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Dr. Wilhlem Rolf
Wilhelm Rolf.jpg
Days of Our Lives
Portrayed by William Utay
Current status Present; Recurring
Duration 1997–2003, 2007–08, 2017–21
First appearance September 19, 1997
Last appearance January 21, 2021
Cause/reason Remains in prison
Fullname Dr. Wilhelm Rolf
Nickname(s) Rolfsky (by Bart)
Willy (by Susan)
Alias(es) Nurse Rolfina
Dr. Steiner
Professor Charles Putnam
Gender Male
Age 73
Occupation Doctor
Residence Prison, Salem, Illinois
Siblings Helmet †
Romances Hattie Adams
Nieces and nephews Marlo Ungerschterner
Great-nieces and nephews J.T. Reiber
(via Marlo)

Dr. Wilhlem Rolf is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by William Utay September 19, 1997 to June 12, 2003 and June 4, 2007 to September 25, 2008. Utay returned again in 2017 and had made several appearances since then with his last being January 21, 2021.


It is announced in May 2017 that Utay will return to the series. His first air date was October 20, 2017.

Utay had made a number of appearances from his 2017 return, to 2020 and present.

He was one of Stefano DiMera's most well known henchmen and still is his most loyal follower. Utay said in an interview during his 2017 return that "95% of his scenes were with Stefano (Joseph Mascolo)".


In the fall of 1997, John Black, Hope Williams Brady,Stefano DiMera, and Kristen DiMera all traveled to a jungle compound where Stefano introduced them to Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, who had been working on a cure for Roman Brady. Dr. Rolf recognized Hope from the missing four years of her life, but Stefano ordered him not to tell Hope anything. Hope broke into a storage room, which infuriated Stefano because their were things in that room that could help her remember, so Stefano immediately locked the room. Dr. Rolf finished the cure, but the vial that the cure was in got dropped. Dr. Rolf told John and Hope that in order to make another cure, he needed someone someone to go into the jungle, avoid the natives, and retrieve a special orchid.

John and Hope found the orchid, and John put it in his backpack, but he was knocked off a cliff and presumed dead by everyone. John's backpack was recovered, but the orchid was missing. However, Hope was able to recover some of the orchid's seeds and Rolf made a cure with them. John showed up alive at the compound, but was poisoned by a native's dart. Dr. Rolf cured him of the poison and everyone left to go back to Salem. Later, Peter showed up at the compound with Jungle Madness. Dr. Rolf made Peter some pills, but Peter lost them when he attacked Rolf and took off in his plane. He joined in helping Stefano brainwash Hope into thinking she was Gina, and when Stefano went to Salem, Rolf joined him.

In the late 90s, Stefano hired Rolf's pregnant niece Marlo and convinced her to give her child to Lexie and Abe as their own. In truth, he wanted Rolf to do a quick switch on Marlo and Hope's babies when they were born so that he could find out for certain whether or not Hope's child was also his. Marlo almost ruined the plan when she fell down the stairs during an argument with Rolf, and broke her neck. Lexie, who saw the incident, was convinced to keep quiet. When Belle and Shawn discovered the body, Rolf (on Lexie's request) dissolved his niece's corpse in a vat of acid. At the same time, he was also helping Stefano transform waitress Hattie Adams into a Marlena look-alike. Rolf attempted to seduce Hattie, but Stefano's previous plan had worked too well...and Hattie's only allegiance was to Roman.

When Glen Reiber came to town, Stefano ordered Rolf to destroy any proof that he was the father of the baby Hope and Bo were raising. Unfortunately, Brandon had already performed the tests, and he and Lexie realized that Glen was J.T. Brady's father, meaning that she was raising Hope's child. Before anything could be done with this information, Rolf detonated explosives set up throughout Salem. When Rolf planned to turn Hope back into Princess Gina, Lexie aided him in bringing her to the mansion. On Lexie's orders, Rolf mugged Barb and attempted to slit her throat, but amazingly, Barb lived. Rolf began activating the chip in Hope's brain, and at the mother of the year party, Hope briefly became Princess Gina and kissed John. Bo launching himself at the two of them was enough to keep Hope herself.

Rolf later became a Bioethics professor at the university so he could keep a close eye on the children of Salem, including Gemini twins Cassie and Rex Brady. He conditioned them to kill anyone who came near the DiMeras. It was later revealed that Rolf was directly involved in the twins' conception and birth. When Rex realized that he wasn't the son of Tony DiMera and Marlena Evans after all but that Roman Brady was his father, he confronted Rolf. Before he could get the truth from him, Rolf died when a crate landed on him, and for awhile there, he was chauffeured around town in style, before his corpse was used to fake Larry Welch's death.

On June 3rd, Rolf is seen again with no explanation as to how he survived. He is dressed as a hospital employee, and gives Sami Brady food that contains poison. EJ DiMera enters the room and gets Sami to spit it out. With Stefano's health deteriorating, Rolf served as his personal doctor, and informs Andre DiMera (posing as Tony DiMera) that Stefano is getting sicker. Andre tells Rolf he will hold every Brady responsible if Stefano dies.

When paramedics arrive, Rolf is forced to show them to where Stefano is and then starts protesting when they want to take him to a hospital. Sami realizes who Rolf is and says he is supposed to be dead. Rolf simply says that his death "didn't take". After getting off of the phone with his lawyer, Andre tells Rolf that security needs to be increased. Rolf says he will tell Bart, and Andre orders Rolf to do it himself.

Stefano and Rolf

When Tony is exposed as Andre, Stefano is called to the Pub, and Rolf accompanies him since Stefano is wheelchair bound. After Bo finishes his interrogation of Stefano, Stefano orders Rolf to call up all of their associates and prepare for a full attack on the Brady's. Rolf worries Stefano is exerting himself too much, but Stefano vows to make the Brady's Pay since he blames them for Andre's paralysis.

Rolf takes Stefano to visit Andre in the hospital, and they walk in on EJ taunting Andre. Rolf wheels Stefano out of the room to talk in private with EJ, and then wheels him back in when EJ leaves. Stefano makes a fuss about Andre's condition, but then laughs to Rolf that they are too gullible, and is thankful Rolf is smarter than them. The real Tony DiMera arrives and confronts Stefano and Andre. Tony vows to make them all pay for the pain they have caused.

Andre planted a bomb in EJ's briefcase that went off, and Stefano had Bart grab Sami in the confusion. Stefano, Rolf, and Bart jetted off On Stefano's private plane where Rolf prepared to extract the stem cells from Stefano's grandchildren, so that Stefano could stay alive, but Rolf discovered Sami wasn't carrying EJ's child, so they dumped Sami off at a motel.

Rolf tasked Bart with guarding Stefano, but heard some commotion. He came back and found Stefano kneeling by Bart, who was bleeding to death. Stefano demanded that Rolf save Bart, but Rolf said it was too late, and Bart died soon after. Stefano only got sicker and ended up in the hospital. Andre DiMera stole the liver of Benjy Hawk, and Rolf operated on Stefano, despite objections from Benjy's friends. The operation was a success, but Steve Johnson stabbed Stefano, and he died, but Stefano's death was fake to lure Andre out of hiding.

Rolf leaves Andre a message

Once Stefano fulfilled his purpose, Rolf took him home, but not before leaving a note for Andre at the church, drawing chalk lines to warn Andre. Rolf mainly wheeled Stefano around as he recovered, but after John Black was hit by a car and killed, Rolf revived John and brainwashed him to be Stefano's pawn again. The resurrected John was very volatile and constantly escaped from the DiMera mansion with Stefano and Rolf having to look for him each time. Stefano wasn't becoming more and more irritated by Rolf's inability to get John to listen to him. During one of their attempts to look for John, he got the drop on them, and started to strangle Rolf, but Stefano got him to stop.

Rolf also had to try and keep EJ from finding out the truth during his constant visits to the mansion. EJ only got more suspicious when he heard John screaming, and eventually found out the truth about John. Rolf worried EJ would go to the police, and suspicions were confirmed when the police got a warrant to search the mansion and found John. Rolf looked in helplessly as the police arrested Stefano. John tried to leave, and Rolf jammed a hypodermic needle into John, assuring Marlena he just gave John a sedative. No then arrested Rolf as well, and he and Stefano were marched out of the mansion.

Stefano was put into a catatonic state and John was given control of Stefano's estate when he was discovered to be his half-brother. John agreed not to press charges against Rolf if Rolf would become his butler. Rolf reluctantly agreed, and John ordered him to shut down the lab, which Rolf begrudging did.

Marlena Evans asked for Rolf's help in piecing the shattered disk, that contained John's memories, back together. Marlena offered to vouch for Rolf if he helped her, so Rolf agreed. Rolf showed a bit of a humanity when he watched Johnny DiMera and Allie Horton. Something that Sami picked up on.

Stefano came out of his coma a few months later, and Rolf fatefully returned to work for him. Stefano and Rolf went into hiding temporarily, but soon came back to Salem. Rolf was last seen warning Stefano that there were irregular patterns in John's brain scans.

On October 12, It was revealed that Rolf was in Statesville around 2015. He met Clyde Weston and asked if he was related to Ben Weston, The Necktie Killer. Clyde told Rolf that Ben was his son, and Rolf then told Clyde that Will Horton, whom Ben supposedly killed, was still alive. Sometime after, Rolf was released from Statesville, and now that it is known that Stefano and Rolf could have revived Will, A manhunt has been issued for Rolf.

Rolf waiting in the Salem Inn

Rolf returned on October 20th after Andre got in contact with him, and told him that Stefano wanted to meet with him at the Salem Inn. Rolf waited in a room until he heard a knock at the door. Rolf turned to see an envelope with the Phoenix emblem on it slipped through the door. Rolf picked it up and opened the door and was shocked to see that Hope Brady was waiting outside for him.

Hope confronts Rolf

Hope told Rolf that she knows he told Clyde about Will being alive, but Rolf feigned ignorance about knowing Clyde. Hope tried an emotional appeal by telling Rolf that Will's family is suffering horribly, but Rolf still wouldn't talk. Hope was shot to arrest Rolf and take him to the station when Sami burst into the room. Hope said she was going to take Rolf to the station,

Sami holds Rolf at gun point

but Sami grabbed Hope's gun and pointed it at Rolf. Rolf snarked that this was quite the welcome home party. Sami was determined to get the answers she needed, and hit Rolf in the eye with the gun. Rolf fell to the floor, clutching his eye.

Sami hits Rolf with the gun

Sami kept pointing the gun at Rolf and threatening to shoot him, demanding to know how Will could be alive. Hope called for back up, and Sami told Rolf she will shoot him dead if he still hasn't said anything by the time the cops get there. Sami shouted at Rolf to say something, and Rolf snapped that he will say something.

Rolf remembers reviving Will

Rolf said that things aren't always as they seem, and stated that if anyone could revive Will, he could. Sami started accusing Stefano, citing all the crimes he and Stefano committed together. Rolf fondly laments his past with Stefano, calling him a creative genius, and stating that he would do anything for him. Sami told Rolf that Stefano was always fond of Will, and would have kept tabs on him. Rolf agreed, and Sami was convinced that Stefano was behind it, but then Rolf said that Stefano was not involved, and Hope asked Rolf who he was working for.

Rolf dies after taking a cyanide pill

Rolf explained to Sami that he was there at the hospital the day Sami and Lucas said goodbye to Will. Sami didn't believe him, but Rolf was able to recite word for word what Sami said. Rolf then recalled how he plunged a needle into Will's chest. Hope and Sami started arguing, and Rolf slipped a cyanide capsule into his mouth. By the time Hope realized it, Rolf was already dead.

On October 31st, Abby has a dream that Ben sneaks into the morgue and revives Rolf. He recruits Rolf to bring Serena and Paige back to life. Rolf digs up their graves and they are later seen alive and well. Hope and Rafe catch Rolf in the cemetery, and are shocked to see him alive. They are about to arrest him when Rolf activates the satellite that turns Hope into Princess Gina. Rolf and Gina tie Rafe to the bench, and Rolf tries to get Gina to shoot Rafe. Gina says she can't because it would look too suspicious, so Rolf gives Gina some lipstick that will poison Rafe when she kisses him. Gina kisses Rafe, and just after Rafe dies, Hope's memories return, much to Rolf's shock and dismay. After Abby wakes up, Rolf’s body is seen to still be in the morgue

Rolf and Susan find Will barely alive

On November 21st, Rolf is seen in a flashback with Susan when they find Will barely alive after Ben strangled him. After checking Will’s vitals, Rolf injected him with a drug that made him appear to be dead. He and Susan then snuck into the morgue and Rolf revived Will at Susan’s request.

On October 19, Nicole finds herself in the Warehouse where EJ is, supposedly. She is trying to find Eric. She goes to several of the doors knocking hoping to find him, one of the doors have the initials "W.R.", It is believed to stand for Wilhelm Rolf. As Wilhelm Rolf was seen on DOOL October 20, 23 and October 31 for the Halloween Episodes, and was in flashbacks November 21 of 2018.

Scene shows initials "W.R."

On October 22, Rolf was revealed to be alive, having been brought back to life by Kristen DiMera, and hard at work on a formula that could fully revive people. The “W.R.” door was the entrance to his lab. Rolf explained to a man, assumed to be EJ, that they are perfecting the formula to fully bring him back to life. He injected EJ with it, and then encouraged him live for Sami and his children. Rolf mocked EJ’s taste in Sami causing him to stand up and grab Rolf by his lab coat. Rolf ended up knocking over some beakers that started a fire in his lab. Rolf managed to escape, and was last seen with Kristen, who wanted to look for Brady, despite Rolf’s objections.

On January 3, 2019, a very much alive Jack Deveraux revealed he was brought back to life thanks to the efforts of Dr. Rolf and that he was held in the warehouse where E.J. was held in.

On September 2, 2019; Jack, Jennifer Horton, and Eric Brady find Rolf with Vivian Alamain, whom he also resurrected. Eric is looking for Nicole Walker, who Rolf claims was never there, but it is discovered that she was when her daughter, Holly Jonas’, toy is found. Jack and Jennifer convince Rolf to return to Salem and recreate the serum to restore Jack’s memory.

Upon returning, Rolf gets a lab given to go at the Salem University Hospital, so he can work in the serum. When he finishes the serum, and leaves to deliver the good news, Dr. Henry Shah destroys the lab, which devastates Rolf. Rolf learns that Jack for his memory back and uses the lab for a new project.

Kristen asks Rolf to help her steal Sarah Horton’s baby from her womb. He goes to get something from the hospital and stops by Kate Roberts home. As a favor to Stefano, he revived his former wife, the one woman that Stefano apparently had a soft spot for her. When he gets to the abortion clinic, he reveals to Kristen that she is already pregnant and the fertility treatments she had him give her in Nashville had worked.

Rolf was working at the hospital when Gabi approaches him for help in saving her husband Stefan DiMera. Rolf said he can’t revive Stefan since there is no brain activity. Soon after, he lures Hope into the lab under the pretense of helping Julie Olson Williams before injecting her with something that knocks her out and then performs surgery on her, so he can turn her back into Princess Gina.

Soon after, Rolf lost his lab because he refused to give information about his secret project. Xander asked Rolf to run an errand that involved delivering Sarah’s DNA test to the father, Eric Brady. He did this after Xander agreed to give him a lab at TITAN.

Under Rolf’s control, Hope snuck into the DiMera mansion and stole Stafano’s portrait. She took to to warehouse while Rolf tired to get back the flash drive he had given Jennifer, who said she didn’t have it. Rolf became irate with her, but left once Jack showed up. Rolf went to the warehouse and greeted his former boss, saying it would be fitting for him to over see all that was about to happen.

Rolf got the warehouse cleaned up and made it fancy looking. He then turned Hope back into Gina officially. Gina took up residence in the warehouse while Rolf waded her on. Gina was stunned to hear of Stefano’s presumed death, but Rolf assured her he has risen and they will rule Salem together. Instead, Gina decided to set her sights on John much to Rolf’s hesitation.

Rolf received a phone call that shocked him and caused him to glance at Stefano’s portrait. Gina had found out that Jennifer still had the flash drive and demanded to know what was on it. Rolf admitted to Gina that her real body was dead, but he preserved her essence and put her into Hope’s body. He told Gina his plans were on the flash drive, leading to Gina attempting to kill Jennifer.

By November 2020, Stefano seems to have returned to Salem and is hiding out with Gina in the warehouse. Gina mentioned that Rolf doctored the footage of her pushing Jennifer, and Xander mentioned that he also had Rolf alter Sarah’s paternity test to say that he was the father since Sarah didn’t want Eric to know that Mackenzie Horton was his daughter.

When Chad wanted a face to face with Stefano, he sent Rolf in his place to meet with Chad. At first, Chad thought Rolf was posing as Stefano, but Rolf assured him it really was Stefano contacting him, but told him that Stefano says not to let Abigail interfere. Rolf implores Chad to be patient, saying Stefano’s genius can’t be rushed. Rolf returns to the warehouse and tells Gina that he has massage for Stefano, but Gina tells him he isn’t around right now. It is later revealed that Stefano is really Steve Johnson, conditioned to think he is Stefano.

Rolf was later framed by Stefano for Jennifer's fall to protect Gina. Rolf understood that he was just a pawn in Stefano's game. Stefano assured Rolf that he would be protect him and told him he has arranged for him to leave town and not caught. Chas contacted Stefano and told him to turn Rolf in, threatening to disown him if he was associate with Rolf. Stefano lied to Chad about him being aware of Jennifer's fall. Rolf and Stefano hugged each other goodbye and Rolf left town.

In February 2020, Stefano enlisted Rolf's help to capture John, so he could have Marlena. Stefano was pretending to be Steve, and he and Rolf lured John into a trap where Rolf "shot Steve dead", and then distracted John long enough for Stefano to get up and knock John out. Rolf wondered why Stefano wouldn't just kill John so Marlena could be his permanently. Stefano admitted Rolf had a point, but left John alive and locked up with Rolf watching him.

Rolf and Stefano took Marlena to the DiMera mansion gatehouse where they kept her prison while Rolf got the microchip ready. Marlena tried to escape, but ran into Chad, whom Rolf had also helped Stefano bring under his control. Rolf injected Marlena with the microchip and waited with Stefano while Marlena woke up. When Marlena asked for John, Stefano became irritated. Rolf told Stefano that he just needs to remind Marlena of all the good times they've had.

Rolf gave Stefano a book that Marlena had read to him when she cared for him after they were paralyzed. Despite his efforts, Marlena still asked for John. Stefano helped her leave the room for some air, and then snapped at Rolf, declaring his efforts a failure. Rolf told Stefano he has to be patient and continue to remind Marlena of all the moments she shared. Eventually, her memories of John will fade away.

Chad showed up, having secured Kate's shares. Stefano ordered Chad to kill Kate, and he said he would before leaving. Stefano told Rolf he did a fine job with Chad. Rolf assured Stefano he just needed to be patient with Marlena. Stefano said it is tough when he longs to be with his queen. Stefano and Marlena eventually left the gatehouse. Rolf was supposed to join them, but he was apprehended by John.

Rolf was taken to the station where Chad chastised him on getting caught. Chad was currently being mind controlled by Stefano, and he talked Rolf into performing the operation on Gina to restore Hope, saying she is of no further used to them. Rolf agreed, but said if he does that, then Chad has to finish his task and eliminate the threats.

Rolf goes to the hospital to assess Gina, where he is forced to admit that he has come to remove the microchip and end her reign. Gina is crushed, and Rolf explains he had to compromise, so they wouldn't expect him to turn on Stefano. Gina begs Rolf to fake removing the chip, saying she can pretend to be Hope. Rolf doesn't think that is possible and follows through with the surgery, removing Gina's A.I. from Hope. Rolf gloats about his genius, and Shawn drags him back to the station.

Rolf is visited by John, who reveals that Stefano is beaten. Rolf is confident that the Phoenix will rise again. John demands that Rolf remove the microchip from Marlena that made her susceptible to Stefano's advances. Rolf wants to see Stefano, and John agrees to make it happen if he removes the microchip from Marlena. Rolf agreed to, and goes to the hospital. He asks Kristen how Stefano is, and Kristen says he is fine.

Rolf removed the microchip from Marlena's mind, and then demands to see Stefano. Kayla takes Rolf to see Stefano, who is stunned by the loss of his eye. Stefano wonders why Rolf is there, and Rolf tells Stefano he came here to check on him and beg his forgiveness.

Stefano wondered what Rolf was talking about, and Rolf asked for a moment alone with Stefano. Kayla granted then that. Stefano then wanted to know what he was talking about. Rolf explained that he had to receive the chip from Marlena's head so he could see him. Stefano is enraged and wants to know who Marlena's name will utter. Rolf says it is likely she will say John's name.

Stefano furiously scrams why, and Rolf said that John made it seem like Stefano was dying. Stefano snapped that Rolf had fallen for a description, and Rolf tearfully cries he is worry and wants to know how to make it up. Stefano snaps he can't, but adds there is something Rolf can do.

Kayla comes back just as Stefano gives Rolf further instructions. He arrogantly assumes Rolf will remove the chip from Steve, but Rolf refuses to destroy the one man that has made his dreams a reality no matter what. Kayla says Rolf can't refuse, but Stefano's has he can, which means Steve will be his host for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately for Rolf and Stefano, Kayla was given legal power to make all of Steve's medical decisions, which meant Stefano could not stop the remove of the chip, and was forced to accept his end. As Kayla and Sarah operated on Steve, they found Rolf had rigged the chip to self destruct. They stopped the self destruction by cutting a significant portion of Steve's brain to cut off it's power.

Rolf is presumably still in the custody of the Salem P.D, and it is currently unknown what Stefano wanted him to do. A deleted scene shows that because Rolf used DiMera money to create the chip that contained Stefano's AI, the chip was the legal property of Stefano's sons Tony and Chad. They proceeded to destroy the chip to vanquish their father for good.

In May, while in prison, Rolf was visited by a determined Gabi, who wanted to know if he revived her late husband Stefan because she saw a man named Jake Lambert who is identical to Stefan. After exchanging some threats, Rolf revealed if she injects Jake with the drug he'll remember he was Stefan DiMera. Little did Gabi know she was playing into Rolf's hands as he smirked when she left the prison.

Gabi later found out that Rolf had tricked her. She injected Jake with the same drug that has been used on Abigail, making Gabi a prime suspect. Gabi spoke with Rolf, who admitted he didn't like her since he felt she disrespected Stefano. However, he did offer some hope to Gabi that someone else may have revived Stefan.

Rafe approached Rolf to make a deal for his help in clearing Gabi's name. He offered to get Rolf better accommodations at the prison and Rolf agreed. He gave subtle hints that he had an accomplice he was using the drug on Abigail. Later, he called his accomplice and said he won't expose them.

This accomplice was eventually revealed to be Gwen Rizczech, who visited Rolf in prison. Gwen wanted more of the drug, but Rolf refused, saying that since Gabi had left town, she could no longer pin the blame on her. Rolf noted that she would likely be suspected due to her close proximity to Abigail. Gwen wondered what she should do, and Rolf suggested she take a more subtle approach instead of seeking instant gratification. As Rolf took his leave, he inquired why Gwen didn't like Abigail, who said he will find out when everyone else does.

In October 2020, Rolf along with Clyde Weston and Orpheus, manage to escape prison. They terrorize Salem during there escape. Rolf went to the DiMera mansion to retrieve the chip that had Stefano's AI on it, but Chad revealed that and and Tony destroyed it. Rolf was so distraught that he threatened to shoot Chad, and then was soon over overpowered and tied to a chair with Gwen guarding him.

Rolf blackmailed Gwen into releasing him and headed straight to the hospital where he held Kayla at gunpoint and planned to force her to sire a clone of Stefano, but Steve arrived and Rolf was finally apprehended. Rolf tried to blackmail Gwen into letting him go again, but Gwen promised to make Chad suffer with her plan and told Rolf everything, including why she hated Abigail. Rolf was satisfied enough and allowed himself to go back to prison.

At Christmas time, Rolf surprised Kristen by showing up in the women's section of the prison where he gave her a framed photo of her, Chad, and Stefano. Kristen was thankful for the gift. Rolf also gave one to Chad, and apologized for almost shooting him. Rolf last appeared when Chad went to see him, and Rolf revealed Gwen was the one who was drugging Abigail and also revealed that she hated Abigail because she was her sister and believed Jack abandoned her for Abigail.

Recently, Chad went to see Rolf for help with Sarah, who had been injected with the same drug that Gwen had given Abigail and believe she was Stefano's deceased daughter Renee DuMonde. Rolf mixed up an antidote and swore on Stefano's grave that it would work and cure Sarah.

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