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Tony DiMera
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Thaao Penghlis
Current status Present; Recurring
Duration 1981–85, 2007–09, 2019–present
First appearance November 6, 1981 (on DOOL)
September 19, 2019 (on DTDS)
Last appearance October 3, 2019 (on DTDS)
Created by Pat Falken Smith
Introduced by Betty Corday and Al Rabin (1981)
Ken Corday and Stephen Wyman (2007)
Spin-off appearances Chad and Abby in Paris (2019)
Beyond Salem (2021)
Fullname Anthony DiMera
Nickname(s) Tony
Antony (by Stefano)
Gender Male
Born August 1951
Age 70
Occupation CEO of DiMera Enterprises
Owner of DiMera Advertisement
Title Count
Residence Salem, Illinois
Unnamed deserted island (formerly)
Family DiMera
Parents Enrico
Daphne DiMera
Stefano DiMera † (legal)
Siblings André DiMera † (legal)
Stefan DiMera † (legal)
Jake DiMera(legal)
Peter Blake (adoptive)
Benjy Hawk † (legal)
EJ DiMera (legal)
Chad DiMera (legal)
Kristen DiMera (adoptive)
Renee DuMonde † (legal)
Megan Hathaway † (legal)
Lexie Carver † (legal)
Spouses Liz Chandler (pre 1980–83)
Anna DiMera (1983–85, 2008–09, 2019-present)
Kristen DiMera (2019, as Nicole)
Children Baby DiMera
Carrie Brady (step)
(via, Anna DiMera)
Grandparents Santo DiMera
Great-grandparents Gino DiMera †
Aunts and uncles Ryan Brady
Six Uncles + (paternal)
Philomena Alamain † (maternal)
Nieces and nephews Steven Hawk (via Benjy)
Theo Carver (via Lexie)
Johnny DiMera
Sydney DiMera (via EJ)
Grace DiMera
Thomas DiMera
Charlotte DiMera (via Chad)
Rachel Black (via Kristen)
First cousins Lawrence Alamain
John Black (adoptive)

Count Anthony "Tony" DiMera is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives and has appeared on its web series spin-off Days of Our Lives: The Digital Series, played by actor Thaao Penghlis on and off from November 6, 1981, until October 24, 1985, and from July 19, 2007, till April 1, 2009.

After 10 years, Penghlis reprised the role in a guest capacity in March 2019, before returning in a recurring capacity later that July. Thaao reprised the role of Tony DiMera in July 26, 2019, to November 2019 when the character was revealed to have moved to Europe after the Time Jump, however he comes to visit Salem from time to time.

Tony is the first DiMera to be introduced in the series. He is very well known for being among the very few "good" DiMeras and for his relationship with his beloved, Anna. Despite his legendary antagonistic relationship with his adopted father, Stefano DiMera, he still cared for him and the family he was raised in. Upon his recent return from death, he took on the mantle as the new patriarch of the DiMera family.


One of the character's main story-lines includes being impersonated by fellow character André DiMera, at various points in the characters tenure. However, both roles were played by Penghlis. Due to Andre impersonating Tony for twenty years, his reputation was marred and he was known as a villain to the people of Salem until 2007 when he was rescued off an island that Andre and Stefano had held Tony prisoner on all that time. Rather like Renee, Megan and Peter, Tony was not in Salem for very long; his first stint consisted of nearly five years and his second stint only consisted of nearly three year.

Penghlis reprised the role in a guest capacity in March 2019, before returning in a recurring capacity later that July. After 10 years, Thaao reprised the role of Tony DiMera in July 26, 2019.

Background & Legacy

Count Anthony DiMera’s portrait

Upon his arrival in 1981, Tony DiMera was officially the first DiMera to appear in Salem. Tony was thought to be Stefano's biological son until he started a relationship with Renee DuMonde, who would be revealed to be Stefano's daughter. To get around this, Daphne DiMera, Tony's mother, claimed that her lover Enrico, the DiMera family gardener, was Tony's real father and blood tests in the early 1980s supported this as fact.

When Tony returned in 2007, it was never referenced that he wasn't Stefano's biological son. He referred to Stefano as his father, and EJ and Lexie as his siblings. For all intents and purposes, Tony was Stefano's son, but the show could never recon Enrico being his father due to his past relationship with Stefano's biological daughter.

It should also be noted that Tony presumably never met his legal siblings Kristen DiMera or Peter Blake, and he certainly never met Chad DiMera; Chad arrived in town mere months after Tony's death, Kristen and Peter arrived in town during the 90's period that Andre was impersonating Tony.

Count Tony DiMera met a bloody end during a fight with Philip Kiriakis in March 2009. Tony fell through a large splinter of wood and suffered internal bleeding as well as a heart attack, thus killing him. Many viewers were stunned at the casual way the character of Tony was killed off.

When Andre returned in 2015, and was revealed to be Stefano's son, and not his nephew as previously thought, Andre claimed he and Tony were similar because they were both Stefano's sons, and Kate even said that Andre must have some of Tony's traits because they were brothers. Though Roman reminded Andre, he and Tony were nothing alike.

Dating back to presumably Tony's funeral, Anna carried around Tony's ashes in a cocktail shake as an urn. Marlena, Carrie, Rafe and Steve all confronted Anna on her inability to let go of Tony and speaking of him as if he were still alive, although Anna could see no problem and would often polish the cocktail urn in respect. In January 2018, Andre met a gruesome end after being struck across the head with Tony's urn. It was quickly established as the murder weapon and in an act of irony, Tony theoretically killed Andre in death; with Andre's death, Tony had finally been avenged of the man who stole his identity. Since the ashes had been spilled and because the lid was missing and the urn was now murder evidence, it is unknown what happened to Tony's ashes afterwards, but Anna left Salem again in the aftermath of her breakdown...without the cocktail shaker. It was later revealed that Tony and countless others had been avenged by Abigail, who had stolen the lid to Tony's urn. Anna finally put Tony's death into the past later that year by getting engaged to Roman Brady, the man who had always been Tony's competition to his marriage with Anna and also the man who admired Tony the most for his defiance of Stefano.

In 2019, Tony returned to Salem after a decade in recovery. He became the new Patriarch of the DiMera family and was hell bent on helping his sister Kristen (whom he met during his decade long recovery) in taking back the company from their newly found brother Stefan and his wife, Gabi Hernandez. On October 14, Tony was made CEO of DiMera Enterprises. However, he was removed not long after. A year later, in 2021 (T.J.), Tony discovered he had another sibling named Jake Lambert, who is Stefan's twin. He has accepted him in the family, though he holds him in no high regard, as like his other siblings see him as a pretender like his twin before him. When EJ returned to Salem, he worked with him and Chad to oust Jake from DiMera, as he recently became CEO after Chad resigned. In June 28, the coupe succeeded after Kate betrayed Jake during the corporal votes and voted to remove him as CEO of the company. After a short debate on who would be running DiMera, Tony was able to convince EJ and Chad to become Co-CEOS.


Count Tony DiMera arrived in Salem in 1981 with two purposes. He wanted to win back his wife, Liz Chandler, whom he had never officially divorced. He also wanted to scope out Salem on orders from his father Stefano DiMera to see if it was suitable to relocate the DiMera family business. Setting up his penthouse with hidden cameras, Tony throws a big party with invites sent to all of Salem's finest. After the party, Tony shows the videos to Stefano. Learning that the Brady family is alive and well in Salem, Stefano has Tony plant roots in the business community in order to continue the vendetta against the family that is the DiMeras sworn enemy, the Brady's.

Tony and Renee tell Lee about their relationship

In 1982, Tony proposed to Renee DuMonde, who accepted. However, Renée discovered Lee DuMonde's diary. Reading the diary she learned that Lee was really her mother and that Stefano DiMera was her father, making Tony her half-brother. Renée quickly broke things off with Tony, not telling him the real reason in order to spare his feelings. Tony refused to let Renée go, and when she told him the truth he refused to believe they were siblings. Tony blamed Stefano for breaking them up. When Tony tried to leave town Stefano faked a heart attack.

Daphne tells Tony he isn’t Stefano’s son

Tony later learned that he and Renée were in fact not related due to a death-bed confession by his mother Daphne DiMera and had the blood tests to prove it. Renée had moved on and was married to David Banning when Tony learned the truth. Despite the evidence that they were not related, Renée refused to leave David. She was later killed by André. Around the same time Liz Chandler became pregnant with Neil Curtis' child, though Tony believed it was his. Tony would grant Liz her divorce, but only after the baby was born, because wanted the baby if it proved to be his. Liz gave birth to her baby, and when Tony realized it was Neil Curtis' child he quickly divorced Liz.

Andre holding Tony prisoner

In 1984, Tony and evil lookalike André came face to face. André chained Tony up and took his place pretending to be Tony. It was the first, but wouldn't be the last time he impersonated Tony in the next 20 years. Tony and Andre dueled, and Andre was wounded, but later escaped from his hospital bed. In 1985, Tony and Andre would duel again on Stefano's island after being stranded in a plane crash that Andre caused, and would take Daphne's life. Daphne died in Andre's arms, thinking he was Tony. Tony was furious and vowed to get revenge on Andre. He met up with a local island girl named Jasmine, who didn't understand Tony's need for revenge. Tony eventually caught up with Andre and they fought with bamboo swords.

Tony tries to save Andre from quicksand

They both ended up in quicksand, and Jasmine rescued Tony. Andre screamed for Tony to help him, and Tony tried to save Andre from the quicksand, but Andre disappeared into the quicksand, and Tony lamented that it was a horrible way to go, even for a monster like Andre. In 1985, Tony and Anna became engaged once again. Their attempts at marriage encountered many rocky starts. Their first attempt was sabotaged by Alex Marshall and an actor playing a minister, thus their "marriage" was invalid. When they attempted a second time to get married, Anna was kidnapped. Eventually Tony and Anna were finally married, and returned to Salem. After returning from Salem Anna was accused of murder and while trying to prove her innocence Tony disappeared. Anna was also blamed for her husband's disappearance, but in truth Tony was held captive by a very much alive Claud Van Zandt, Anna's supposed victim. Claud was eventually discovered as being alive, and Anna was acquitted of all charges. Eventually, Tony was blackmailed by Emma Donovan to divorce Anna and leave Salem.

Tony and Anna are reunited

In June 2007, it was revealed that the Tony that had been terrorizing Salem for the past twenty years, was really Andre. The real Tony was stranded on a deserted island. John, Marlena, and Anna all flew to the island where they encountered the real Tony. Tony was thrilled to see his old friend, Marlena, but refused to return to Salem with them. When Anna saw him, she thought he was Andre, and pulled a gun on him. Anna remembered quizzing Tony back in 1984 when they were stranded on Stefano’s island, and asked Tony some questions, but Tony’s memory and Anna nerves made it hard for her to trust him. Anna got momentarily distracted and Tony wrapped his arms around Anna and kissed her. Anna was finally convinced that he was Tony, and Tony decided to return to Salem with them. On the plane, Tony spoke of a key that Stefano kept in him that he said would end the feud.

And which son are you referring to, Stefano? It's not clear how many sons you have hidden away, sons that maybe nobody knows about, sons that have been missing for 20-odd years.

On July 23, Tony shows up at the hospital to confront Stefano just as he referred to Andre as his son. Tony sarcastically wondered what son Stefano was referring to, since has so many of them. Stefano is shocked to see Tony. Tony smiled and says he is back and that it is so good to be home. Tony was tricked by Andre into taking his place when they tried to set a trap for him. Tony was arrested, but cleared when Roman was found to have been stabbed. Tony tells Andre that it’s been awhile, and notes that doesn’t look good well. Stefano asks him not to make fun of Andre, who may never walk again. Tony tells Stefano that paralysis has never kept him from making mischief. He calls Stefano and Andre psychopaths, and notes that Anna, John, Marlena, and Roman are gaining strength. Tony says he won’t rest until Stefano and his minions get what’s coming to them, and declares that their reign of terror is over. Stefano laughs and claps for Tony’s dramatic performance, saying he always had a Claire for the theatrics. Roman comes in and tells Stefano that his plan to kill Sami and Lucas, and blame it on EJ failed. Roman says Andre is going to prison soon, and he and Tony exit the room. Tony asks Roman if he can do anything to help, and Roman told him to get his hands on the key to ending the feud.

Tony accidentally walks into a trap set for Andre

On July 30, Tony meets Lexie on the pier after receiving a text that said Stefano wanted to meet with him. Cops surround Tony and arrest him. Bo Brady calls him Andre, and Tony protests that he is Andre. He says he thought Lexie was setting him for Stefano since last he knew, she was helping the DiMera’s. Bo asks how he got the message meant for Andre, and Tony says that Andre must have forwarded the message to him. Bo calls to check with Roman, who he suddenly loses contact with. Bo takes Tony to the station where Roman lies after being stabbed by Andre. Tony checks on Roman, who calls him Andre. Tony verifies who he is, and Roman says that he has to stop this.

Tony confronts Bart

On August 3rd, Tony snuck into the mansion through the patio doors where Stefano was sleeping in his wheelchair nearby. Tony hid behind the drapes, when Bart Biederbecke returned. Bart put his back to where Tony was, intending to use the pain medication on his injured foot. Tony came in and subdued Bart. He took the syringe, and Injected it into Stefano. Stefano woke up, and Tony searched for the key. He found it around Stefano’s neck, and pulled it off. Stefano told Tony he would destroy him if he took the key. Bart got up, and Stefano took the key away from Tony, and shoved it into Bart’s hands, telling him to protect the key at all costs. Tony went to the wall and grabbed a sword, demanding Bart give him the key. Bart yelled at Tony to stay back, and then swallowed the key. Tony yelled at Bart, and said he would have to use the sword on him.

Tony vs Andre

Andre walked in and told Tony it wouldn’t be fair for him to skew an unarmed man. Andre took another sword off the wall, and told Tony he would be killed. Andre told Bart to get out of the way, and Bart did just that. Andre said he loved Tony’s face, and asked him if he had any last request. Tony said he would like his life back, and the two engaged in a sword duel. Andre said he should have slit Tony’s throat decades ago. Tony laughed that all the opera has warped his and Andre’s mind. Andre said that he had his soul removed when they gave him Tony’s face that will soon be his exclusively. They moved to the door, and Bart got in the way, resulting in Andre accidentally stabbing him. Bart fell to the floor and Andre rushed to his side. Stefano soon woke up, and assumed Andre had stabbed Bart, but Tony said it was someone, who looked like him, and when Stefano glanced at Andre, Tony took off.

bo holds Tony at gunpoint thinking he is Andre

Tony went to the pub where he was confused for Andre and held at gunpoint by Bo before convincing them he was the real Tony. Tony told them about Bart’s death and that he had swallowed the key, and John and the Brady's have the key recovered. Tony and Anna went to visit Roman, who had fully recovered from his wounds. Tony marveled at how far medical advances have come since he was gone. Stefano is wheeled into the hospital, and Tony wonders if Stefano is dying. Stefano says Tony doesn’t care, but Tony said he does. Tony advises Stefano to end the feud and turn Andre in, but Stefano refuses. Tony visits with EJ, voices his suspicions that EJ was behind what happened to Lucas. He advises EJ to fight for Sami if that is who he truly wants, but to first decide how much she is worth it.

Tony with Stefano in the hospital

Tony, EJ, and Lexie are called to the hospital by Stefano. Tony can’t help , but gloat that he isn’t a match for Stefano and Lexie refuses to help him. EJ decides to get tested and will give Stefano a part of his liver if he is a match. Stefano is grateful and vows EJ will inherit everything. Tony wishes then luck and leaves. Tony conspired with the Brady family to fake Stefano's death and lure Andre out of hiding. He faked a reconciliation with Stefano, so he could be by his side to inject him with a drug that made Stefano appear to be dead after it looked like Steve had stabbed him. Tony attended Stefano's fake funeral, and they waited for Andre to show up. Instead, Andre left them a tape recording of him laughing maniacally.

EJ confides in Tony

On October 8, EJ confides in Tony about his relationship with Sami. EJ doesn’t think Sami loves him, even though they are supposed to be getting married. EJ blames his grandfather for turning his son into a vengeful person, who made EJ do things he is ashamed of JT. Tony jokes about the DiMera curse, and EJ wonders why it is the DiMera that always suffer. He wants it to end.

Tony learns about Andre’a death

On October 15, Tony and Anna learn that Andre was murdered by Shawn Brady. Tony is surprised that Shawn had it in him, and wonders if he has been arrested. Stefano vows that Shawn will pay, and Tony says he is not sorry that Andre is gone. Stefano is angry that Tony doesn’t care that his cousin is dead, and Tony snaps that Andre stole his life and he says good riddance. Stefano sighs that he is Andre’s only mourner. Tony snarks that he doesn’t have it in him to mourn for long. Stefano asks Tony to come back to the family, and Tony thinks he is joking. Stefano says he will be going back to Tuscany, and someone will have to run things while he is gone. Tony thinks Stefano is desperate, but not desperate enough to apologize for leaving him on that island. Tony says he just got his life back, and refuses to follow in Stefano’s footsteps.

Tony argues with Stefano

Stefano calls Tony a disappointment, and Tony says Stefano spent his life trying to fulfill a dying man’s wish. He doesn’t understand why he has to do the same thing. Stefano says if Tony were a good son, he would. Stefano says he gave Tony every advantage, and Tony snarks that he didn’t give him a moral compass. Anna thinks they need to leave, and expressed her condolences. Tony is furious and leaves. Anna follows soon after, and asks Tony what’s the point in being cruel? Tony says he can’t be cruel enough after what Stefano did. Anna thinks Tony sounds like a DiMera, and advises him to let it go because they have won. John is wheeled into the hospital in critical condition after being hit by a car. Tony tells Anna he and John are half-brothers and have the same mother, but he barely knows John, and fears he won’t get the chance now. Anna consoles Tony. After John passed away, Tony taunts Stefano for being responsible for his brother’s death. Stefano denied it, and Tony says the Brady’s will come after him, and Stefano thanks Tony for his concern. Tony says as far as he is concerned Stefano is dead. Stefano tells Tony he may soon get his wish, and wonders why Tony calls John his brother Aiden he barely knew him. Tony says he didn’t get to know his sister either. Stefano think he should change that since they are both traitors. Anna comes by and tells Tony they are going to be late for the funeral. She tells Stefano that he is getting everything he deserves.

Tony introduces Anna to Lexie

After the funeral, Tony introduced Anna to Lexie, who notes that they aren’t really family. Tons disagrees since they were both raised by Stefano, and wants to invite Lexie and Abe over for diner sometime.

Tony was finally free to be his own man after Andre's death, and he tried to help EJ get away from Stefano. After Stefano went into a catatonic state, Tony and his siblings decided to send Stefano to a long term facility. Tony started DiMera Advertising, but a mishap with Anna left them estranged for a bit. John Black, who was thought to be Tony's maternal half-brother, revealed that he was Stefano's paternal half-brother, making him the legal heir to the DiMera Empire. Tony and Anna eventually reunited and remarried shortly before Stefano came out of his coma and returned to Salem.

Tony and EJ teamed up to fight Stefano, but eventually Stefano and EJ reconciled, and Tony felt like the odd man out. Seizing a chance to get of of Stefano's shadow, Tony bought the alternative fuel's project from Melanie Layton. Tony also found out from Mia McCormick that Nicole Walker had miscarried her and EJ's son, and was passing Mia's baby off as her and EJ's.

Tony listens as Stefano tries to convince him to stay

With the alternative fuels project on hands, Tony prepares to leave Salem. Stefano walks in as Tony is packing up to leave, and is angry that Tony is going to walk out on the family. Tony reveals he has acquired the alternative fuels project, enraging Stefano. Tony also subtly taunts EJ about Nicole’s secret. Stefano tries to make Tony see that they should work together, but Tony refuses, so Stefano disowns Tony.

Philip confronts Tony

After leaving the mansion, Tony gets a message from his contact, and meets him at the pier. Philip shows up, and Tony realizes Philip sent the text message. Tony refuses to hand over the alternative fuels project, and an enraged Philip punches Tony. Tony says he’ll have Philip arrested, and refuses to give the project to to him. Tony shoves Philip and he cuts his hand. Philip calls Tony a bastard, and Tony says Philip is a just clumsy clod. Tony starts to walk away up the stairs that lead to the pier, but turns around when Philip calls him a black sheet wash-up has-bin that sabotaged his own flesh and blood. As Tony walks back down, the railing breaks, causing Tony to lose his balance, and fall onto a sharp piece of wood.

Tony lays wounded as Philip tries to get Nicole to call 911

Philip rips open Tony’s cost and jacket to find his shirt stained with blood. Nicole comes out of hiding, and Philip tells her to call 911. Nicole hesitates because of Tony knowing her secret, but eventually starts to call 911. Tony is taken to the hospital where surgery is performed on his wounds. As Tony recovers, he is put on a incubator, and is unable to talk. When Tony wakes up, he sees Nicole standing at the end of the bed. Nicole says she is glad Tony is awake and menacingly tells him that they need to have a talk as Tony looks worried. Nicole tells Tony she feels bad about his accident, but says if it didn’t happen, he would have told EJ the truth and enjoyed watching his world crumble. Nicole says she will find a way to keep Tony quiet.

Nicole threatens Tony

Nicole notices Tony’s heart monitor, and wonders why it is rising. She asks if Tony is in pain from his surgeries. Nicole asks Tony to guess who called 911, and then says she did. She tells Tony she saved his life and in return, he will keep his mouth shut. Daniel comes in, and asks Nicole what she is doing in Tony’s room. Nicole says she was just worried about Tony. After Daniel leaves, Nicole comes back in and tells Tony they have to come to agreement, or he will run into some problems. Tony’s heart rate spikes, and Daniel comes back and tells Nicole to leave. Tony’s blood pressure spikes, and Daniel starts performing CPR on Tony. He gets Tony’s heart started again, and Lexie checks up on Tony. Lexie brings Tony a pencil and a paper, but warns him it will be hard to write with his upper body numb, and not to over exert himself. Tony writes EJ’s name on the paper, and Lexie asks if he wants to see EJ. EJ comes in and Tony starts writing on the paper.

Tony tries to expose Nicole

Tony struggles to write, and EJ advises him to wait. Tony thinks how he has to see the look on EJ’s face when he learns the truth about Nicole’s deception. EJ tells Tony he will be able to speak when the anesthetic wears off, and the incubator is removed, but Tony continues to write. EJ notices the pencil isn’t working, and offers to get Tony another one. Tony nods, and EJ leaves. Tony thinks about how Nicole is a lying gold digger, and EJ’s daughter is a bastard, Tony laments that EJ has no idea what’s coming to him. EJ returns and says Anna is flying in to talk care of him, and EJ says that he will do it when Anna can’t, and Nicole will do it when EJ can’t. Tony grimaces, and his heart rate rises when he sees Nicole in the door. Lexie comes in, and tells Tony he can’t write because it will get him too excited and isn’t good for his heart. When EJ comes back in, he tells Tony she should let Stefano see him.

Stefano says goodbye to Tony

Tony flat-lines, and EJ calls for Lexie. Lexie rushes in and falls for help. Some nurses come and try to revive Tony, but are unable to. Lexie decides to call it and pronounces Count Antony DiMera dead at Salem University Hospital on March 31, 2009. Lexie, EJ, and Stefano are devastated by Tony’s death. Stefano says goodbye to Tony and expresses regret over how he treated him.

In 2009, Anna helped EJ kidnap Sydney DiMera as a way to make Stefano suffer for Tony's death. During this time, Anna was holed up in a cabin and had a picture of Tony on her mantle. In 2015, Andre was revealed to be alive, and the citizens of Salem hoped he was Tony, before Andre clarified who he really was. Andre also revealed he was Stefano's son, and acknowledged Tony as his brother, claiming they were similar because they were both Stefano's sons. Andre also struck up a friendship with Tony's friend Kate Roberts. Kate has been encouraging Andre to "channel" Tony, especially if he seeks any kind of redemption, since Tony was loved by all in Salem.

In January 2017, Anna was found to be trailing Stefano, planning to murder him for Tony. Anna carried Tony's ashes around in an container. Anna later confronted Andre in Salem and plopped Tony's ashes die in front of him. Andre asked Anna to put it away and Anna surmised that Andre was bothered by the fact that he was alive is Tony wasn't dead. She asked Andre if he was going to honor Tony with his life. Andre said he is sure Tony would approve of the way he is handling family matters. Anna said Andre has always had Tony's face, but not his heart. Andre said he always keeps Tony close to him in his heart.

Andre was murdered in January 2018, with the makeshift urn that contained Tony’s ashes Anna admitted she tried to attack Andre because she found a note, that claimed Andre had murdered Tony. Andre furiously confiscated the urn, and it was revealed that Hattie Adams has forged the note to try and get Anna to kill Andre. In May 2018, flashbacks showed Andre regretfully lamenting to Tony about betraying their family. A confession that his sister-in-law Abigail Deveraux heard that led to an argument between the two of them, and when Andre grabbed Abigail and refused to let her go, she hit him with Tony’s urn.

While the world believed Count Antony DiMera to be dead, his body was preserved and kept in a warehouse where Kristen DiMera and Dr. Wilhelm Rolf worked to revive him off-screen. They finally succeeded and let him recover behind the door with the initials “A.D.” on it. Tony was almost fully recovered when the warehouse caught fire, and Kristen had to get him out. She hid Tony in Chicago for him to recover.

Tony encourages Marlena to fight for her life

On March 19, 2019; Tony appeared in Marlena’s mind where he exposed Andre and Gina Von Amberg, who were trying to take Marlena into Hell with them. Tony thought Marlena was going to let Andre and Gina take her to hell with them, but then Marlena shoved Andre and Gina through the door and slammed the door on them. Tony hugged Marlena and told her that Andre had lied when he told Marlena that she was dead. He showed her the door that she could use to escape, but she had a hard time opening even though Tony cheered her on. Tony showed Marlena all she had to live for, and opted to show Marlena the future without her. Gina re-emerged and joined them as Marlena saw that her death would cause her grandson Will Horton to be arrested for Leo Stark’s murder, and her granddaughter Claire Brady to be arrested for selling her aunt Ciara Brady’s and Tripp Dalton’s baby. Belle Black would give up on both her nephew and daughter and let them go to prison while Brady Black and Eric Brady would sever ties after a drunken argument, and Marlena’s ashes would end up spilled in the floor and stepped on by Brady.

Tony and Gina show Marlena the hourglass that shows her time is running out

Tony was pained to see the future while Gina delighted in taunting Marlena about her fate. She also showed Marlena an hourglass that showed her time was running out. Finally, Tony and Gina showed Marlena that John would marry Hattie Adams because of her resemblance to Marlena. Seeing this finally gave Marlena the strength she needed to pull open the door. Tony asked Marlena to give Anna his love when she sees him.

On July 26, 2019; Tony is seen to be alive sitting in a wheelchair in a location that was known only to Kristen DiMera who entered while disguised as Nicole Walker. Tony grabs his cane, frightened of “Nicole”. He soon wonders how she got in there as only he and Kristen have the key. Kristen removes her mask, and she talks about how she likes Antony, but Tony said he prefers Tony. They talk about how he is recovering and was close to recovering before the warehouse burning down. Tony thanked Kristen for saving his life, and Kristen suggested it was time for him to rejoin the living. Tony talked about Anna and how staying away from her was the hardest thing he had to do. Kristen suggested he rejoined the living and get back to her. She brought up DiMera Enterprises, and they talked about Stefan DiMera, and how someone else should run DiMera.

Tony assumed she wanted him to run DiMera, but said he wasn’t interested. Kristen assured him that she wanted to run DiMera disguised as Nicole, but she needed to become a legal DiMera as Nicole, and suggested a marriage of convenience. Tony recalled how Stefano has groomed them to be husband and wife, and that neither of them were blood relatives. He admitted that Kristen’s plan was clever, but said he couldn’t because he was already married to Anna. Kristen reminded Tony that he was legally declared dead, and so was no longer married to Anna. Tony said that he remains married to Anna in his heart. Kristen rages at Tony for being difficult, but Tony said he couldn’t go out back into the world married to another woman as it would devastate Anna. Kristen said once she has control of DiMera, they will divorce and he can be with Anna. She threatens to kick Tony out into the street if he doesn’t agree. Tony laughs and agrees to her proposal.

After Kristen returned to Salem as Nicole, Tony phoned her having second thoughts. He also wondered how she would explain his resurrection from the dead. She told him to let her worry about that, and that her plan is already in motion. Kristen later phoned Tony back, acting like she was talking to the hospital that he had brought “Nicole”. Kristen pretended she wanted to find Tony to thank him for saving her from the warehouse when it caught fire. Tony played along and heard Brady asking for the phone. Tony told her to put him on, saying he can do impressions very well and that Brady won’t know it is him. Kristen ignored them both, and Tony once again voiced his reservations, but Kristen ignored that too and hung up.

Brady and “Nicole” arrived in Chico at the apartment that Tony was staying in, but he had gone out for a walk. When Tony returned, Brady couldn’t believe he was alive. Tony said he was one of Dr. Rolf’s patients in the warehouse. Brady wondered how he could have rescued Nicole, and Tony said it must have been a rush of adrenaline. Brady wondered if he saw Kristen. Tony admitted he did, but from a distance. He called out to her, but she didn’t respond as she walked into flames. Tony said he doesn’t even think a DiMera could survive that. “Nicole” then “convinced” Tony to marry her to save DiMera Enterprises, and he “agreed. They got married in the hotel room with Brady as a witness and then returned to Salem.

Eric saw Tony, and assumed it was Andre. Tony said it was him, and Eric was stunned to learn that he not only alive, but that was married to “Nicole”. Eric raged at Brady and attacked him for letting Tony marry “Nicole”. Rex and Sarah broke up the fight, and Rex was also surprised that Tony was alive. When they were alone, Tony warned Kristen that she had to stop fawning over Brady since she was a married woman, but Kristen brushed off the warning.

Tony and “Nicole” showed up at the DiMera mansion where Gabi Hernandez also thought she was Andre. Tony introduces himself to Stefan DiMera as his brother. Despite the marriage, Wei Shin still made Gabi the CEO and Kristen thought killing Gabi was her only option. As Tony tried to talk Kristen out of it, Ted Laurent showed up to talk to “Nicole”, and shared his belief that Kristen was alive and may have been behind Holly’s disappearance. Both Tony and “Nicole” tried to talk Ted out of investigating Kristen, but he wouldn’t listen and as he went to leave, Kristen revealed herself. Kristen planned to shoot Ted, but he went to grab the gun. Tony intervened and Ted was fatally shot in the process.

After a fight with Kristen, she kicked Tony out and he ran into Kate, who fainted when she saw Tony, believing he was Andre. Kate learned Tony was married to “Nicole”, but Tony said his heart was with Anna. Kate said she wished Andre had been that loyal to her. Tony wondered why she married a snake like Andre, and Kate said she needed to become CEO. Tony clarified that is why he married “Nicole”, so she could become a legal DiMera. The two have a drink and catch up, and Kate then let’s Tony stay in her suite.

Tony becomes even more determined to get out of his marriage to Kristen, but Kristen won’t budge and even threatens to murder Anna if Tony double crosses her. She also threatens to send Tony to prison for Ted’s murder. Tony says it was an accident, but Kristen says the police don’t know that. Tony leaves in a huff and runs into Anna. Anna slaps Tony three times. The first for not telling Anna he was alive, the second for spending the night with Kate, and the third for marrying “Nicole”. Tony and Anna sit down and he explains he married “Nicole” to try and save DiMera. He explains that he still loves Anna, and they kiss.

Anna realizes it really is Tony, and is happy he is alive. She briefly wonders whose ashes she has been carrying around, before deciding it doesn’t matter and all that matters is that he is alive. Anna says she and Tony are now together and that he can divorce “Nicole”. Tony tells her he can’t. Anna is confused, and Tony says he made a promise to “Nicole”. Anna tries to get Tony to walk away, but he won’t do it. He tried to hint at Kristen’s threat by saying there would be severe repercussions, but Anna doesn’t understand. Tony asks for Anna to be patient, but she refuses and walks away, telling him to figure it out. Tony curses Kristen to himself.

In July 2019, Kristen was exposed publicly when John figured it out her true identity. Anna was shocked that Tony would marry his own sister. Kristen was arrested and decided to drag Tony down with her by saying he killed Ted. Tony was subsequently arrested, but and a bargaining chip as he knew that Kristen had locked up Gabi and Stefan in the cellar. He feared they would run out of time, so he sacrificed his only chance of freedom and told Will and Sonny where they were.

In September 2019, Tony was freed when Kristen had all charges dropped and admitted Tony killing Ted was an accident. After his release, Tony went to visit Chad and Abigail DiMera]] in Paris where they mistook him for Andre. Tony said he wasn’t Andre and wasn’t there to avenge him as he is sure he provoked Abigail. Tony tried to talk Chad into coming back as the CEO of DiMera, bud Chad refuses, so he took the job when Shin offered to him much to Anna’s chagrin.

As of November 2019, Gabi was back in charge of DiMera Enterprises, and Tony and Anna were in Europe. Flashbacks that took place on January 21, 2020; revealed that Anna worked with Gabi to oust Tony as CEO. Though Tony was initially angry, Chad reminded him that now he can enjoy the rest of his life. Tony remembered his promise that Anna would never lose him again, and left town with her.

When John and Steve were looking for Stefano in Europe, they met up with Tony and Anna. Anna badmouthed Stefano, which caused Steve to lash out in anger and confused everyone. Tony also admitted that he was grateful that Stefano gave him a chance to be revived.

A couple of months ago, Tony and Anna were summoned back to Salem by Steve, who had been revealed to have had Stefano's A.I. implanted with in him; explaining why Steve appeared react in anger at Anna badmouth Stefano.

Chad brought Tony and Kristen to the DiMera mansion where Stefano made his intentions to marry Marlena clear. When Chad and Marlena didn't object, Tony and Kristen realized Stefano had brainwashed them. Stefano forced his children to share in his happiness.

After the wedding, Stefano took Marlena up to consummate their union, but John arrived with Brady to rescue her. In the commotion, John was subdued and Stefano returned to the living room where Tony tried to talk him out of his plans. When Tony went to intervene, Stefano held a gun on him. Tony refused to believe Stefano would shoot his own son, but then Anna came in and jabbed her stiletto into Steve's eye.

Stefano was subdued easily due to his injuries and taken to the hospital where Kayla got the legal authority to remove the microchip with Stefano's AI. Stefano asked for a chance to say good bye to his children. He apologized for threatening Tony's life and complemented Anna for the lengths she's go through to protect him. Stefano encouraged his children to stick together and reaffirmed his love for them.

Tony and Anna left town again soon after, but returned for Christmas where Tony met his new half-brother Jake Dimera, and Anna became suspicious of the new nanny Gwen Rizczech. Tony and Chad also went to visit Kristen in prison, who had received a photo from Rolf of her, Chad, and Stefano. Chad remembered it was after he had bear Stefano at Chess, and Tony was surprised Stefano still spoke to him after.

Tony was dismayed when Chad was forced to step down as CEO after sleeping with Gwen. Tony suggested to Kate that he could step in temporarily, but Kate said Jake had been chosen as Chad's successor. Tony was vehemently against the idea of the classless Jake running the company, but Kate defended Jake. When EJ returned to Salem, in June 2021, he worked with him and Chad to oust Jake from DiMera, as he recently became CEO after Chad resigned. In June 28, the coupe succeeded after Kate betrayed Jake during the corporal votes and voted to remove him as CEO of the company. After a short debate on who would be running DiMera, Tony was able to convince EJ and Chad to become Co-CEOS.