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Vincent Belman
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by Michael Teh
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2020
First appearance July 29, 2020
Last appearance November 3, 2020
Cause/reason Sent to prison and later died
Nickname(s) Vince (by Ben)
Gender Male
Cause of death Suicide
Occupation Scientist
Romances Wendy Taylor

Vincent Belman is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Michael Teh since July 29, 2020 to November 3, 2020. The character was killed off offscreen on February 18, 2021.


Vincent is a protege of Dr. Wilhelm Rolf and is implied accomplice in the drugging of Abigail Deveraux-DiMera, but that was later revealed to be Gwen Rizczech. Vincent worked on his experiments until the FDA shut him down. Vincent then went to work at the Daybreak clinic where he met Eve Donovan, who hired him to kidnap Ben Weston. He did this by planting a bomb at Ben's wedding to Ciara Brady. The explosion created enough chaos and knocked Ben unconscious, so Vincent could kidnap him from the wedding without anyone knowing.

Vincent took Ben to an unknown location and strapped him to a chair. Vincent revealed himself to Ben and introduced himself. Ben asked if his name should mean something to him, and Vincent said he should hope so since he is the one who blew up his wedding. Ben was shocked because he had never seen Vincent before. Vincent explained how he had to get the timing of the bomb just right for after he and Ciara got married. Ben starts to worry about Ciara, but Vincent assures her that Mrs. Weston is just fine because she wasn't the target; Ben was.

Ben was confused as to why Vincent targeted him, and Vincent said he was hired to. Ben asks Vincent who hired him, and Vincent said it was the same person, who sent him that wedding gift. Ben is shocked because he thought his father, Clyde Weston, had sent the gift. Vincent laughed at that notion and told Ben that if he believes Clyde would do all this, then they must have a very complicated father-son relationship. Ben demanded to know who he hired him, but Vincent responded by striking Ben on his legs until Eve arrived and ordered Vincent to stop, saying she'll take it from here. Vincent obeyed and left the room. 

After Eve drugged Ben, they stripped him down to his underwear and placed him on a gurney with hos wrists shackled. Vincent doused Ben with cold water to wake him up and hooked him up to an IV that contained a mild altering drug while Eve taunted Ben. Vincent got set up and Eve introduced Vincent as Dr. Rolf's protege. Vincent then explained how he has Ben hooked up to a machine that allows him to feel pleasure and pain. To demonstrate, he shocked Ben. Eve asked Vincent if he is ready to proceed, and Vincent responded with "yes ma'am". Eve sneered that she loved how Vincent was so polite.

Eve started projecting images of Ciara on the screen, and whenever Ben felt pleasure, Vincent would shock him. Eve then showed him images of Ben's previous victims, and Vincent continued shocking Ben. The pain and mind altering drugs would make it so that Ben's mind could be programmed to equate the feelings of pleasure he felt for Ciara with strangling someone. This would also cause him to feel pain around Ciara. Vincent and Eve then brought a mannequin that wore Ciara's wedding dress with a tablet that had a picture of Ciara on it attached to it. Vincent then helped Ben to his feet as Eve encouraged Ben to kill Ciara to end his pain.

As Ben hesitated, Vincent and Eve watched in anticipation. Vincent assured a worried Eve that would Ben would wrap the tie around the mannequin as if he were strangling the real Ciara, but Ben took off with Vincent and Eve in pursuit. Vincent caught up with Ben and beat him while admiring his resistance to the treatment and noting he must love Ciara. Eve snaps that of course he loves her since they just got married. She snaps at Vincent for failing, but Vincent assures her he will have Ben kill Ciara. Vincent resumed the treatment and then left Ben abandoned on the floor of the warehouse.

Vincent ran into Detective Hope Williams Brady outside of the building, who said they needed to talk. Vincent snapped that he didn't have to answer her questions, but Hope stopped him. Vincent got hostile, so Hope took him down and tied his hands together. While Hope was on the phone, Vincent came to and made his escape.

Vincent came to Salem where he snuck into Ben's hospital room and gave him another dose of the mind altering drug. He later reported to Eve, who was still angry that Ben hadn't killed Ciara and yelled at Vincent over the phone. Vincent told Eve to get control of herself and assured her that Ben would kill Ciara. He later snuck back into the hospital to spy on Ben and Ciara, and then followed them as they headed for the Salem Inn. Vincent told Eve he was sure Ben would kill Ciara then.

Eve came to Salem wearing a black wig and sunglasses as a disguise. Vincent thought it was risky since they were both wanted, but Eve said she had to come and personally see the look on Ben's face when he kills Ciara.

Eve continued to hide out with Vincent, and check for updates, causing her to become more and more agitated. Vincent advised her to be patient, but after leaving the room, Eve yelled at Vincent to get the job done without anymore excuses.

Ben scheduled an appointment with Dr. Marlena Evans, but Vincent arranged a fake emergency and showed up unexpectedly in her office. Ben immediately grabbed Vincent, believing he hurt her. Vincent assured Ben that Marlena was fine and demanded for Ben to let him go.

Ben did, much to his surprise, and Vincent informed Ben that it was because he was now completely under his control. Vincent set about manipulating Ben further by planting in his head the idea that he was a killer a deep down isn't dead and that he still feels the urge to kill. Vincent takes out a syringe, and orders Ben to hold out his arm. Before Vincent can inject Ben, Ciara knocks at the door, and Vincent makes himself scarce.

Vincent reports back to Eve that he was interrupted before he could administer the final dose of the drug, but assured her that Ben is completely under control. He will get it done. Eve told Vincent it was good that it was happening today since today was the anniversary of Paige's death. Vincent told Eve he was sorry and promised to help her avenge Paige.

Vincent posed as room service to enter Ben's room, where he administered the final dose. He then reported back to Eve, who was thrilled. Vincent snuck into Ben and Ciara's room and ordered Ben to kill Ciara that night. Vincent followed Eve as she was at Paige's grave to replay to her that Ben said he would kill Ciara that day, but was biding his time.

Eve thanked Vincent, who said he did it for the money, but admitted it will be satisfying to see Ben Weston in agony. Eve asked that Vincent leave her alone with her daughter, and Vincent said he had something else to take care of.

Vincent showed up at Paige's old dorm, and fought with Ben when he resisted his control. Vincent knocked Ben out and grabbed Ciara. He took to an abandoned cabin where he waited for her to wake up where he revealed he had his own reasons for making Ben suffer. Vincent asked if Ciara has ever seen photos of a crime scene, and she said her parents never let her look.

Vincent said her parents did her favorite and started lamenting how he saw the dead body of someone he loved that Ben had killed. He had planned to spend the rest of his life with her. Ciara asked if it was Serena Mason, and Vincent said that her name was Wendy Taylor, the midwife that Ben had killed after she had delivered Abigail Deveraux's baby. Ciara is shocked, and apologizes for forgetting about Wendy.

Vincent understood, saying that Wendy wasn't talked about because she was Not connected ti the victim. Serena was originally believed to have turned down the necktie killer's advances (at the time the killer was believed to be Chad DiMera). Paige had got in his way, and Will Horton learned who he was. Ciara said she was sorry for what happened to Wendy.

Vincent snapped that something didn't just happen to Wendy; that she had been murdered by Ciara's beloved, and that she let him get away with it. Vincent yells at Ciara and asks her how she can live with herself. Ciara cowers and asks what he is going to. Vincent said that since Ben took away the love of his life; he'll return the favour.

Later, Vincent is driving his car with Ciara in the passenger's seat. Ciara asked Vincent not to hurt her, and Vincent said he would never hurt her. He called Ciara Wendy, and talked about how he has big plans for her. Ciara tried to convince Vincent that she wasn't Wendy, but Vincent was too far gone. Ciara decides to play along and tries to get Vincent to let her go back and pack, but Vincent says they have enough.

Vincent says he plans for them to buy a farm, and that they are leaving in a plan. Ciara lies that she is afraid of flying, but Vincent says he won't let anything happen to her, Ciara asks why he has a gun. Vincent says he has it to protect from her Ben. Once they arrive at the airfield, Ciara tries to get Vincent to let her open the gate. Vincent notices her wedding band and snaps out of his delusion. He tells Ciara she isn't Wendy, and grabs his gun. Vincent and Ciara keep driving when Hope and Ben arrive. Hope orders Vincent to get out of the car, and Vincent does, but then runs off as the car explodes with Ciara presumably still inside.

Vincent was later found and arrested by Hope. Ben grabbed him and demanded to know where Ciara was. In interrogation, Vincent said he killed Ciara by shooting her and leaving her for dead in the car before it exploded. Heartbroken, Hope roughly recuffed Vincent and led him to his cell.

Later, Ben attacks Eli Grant while he guards Vincent and takes Vincent to the Salem air strip where he killed Ciara and tried to force him to confess that Ciara was alive. When Vincent stuck to his story, Ben told him he would kill him. Vincent dared him to do it, and when Ben hesitated, scoffed that Ben wouldn't do it because he is not a killer anymore and even his programming couldn't awaken those instincts. Ben told Vincent he was wrong because Ciara's love changed him, and now that he has lost her, he is capable of anything.

Vincent breaks and yells that there is more to the story, but before Ben can get anymore out of Vincent, Shawn Douglas Brady arrives and forces Ben to drop the gun. Vincent then says Ciara begged for her life before he shot her the same way he is sure Wendy begged for hers before Ben shot her. Shawn then cuffs Vincent and takes him and Ben back to the station where he locks Vincent back in his cell.

In January 2021, it was revealed that Ciara was alive and being held by an associate of Vincent's named Allen Rhodes. Vincent was sent to Statesville prison, but continued to pay Rhodes from behind bars. On February 18, it was revealed by Clyde Weston that Vincent had died.