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Wei Shin
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Michael Hagiwara as Wei Shin
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Donald Li
Michael Hagiwara
Current status Former, Recurring
First appearance July 8, 2014
Last appearance August 19, 2019
Occupation Executive
Chairman and board member at DiMera Enterprises
Residence Hong Kong, China
Family Shin
Spouses Unnamed wife
Children Li Shin

Wei Shin commonly referred to as Mr. Shin is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Donald Li from July 8 to 9 in 2014. He is currently being played by Michael Hagiwara since August 1, 2019.

Shin is a member of the board of directors at DiMera Enterprises as well as it's chairman, and an executive from Hong Kong. He also seems to be the boards representative. In Days of Our Lives: The Digital Series's first arc "Chad and Abby in Paris Chapter 2, it is revealed he has a son named Li Shin.


Shin was first mentioned in 2014 when E.J. DiMera often talked to him on the phone. On July 8, 2014; Shin appeared with the other board members as Sami Brady and Kate Roberts made their pitch to be Co-CEO’s acting on EJ and his father, Stefano DiMera’s behalf. Shin welcomed the two new ladies to DiMera as Co-CEO’s.

Shin still showed concern because of the change in leadership and offend spoken with Sami, EJ, and Kate on the phone seeking reassurances. Shin was still mentioned from time to time when matters concerning DiMera Enterprises were involved. Under Chad DiMera‘s leadership, DiMera started to suffer because Chad wasn’t as ruthless as his father. Kate reclaimed control of DiMera by marrying Andre DiMera in March of 2017 when Chad was missing. She in June 2017, Andre was seen arguing with Shin on the phone after Kate told him the board members felt he was too unstable to run DiMera Enterprises. In December 2018, Shin and the rest of the board appointed Stefan DiMera as the new CEO.

In August 2019, Mr. Shin came to Salem, where he informed Stefan that the board had come to an agreement to fire him due to the controversy surrounding him. Shin was determined to find a suitable successor for the company, and Gabi Hernandez was determined to be that successor to the point where she married Stefan. At the same time, Kristen DiMera, posing as Nicole Walker, also wanted to be CEO, so she married her adoptive brother Tony DiMera to make that happen. When all was said and done, Shin names Gabi as the new CEO.

Shin soon lost faith in Gabi though, and wanted to find a replacement for her. He approached Kate and asked her to take the job, practically begging her by making whatever concessions she wanted, so she would take the job. Shin also has brief spat with Victor Kiriakis, who mocked him for all the upheaval at DiMera. After Kate was almost killed by Vivian, Shin offered the job to Tony, who accepted it to keep the DiMera legacy alive. However, a year later, Gabi Hernandez regained the position of CEO but once again she was fired after she was arrested for numerous crimes, particularly; the attempted murder of Julie Williams.