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Zoey Burge
Days of our Lives
Portrayed by Unknown actor (1987)
Kelly Thiebaud (2020)
Alyshia Ochse (2020)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 1987, 2020
First appearance April 16, 2020
Last appearance June 10, 2020
Cause/reason Left town after winning custody of her nephew David Ridgeway.
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Ken Corday, Albert Alarr and Greg Meng
Gender Female
Occupation Lawyer
Residence Salem, Illinois (formerly)
Family Orpheus
Parents Orpheus
Rebecca †
Siblings Christian Maddox
Spouses Unnamed (ex-husband)
Children Unnamed boy
David Ridgeway
(2018-present; ward)
Aunts and uncles Olivia (maternal)
Nieces and nephews David Ridgeway
Shawn Christian Spears-Frears(via Christian)

Zoey Burge is a character from the soap opera Days of Our Lives, portrayed by Kelly Thiebaud since April 16, 2020. She got replaced by Alyshia Ochse on May 14.[1] Her run ended on June 10, 2020.

She is the daughter of one of Days' most dangerous villains, Orpheus and his late wife, Rebecca.


Zoey was born to Orpheus and his deceased wife Rebecca. She has a younger brother, Christian Maddox, whom she adored and protected while growing up. Zoey and her brother were loved by their father, who wanted to find them a replacement mother through Marlena Evans. When Zoey became an adult, she became a lawyer and she bore a son with an unknown man, her son is currently living with his father. Eventually, she reunited with her very much wanted terrorist father, however, she didn't want anything to do with him given his crimes and forbade him from ever going near her son. Still despite all the issues she has towards her father, she never stopped loving him. In June 10, 2020, Zoey became the legal guardian of her nephew, David Ridgeway and left Salem with him.


In April 16, 2020, Zoey comes to Salem to defend her brother and father in their cases, after they were both arrested. She met with Commissioner Rafe and ordered him to have Christian released. She reveals Orpheus took full responsibility for the crimes. After some bashing between the two of them, Zoey revealed that the Judge and DA Giddens agreed to exonerate Christian. After Christian was released, Zoey assured Rafe that the murder charges will be gone soon. Later, Zoey returns to SPD looking for Rafe who is gone. She reveals to Eli and Lani that Orpheus was released.

Zoey later showed up in the park and ordered Ben Weston to step away from her client. Ben did as he was told and left. Christian went to follow, but Zoey stopped him. Christian thanked Zoey for her help and she smiled, asking what are sisters for. Zoey comforted Christian and she assured him he would be reunited with his son. She told him she knows he is a good guy and didn't mean to kill Jordan Ridgeway. Christian said Zoey was a good mom and that their children should know their are cousins. Christian also thanks Zoey for helping their father, and says that even though they have their issues, he has been great at helping him. Zoey says that she loves their dad, but notes he always has his own agenda.

Orpheus shows up and asks if his darling daughter has a problem with that. Orpheus says he admits in the past, some of his actions are self serving, but his children have always come first. Zoey soon learns that the judge placed a restraining order on Orpheus and Evan. Orpheus says he is not surprised, and tells Zoey she knows what to do. Zoey smiles and tells her dad she is on it. Zoey went over to see Rafe at his apartment, where she revealed she's suing for custody over her nephew David. Rafe is confused why Christian's lawyer would sue for custody herself, and Zoey says she isn't just Christian's lawyer; she's also his sister.

Zoey and Christian waited in the work for Orpheus to show up. Zoey snapped that he was late. Orpheus said he is happy to start the day with both of his offspring's, but he did not appreciate being summoned. Zoey snarked that she only included him as a courtesy. Orpheus snarled that Zoey will keep him apprised of every move that that effects his grandson. Zoey updates her father and brother on how she is suing for custody of David, and that Rafe wasn't happy about it. Zoey said she didn't know if Rafe was angrier over the fact that she was David's aunt or Orpheus' daughter. Zoey talks about her plan to get the charges dropped. Orpheus suggests grabbing David and fleeing. Zoey thinks that is a bad idea and Christian agrees, so Orpheus say he'll drop the idea for now. Zoey leaves and returns to find Orpheus and Christian in the midst of a conversation. Orpheus leaves, and Zoey knows Evan is hiding something, so he confesses his secret to Zoey. Zoey is shocked, but promises to keep his secret and reaffirms she will help him win custody of David.

Zoey is waiting outside the courtroom and meets Sonny Kiriakis. She tries to get him to back down, saying she'll bring up his sexual history with Christian. Sonny refuses, saying Evan killed Jordan and held a gun on him and Will. He intends to testify and makes sure Evan goes to prison, but Zoey is confidant that won't happen. Orpheus arrives, and says Christian is on his way. and wants to talk strategy, but Zoey doesn't want to discus her strength for winning the case. Orpheus talks about Christian being on the stand, and Zoey says she won't put him on the stand. Orpheus is confused and says that Christian can't defend himself and it'll look like he has to something to hide. Zoey says he does have something to hide, and Orpheus knows that better than anyone. Orpheus asks Zoey what she means by that, and Zoey backtracks by boring Evan gets jittery on the stand.

Rafe arrives and Orpheus asks how his grandson is. Rafe says David isn't his grandson, but Orpheus says blood would suggest otherwise. Rafe says Evan will go to prison and Orpheus will never see him. Zoey says that isn't going to happen because Rafe killed Jordan. Rafe is shocked and dismayed, but Zoey lays out his motive and Orpheus says it makes perfect sense to him. After Rafe left, Orpheus told Zoey he found that impressive. Zoey thanks him, and says she git those, so they can keep Christian off the stand. Zoey once again alludes to a secret, and Orpheus wonders if Zoey has something she wants to tell him. Instead. Zoey looks at her watch and says she needs to get to court.

After the trial and the day Christian's fate would be decided, Christian anxiously waits for the verdict. Zoey says that sometimes when verdicts are decided, sometimes it means the case we weak or it means they were able to quickly decide guilt. Orpheus assured Christian to trust Zoey, and that she knows what she is doing. After Christian went into the courtroom, Zoey confronted Orpheus about what he said, and Orpheus said he has decided to trust her. Zoey said he should, but to the family's dismay, Christian was convicted of Jordan's murder and sentenced to twenty years in prison. Rafe allowed the family to say goodbye to Christian.

Zoey promised to fight and appeal the decision while Orpheus told his son to hang in there. Tearfully, Christian thanked Zoey for her help and said he didn't blame her. He asked Zoey to take care of David, and Zoey promised. Rafe showed up, and taunted Zoey about loosing the case before taking Christian away to prison. Orpheus told a distraught Zoey that this was all her fault. They argued about who knew the law better, and Orpheus threatened to fire Zoey, but gave her one last chance to do things his way. Zoey scoffed at doing things his way like the way they did his way last Mother's Day.

Orpheus realizes Zoey knows his and Christian's secret. He tells Zoey to keep quiet, and Zoey says she would never tell anyone. Orpheus tells her that she is in this as deep as then, so she will go down with them. Zoey goes to see Rafe and tells him Christian and Orpheus secret, which involved them kidnapping Maggie Horton–Kiriakis for a ransom from Victor. They crashed the car, which killed Adrienne Johnson, and caused Sarah Horton to miscarry. They then fled the scene.

Rafe realized Maggie was innocent, and that Orpheus needed to be captured. Zoey asked what she could go to help. Rafe told her to make a signed confession, and Zoey agreed. Rafe got a text from David's babysitter, who said she would have to go soon, so Rafe knew he had to find someone to watch David, and Zoey offered to do it. Rafe said he still doesn't trust her, but Zoey said she knows if she took David, he'd find them, and no judge would award her custody. Zoey says he needs to find someone wua Rafe warns Zoey not to snoop because she won't find anything. Rafe agreed, and said he would ket the sitter know David's aunt was on her way. He thanked Zoey as she left.

Zoey was happy to finally see her nephew, and said she loves him already. She says how much his daddy loves him, but can't take care of him. Orpheus showed up and is surprised to see Zoey. He ordered Zoey to pack David's things, and Zoey realized Orpheus was going to take David. Zoey refused, not wanting David to be on the run. Orpheus said the ISA cleared him, so they can live a normal life. Zoey reminded her father about kidnapping Maggie and causing the deaths of Adrienne Kiriakis and Sarah's Horton's baby.

Orpheus told Zoey that whatever Christian told her was protected under attorney client privilege, and he knows she is smart enough not to get herself disbarred. When Zoey didn't answer, Orpheus grabbed her and asked if she told anyone, saying that if she did, she would wish she was never born. Zoey agreed that she was smart, but then Orpheus and her got an APB on their phones that said he was wanted for the kidnapping of Maggie Kirakis and vehicular manslaughter. Orpheus grabbed Zoey around the throat, and shoved her against the wall, calling her a traitorous little bitch.

Rafe returned and found Zoey tied up and gagged. Zoey said that her father took David. Zoey offers to help Rafe find David, but he still didn't trust her. Zoey and Rafe met with Hope Brady and Steve Johnson at Marlena Evans's apartment. Marlena's husband John Black had been kidnapped by Orpheus. Marlena remembered Zoey, and was astounded to see her all grown up. Orpheus called, and Zoey tried to get him to give up John, saying she can get him a lighter sentence. Orpheus refused, citing Zoey's failure to help Christian.

Orpheus kidnapped Zoey's son from her ex-husband and forced Zoey to help him. Zoey was with Rafe and Hope at the time, and lied about going to visit Christian even though she had just said Christian refused to see her. When Rafe and Hope caught Zoey at Orpheus hideout they realized she lied to them. Zoey tried to explain, and as Rafe looked further, Zoey pulled a gun on Rafe and Hope.

Zoey explained that Orpheus threatened to take her son if she didn't do what he says. Rafe and Hope manage to get the upper hand on Zoey and hold her at gunpoint. Zoey begs to be let go, so she can protect her son, and Hope lets her go. Zoey later confronts Orpheus in prison, who takes solace in the fact that she is suing Rafe for custody of David since he'll still be raised by family. Zoey wins custody of David and leaves town to raise him with her son.