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Jack turns the hourglass and begins the Time Jump (2019-20)

The 2019 Time Jump was a unique event in daytime television where the show skipped ahead one year at the end of the November 9, 2019 episode. (The show employs a floating time line, and is not subsequently implied to take place a year in the future from time of airing.) The time jump was done through the eyes of Jennifer Deveraux, who slipped into a coma after being pushed off of the balcony by her cousin Hope Williams Brady (brainwashed into thinking she's Princess Gina Von Amberg again). Jennifer awoke a year later to find that things had changed significantly during the time jump. The events of Jennifer's missing year would be described in dialogue and shown in flashbacks.

Time Jump Events

  • Chad and Abigail DiMera and their children returned to Salem.
  • Jack Deveraux maintained a vigil at Jenifer's bedside and operated the Spectator with Abigail.
  • Eve Donovan was arrested for Jennifer’s fall and imprisoned.
  • Gabi Hernandez gained control of DiMera Enterprises and the mansion.
  • Tony and Anna DiMera left town to go to Europe.
  • Eli Grant is no longer police commissioner and instead works as Head of Security at DiMera.
  • Eli and Gabi are in a relationship, and Gabi has become very close with his grandmother Julie Williams.
  • Xander Kiriakis lied to Eric Brady and claimed to be the father of Sarah Horton’s baby.
  • Rafe Hernandez employed a nanny, Evan Frears, to help care for David Ridgeway.
  • Events of Mother's Day
    • At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sarah Horton went into labor just as Summer Townsend arrived to see her mother Maggie Horton, so Adrienne Johnson drove Sarah to the hospital in Maggie's place. En route, they were run off the road by another car. Adrienne died at the hospital of internal injuries. Sarah and Eric's daughter Mackenzie Horton was born at the side of the road and died later in the hospital, also due to internal injures sustained in the car crash.
    • Summer blamed her mother for her terminal illness of cirrhosis of the liver, and spitefully gave recovering alcoholic Maggie a bottle of vodka before leaving. Maggie was tempted to drink and poured herself a glass, but then was suddenly chloroformed and abducted by Evan Frears and his father, Orpheus. Orpheus planned to ransom Maggie for money to fund Evan's abduction of David, his biological son, but Orpheus crashed into Adrienne's car and they abandoned this plan. Instead, they staged Maggie in the driver's seat, poured vodka on her, and fled.
    • Will Horton texted while driving near the scene of the accident, and mistakenly believed he had caused it; he confessed and was arrested and imprisoned.
    • Xander discovered Maggie behind the wheel of her car; assuming she had caused the accident, Xander and Victor concealed her presence. Maggie would later believe she had blacked out drunk at home, despite not remembering actually taking a drink.
    • Brady and Kristen’s daughter Rachel Black is born in the hospital. On Victor Kiriakis's orders, Xander Kiriakis switched Rachel and Mackenzie after Mackenzie died, to spare Maggie from ever learning she killed her own granddaughter.
    • Haley Chen died after Kristen pushed her down the stairs in an uncontrolled gesture of grief upon being informed that her daughter Rachel was dead.
  • Xander became CEO of Titan Industries as a reward from Victor for protecting Maggie. Brady left Titan; he and Nicole Walker operate Basic Black as a DiMera subsidiary.
  • JJ Deveraux fell back into drug abuse after Haley's death.
  • Ben Weston was arrested for the murder of Jordan Ridgeway, convicted, and put on death row. He and Will are cellmates.
  • Ciara Brady entered a junior executive training program at Titan and claimed to have renounced Ben, but was secretly loyal to him and trying to prove that Victor and Xander had framed him.
  • Justin Kiriakis and Kayla Brady became a couple after Adrienne's death and after Kayla received signed divorce papers from Steve. Justin moved into Kayla's new condo.
  • Kristen and Lani Price separately left town to become nuns in Rome, becoming friends there.
  • Stefano DiMera returned to Salem as an AI in Steve Johnson's body, unbeknownst to anyone. He contacted Chad to plot in removing Gabi from DiMera once and for all.
  • Kate Roberts is working with Stefano DiMera/Steve Johnson to remove Gabi from DiMera and take it back.
  • Kate and Jack had a one night stand
  • Hope Williams Brady operated freely as Princess Gina. She arranged for Marlena Evans to work in Europe for an extended period and became John Black's house-guest in Marlena's absence, while maintaining a secret lair with Stefano.