manipulations of Tony once again trying to get him to kill John, but Tony fought off the temptation. Another exorcism was performed on Marlena, but this one appeared to claim her life. When John went to see Marlena in the morgue, the devil attacked him. They fought and John asked the devil what he wanted. The devil said he would leave Marlena if John gave him her soul.

    John was determined to fight the devil and save Marlena, but the devil grabbed him around the throat and tried to strangle him to death. John called out to God, which immobilized the devil in Marlena. With the power of God behind him, John finally was able to cast the devil out of Marlena and send him back to hell.

    While worrying that she was the Salem Stalker, Marlena had a nightmare that she was possessed by the Devil again. She was cuffed in a hospital bed and was being visited by John who was bringing her soup. She projectile vomited green pea soup on John and shot off her cuffs with lasers from her eyes. She flew across the room and choked John. Then she continued to levitate as she said goodbye to John while her hair turned white and her face transformed into a beast.

    Shortly after Johnny returned to town, he expressed interest in making a movie about his mother’s life, and got Will’s old script to use as a baseline. The problem with that though was that the story included Marlena getting possessed by the Devil. Being a horror-film aficionado, Johnny wanted to revamp the script to focus on the supernatural side of things. John thought it was a bad idea though, saying it was practically an invitation for the Devil to return. But Johnny was hyped and went full steam ahead with movie preparations.

    When Doug began acting out-of-character, his loved ones grew concerned. Not only did he trap Julie in the freezer, but he had also groped Paulina. Marlena stepped in to assess Doug’s mental state, and during their session, came to a horrifying discovery. It was actually the Devil who had trapped Julie and groped Paulina, for Doug had been possessed! The Devil threatened to hurt Doug unless Marlena became the new hostess. Marlena had no choice but to give in.

    Acting through Marlena, the Devil hit Julie on the head with a tray and blamed Doug for it. The Devil then sentenced Doug to Bayview and forbade any visitors. Upset, Julie went to Bayview with Eli to try and bypass the rules, but the Devil showed up to stop them.  Julie accused “Marlena” of being heartless but they eventually made up. The news of Abe getting shot had gotten to Eli, who excused himself to the hospital. Julie wanted to go to the hospital too but the Devil convinced her to take a detour to the church to pray for Abe.

    Meanwhile, John was growing suspicious of “Marlena’s” recent behavior. He listened to the recording from Doug’s therapy session, but couldn’t hear Doug’s voice at all.  That’s because the Devil’s voice was undetectable on recordings, only manifesting as static.  He also thought it was odd that “Marlena” had started wearing sunglasses inside, and was such a fan of Johnny’s script and movie idea. John knew in his gut that something was very wrong.  Upon finding out that Julie was alone with “Marlena,” he rushed to the church and encouraged Julie to go see Abe Carver. Fortunately, he had gotten there in time, for the Devil had been planning to drown Julie in holy water! After Julie had left, John confronted “Marlena” who admitted to being the Devil.

    With John locked up in the DiMera crypt, the Devil decided to have some Halloween fun. “Marlena” dressing up in a Devil costume shocked a lot of Salemites. Later, the Devil was on the verge of killing John. But then Johnny showed up at the crypt, having gotten a lead from his Ouija board on the Devil’s whereabouts. The Devil convinced Johnny to leave and resolved to take care of John later. Ending up at the cemetery, the Devil resurrected Charlie Dale and instructed him to go wreak havoc. Next, Nick Fallon was resurrected as well. The Devil thought Nick was handsome and kissed him. Was that why Nick had been resurrected? No! The Devil wanted him to go wreak havoc too. Finally, Deimos Kiriakis was resurrected to complete the zombie trio.

    Susan Banks discovers the Devil's presence and he turns her into a cat before she can say anything. Later, he traps her in the DiMera crypt with John. The Devil leaves Marlena's body and possesses Susan and uses her body in an attempt to seduce John in the form of Kristen DiMera to break Marlena's spirit but John rebuffs the advances. Later, he tells Chanel Dupree about Paulina being Lani's mother as well as her sister, goading her into saying the truth at her mother's wedding to Abe and causing sorrow much to the Devil's delight.

    On Thanksgiving, with Marlena's body, he shows up at the Horton household where Doug exposes him. Shawn attempts to arrest Marlena, but breaks the handcuffs and knocks Shawn unconscious. He then turns his eyes on Julie and Doug, however, Julie calls on her faith in God and love which drives him out of the house. Taking refuge in Ben and Ciara's apartment, he convinces the, that John is abusing Marlena; even taking the form of John being angry and hostile outside their door demanding that Marlena come out. They leave Salem to Ben's cabin where they are visited by Gabe, John's guardian angel, and while he can't stop the Devil in his tracks, his presence makes the demon uneasy.

    After Marlena's behavior concerns Ciara, she sneaks away from the cabin as Ben still believes Marlena's story and tells Shawn where to find them. John soon makes his way to the cabin and tries to convince Ben that Marlena is possessed only to be choked unconscious by a wave of the Devil hand without Ben noticing. They tie him up, but before they can do anything Shawn shows up and confirms John's story. The Devil drops the act and tightens John's ropes. He tells Ben his plans to have his and Ciara's baby as it is a product of Brady goodness and Weston evil. Ben attempts to attack but the Devil conjures a necktie out to thin air to strangle Ben. Before he can escape, Belle knocks the demon unconscious, nullifying his powers. After everyone recovers, they notice Marlena is gone.

    The Devil steals Kayla Brady's ID card and wakes Jan Spears from her coma to cause trouble for Belle and Shawn while using Tripp as a body double. It then then intrudes on Doug and Julie's Christmas get-together with the intent of taking Ciara, but is stopped by John. Marlena is tied to a bed as John prepares an exorcism. Eric soon arrives and assists him. After nearly falling into temptation, Eric decides the whole family must help save Marlena. Together with Brady, Allie, Sami, Belle, and Johnny, Eric and John cast the Devil out of Marlena.

    Salem believed the devil was gone, but just before 2022, it was revealed that the devil had entered Johnny's body, dressing in a red and black suit. The devil looked at himself as Johnny in the mirror, and wished Salem a Happy New Year, rhetorically asking if they thought they could get rid of him so easily, and let out an evil laugh. At the wedding reception, he claims to have made a mistake with Chanel, breaking her heart. When Paulina confronts him, the Devil makes a glass chandelier crash to the floor nearly killing her. Later, Susan arrives at the mansion to confront Johnny having felt the Devil's presence still in Salem. However, he uses his powers to influence her to return home to Memphis.

    When EJ is facing trial for kidnapping Sami, the Devil as Johnny, convinces him to sign over his shares of DiMera Enterprises in case he goes to prison. Later, he causes havoc at the trial where he chokes Chad to prevent him from defending EJ and then, as EJ, makes a pass at Abigail to anger Chad into turning against him.

    As EJ goes to jail for Lucas kidnapping Sami, the Devil sets his sights on Jake and Gabi. As Johnny, he attempts to seduce Gabi and drive a wedge between her and Jake as well as take control of DiMera Enterprises. Disguising himself as Jake, the Devil makes sure Gabi overhears him and Maggie discussing the notion of Jake securing Victor a seat on DiMera's Broad of Trustees and gaining the CEO position at DiMera, but excluding Gabi from running Titan as Victor has reservations of someone outside of his family running his company. Gabi is devastated and teams up with Johnny to sabotage Jake. At the board meeting, Gabi proposes herself as head of DiMera and Johnny taking Victor's intended seat on the Board using her vote and Johnny's double vote due to owning EJ's shares. Jake and Kate vote against it but the Devil influences Li Shin to vote in his favor thus ousting Chad from CEO. When Jake confronts him privately, the Devil reveals himself. However, Jake is incapacitated and his memory of the Devil is erased.

    When Susan returns, the Devil tricks her into believing Belle Black is the one whose possessed. Later, he possessed Belle to convince Marlena that it's true. After she's knocked unconscious by Johnny, she's tied to a bed in the DiMera mansion. After John performs an exorcism, everyone believes the Devil is gone again without realizing that Johnny is the one possessed. Despite this, much of his schemes have been revealed with Belle receiving the blame.

    Following the Devil breaking up Tripp and Allie, she goes to the DiMera mansion to confront Johnny over his behavior. Her voice calls out to the real Johnny and the Devil struggles to remain in control until he ultimately reveals himself. Despite a valiant effort to be rid of him, Allie becomes possessed and Johnny is taken to the DiMera crypt and summons his dead uncle André DiMera to taunt him in his absence. Later, he poisons Ben and traps him in the crypt with Johnny where Andre attempts to convince Ben to kill Johnny. However, EJ and Susan rescue the two with her sending Andre back to Hell.

    As Allie, he helps Evan Frears escape prison as part of a plan to capture Ciara. Using Jake as decoy "Ben", Ciara thinks Ben is dead and escapes Allie after the latter knocks him out. They head for the Horton Family cabin on Smith Island. Ciara soon goes into labor and gives birth to her son. The Devil quickly steals the baby away before Ciara can be found by Ben. Back at the crypt, the Devil explains to Evan that possessing the baby will allow them complete control before it develops a personality or feels the strength of love, thus creating a permanent host. Evan attempts to kill Ciara and Ben but is captured once again. The summons Charlie Dale once again to guard her and served a guardian for the baby after the ritual is complete.

    However, it is interrupted by Johnny, Ben and Ciara. Ciara, who light of God on her side, breaks through Satan's barrier and saves baby Bo. The Devil flees and Charlie is sent back to Hell by Tripp. At St. Luke's Church, the Devil prepares to burn it down with Allie inside. Johnny, Tripp, Eric, John and Marlena prepare to exorcise the demon out of Allie, but it threatens to snap Allie's neck if they continue. Tripp offers to let him take over his body if it means saving Allie. The Devil agrees and possesses Tripp, however, he attempts strangle Allie. Tripp holds him back and throws himself out of the bell tower to stop the Devil. It worked because Tripp was dying as a result from the fall, and no one else was around for the devil to immediately possess. The spirit of of Bo Brady brought Tripp back to life after he was pronounced dead at the hospital.


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